10 Best Ecommerce Website Hosting Providers in 2022

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    Creating an online store is not as complicated as you think: Many of the top eCommerce website hosting providers provide templates for design and tools that allow you to begin selling within minutes. We recently reviewed several eCommerce web builders, evaluating their user-friendliness and pricing, shopping cart software, and other elements. Below are our top recommendations for expanding an eCommerce company

    The 10 Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers

    The most reliable e-commerce web hosting is reliable, simple to use, and able to meet your budget. With that in mind, we’ll look at the top eCommerce hosting companies and what they can offer in terms of services.

    1. Shopify

    website hosting

    You’ve likely been familiar with Shopify, the e-commerce platform that makes setting up your online shop simple. But do you realize that the majority of its plans provide e-commerce hosting that is unlimited in bandwidth? Yes, it is true. Users of Shopify can host their websites for free -it’s part of the cost you pay to use the platform.

    Shopify keeps 99.99 percent of its customers and runs its stores on super-fast servers, which means your website and content will load extremely fast. Shopify also uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure that everyone around the world can access your store as quickly as possible.

    Shopify also comes with other attractive advantages, including:

    • Free SSL certificate
    • Unlimited email forwarding
    • Instant platform updates

    2. Shopify

    website hosting

    Bluehost is a WordPress-friendly online store hosting service. Bluehost promises an easy and cost-effective method to expand your business. When you sign in to Bluehost, you will gain access to domain name naming along with site analytics and regular backups of your technology to protect the data of your products.

    Bluehost’s mid-tier plans can be extremely expansive, with unlimited SSD storage and the ability to host unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth, which means your hosting could expand at the same rate as your store. In addition, Bluehost provides the one-click configuration for those with an existing WordPress website accessed through a WooCommerce plugin.

    Other benefits of Bluehost include:

    • Automatic backups of data
    • Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)
    • Custom-designed themes
    • Free domain for one year

    3. iPage

    website hosting

    The best e-commerce hosting service for those with a tight budget

    Making your first website operate is usually expensive for businesses. Many providers provide little or no e-commerce features in their basic plans and often need to purchase the most expensive plan to ensure you can do anything worthwhile.

    IPage is an exceptional case that even the most basic hosting plan provides plenty of space to begin.

    4. Cloudways

    website hosting

    Cloudways is a managed hosting platform that provides dedicated Ecommerce hosting. Cloudways offers customers a choice of five IaaS service providers and is suitable for businesses and individuals.

    Cloudways provides one-click installation for software such as WordPress and Magento and allows server management to be extremely simple. Cloudways has several great features:

    • Five IaaS service providers (GCE, AWS, Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean)
    • Dedicated CloudwaysCDN
    • Very robust technology stack
    • 1-Click Backup & Restore
    • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
    • Blazing fast speeds

    5. SiteGround

    website hosting

    One of the top online stores for WooCommerce integration, SiteGround offers a single-click installation process, meaning you can get your shop up and running in just a few minutes. You can access domains and subdomains, in addition to templates and a variety of choices for customizing.

    SiteGround currently offers over 2 million domain names and solid web hosting optimized to meet your store’s development needs. WooCommerce hosting can be the most recommended option for E-commerce; however, you could also connect to Magento or PrestaShop. Customers of SiteGround appreciate how easy it is to set up apps and get e-commerce capabilities on the platform.

    The capabilities of SiteGround’s e-commerce are enhanced by:

    • Carts for shopping that are free
    • Cloudflare CDN
    • Out-of-the-box caching

    6. IONOS

    website hosting

    A great e-commerce hosting service to connect your store with eBay, Amazon Marketplace, and many more

    Its IONOS eCommerce Website Builder/Online Store is an incredibly powerful tool that blends the simplicity of a template-based eCommerce website layout with high-end capabilities and features.

    High-quality template designs(opens in a new tab) will help you get up and running quickly. They aren’t a lot, but they’re pretty, and they can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.

    7. Hostinger

    website hosting

    Popular among entrepreneurs with a tight price-conscious budget Hostinger provides a reasonable and robust option if you’re seeking the top web hosting option for small businesses. Hostinger’s server stack has been created to offer the most efficient possible loading speed for pages, and its customers also get access to Cloudflare CDN.

    The thing that people like the most about Hostinger is the ease with which for they to utilize it. It’s easy to connect WooCommerce to your host service to create a WordPress E-commerce website in just a few minutes.

    While WooCommerce hosting remains the widest and most well-known choice from Hostinger, there is the option of support of Magento and PrestaShop. Hostinger provides Magento capabilities through Google Cloud for absolute reliability. WooCommerce optimized hosting offers multi-tier caching, and PrestaShop includes caching features too.

    Hostinger’s plans include:

    • Drag-and-drop builder
    • Domain name for free
    • SSL certificate
    • Regular backups

    8. A2 Hosting.

    website hosting
    A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting provides “blazingly fast” solutions for businesses and individuals at all levels, such as beginners in blogging and professionals who develop. A2 hosting integrates with WordPress and PHP-based systems like Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and OpenCart. The features available include:

    • Turbo Server for fast hosting.
    • Migration of your account at no cost.
    • 99.9 percent time commitment.
    • Automated backups.
    • Space for SSDs is unlimited. SSD space.

    It also offers the services of shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting.

    9. Liquid Web

    website hosting
     Liquid Web

    If you’re constantly in the middle of your business in eCommerce, that Liquid Web could be for you. It’s an extremely robust managed VPS service with a 100% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA (service levels agreement). This is a guarantee of dependability and speed.

    • Liquid Web offers a fast introduction to the market through an easy single-click installation using the most well-known CMS, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.
    • You receive controlled VPS hosting, automatically launched using the software configurations you choose. This means that the complicated VPS technicalities are handled without having to manage them yourself.

    10. DreamHost : Trusted hosting for ecommerce stores

    website hosting

    DreamHost is a renowned eCommerce hosting service that emphasizes WordPress websites, strong security, and user-friendly. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, it has a wealth of resources and will have your site up and operating in the shortest time you can.

    Suppose you’re looking to utilize DreamHost to host the creation of a WooCommerce store. In that case, you’re in the right place, as this company offers specialized WooCommerce plans with already-configured WooCommerce.

    There are various ways to contact customer care, like live chat (5:30 AM – 9:30 PM PT) or phone support and email tickets available 24/7.

    Things to consider before purchasing hosting for your ecommerce store 

    eCommerce hosting is an excellent alternative for people looking to enter this world of eCommerce. It’s a lower-cost option that numerous others have tested. The best part about this is that you can begin the process with an abundance of knowledge from direct reviews of eCommerce hosting and articles similar to that you’re studying right now.

    However, when looking at the best eCommerce hosting provider (and there are numerous) to select, certain aspects must be considered and researched to find the most affordable price to meet your specific needs. Make sure you do your homework thoroughly and don’t choose anything less than the best eCommerce hosting company that meets your needs.

    Web hosting capabilities such as uptime and bandwidth, disk space, eCommerce tools, and support should be provided by the hosting provider that provides online eCommerce website hosting.


    We’ve all heard of downtime, which is the period that the server is not working. Your customers do not have access to your site, and you’re crying because of anger, trying to solve the issue. The time it takes to uptime is at the opposite end of the range. It’s time the server is operational and measured as an amount. This is a crucial feature because it indicates whether the service you choose for eCommerce is reliable and the likelihood of your website going down due to the server being down. If you are a potential client for hosting, you must look for a 99.9 % uptime.

    Disk Space

    This is a crucial aspect since it can mean the difference between the two plans to purchase depending on the site you are using. Many eCommerce hosting companies offer the most space on disk allowances for every eCommerce hosting plan. But, based on what your site is working with, it’s essential to know the amount of space you will need. This will allow you to choose the best hosting plan for your website.


    Every website builder wants to see traffic come to and leave the website. That is the main purpose of having a website. However, when searching for an online hosting provider service in India, it is important to consider the amount of bandwidth you are able to avail yourself of and whether there are any restrictions. For example, suppose your site expands, as does the volume of traffic. As a result, you could find your website and server getting slow. This is the time that you need to think about switching your present eCommerce web hosting service to a more powerful plan.

    ECommerce tools

    A key selling point of eCommerce hosting is that you will get eCommerce tools as part of the package. These tools will let you purchase and sell products and services on the internet. At most, you must choose a plan which includes shopping carts and the ability to build a web-based website builder and Merchant account gateways.

    Customer Service

    The service the hosting provider provides is vital, especially when you’re new to hosting and eCommerce. Most hosting companies offer great support through chat, phone, and email. This could make or break your company because it will aid you in starting your business, maintaining your server, and ensuring that downtime is minimal.

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