Best Ecommerce Platform for Small Business To Get Started 2022

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    Ecommerce platforms can be a catalyst for expansion for every small business. There’s never been a better time to bring your brick-and-mortar shop online. Online shops allow you to expand your reach to markets beyond your store’s immediate geographical location, service your loyal customers from the privacy of their homes, and improve your profits through higher sales volume.

    The ideal eCommerce platform will allow you to grow your business in retail and let more customers discover your online presence. Choose the best platform for small businesses and your online store now.

    We’ve picked the best ecommerce platforms for small-scale businesses to help you establish an online storefront and sell your products.

    What is the best ecommerce platform for small business ?

    1. Shopify

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    Shopify is among the largest and most well-known E-commerce platforms used by enterprises of any size. In addition, it is among the most effective eCommerce website builders for small and medium-sized companies.

    Shopify is a great choice for small-scale and large e-commerce companies. If your small-scale business expands and grows beyond the size of a small company, you don’t have to be concerned about changing platforms. It is possible to upgrade to plans that are better suitable for larger companies.

    In terms of design, there are many themes to choose from. Shopify offers a range of themes that can be used for all types of businesses. Choose the one that is most suitable for the aesthetics of your business.

    The great thing is that all these choices have responsive designs. A responsive design ensures that your website can adapt to the device that a person is on. So no matter what layout you incorporate on your site, you don’t have to consider changing mobile users’ design.

    If you are having issues creating your website, Shopify has 24/7 customer assistance to help you resolve your issues. Contact Shopify with any questions or concerns or to receive guidance on how you can manage the features of your site.

    2. Squarespace

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    Squarespace is another top e-commerce website builder that is ideal for small-scale companies due to its simple interface. Even for those with no experience in technology, you can create an online store with Squarespace’s templates, drag-and-drop tools, and solid functionality.

    Squarespace was initially launched as a site builder but was not an eCommerce platform. However, it has since added features to support online sellers. Many Squarespace users offer services rather than goods; however, you can use them to run businesses based on products.

    Some of the best features include tightly integrated calendar and scheduling, email marketing, social media integrations, and embeddable maps that help users locate your physical place of business. Squarespace also has options for recurring billing for subscription-based companies.

    Store online Apostrophe Puzzles has created its website with the Squarespace eCommerce platform. The layout and function are basic but effective.


    • Personal: $16/month or $12/month (paid annually)
    • Business: $26/month or $18/month (paid annually)
    • Basic Commerce: $30/month or $26/month (paid annually)
    • Advanced Commerce: $46/month or $40/month (paid annually)

    3. Wix

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    Wix also offers an intuitive website builder for users that includes other eCommerce-specific features. For example, paid plans provide e-commerce capabilities, including payment tracking, online transactions, multi-channel selling, and abandon cart marketing. Also, you require an account with a paid plan to gain the ability to track analytics in order to observe your eCommerce key performance indicators (KPIs).

    When you are designing your storefront, There are more than 500 designs to pick from. The drag-and-drop interface is simple to operate as you can alter the design and layout of the appearance of your website. In addition, Wix offers subscription-based billing and dropshipping with third-party drop shippers.

    Price: Business Basic: $23/month; Business Unlimited: $27/month; Business VIP: $49/month.

    4. Weebly

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    Weebly is an excellent e-commerce platform for small-scale businesses that require an easy online store. It also has marketing automation inbuilt. Other platforms, like Shopify, require a third-party app to access these features.

    It costs anywhere from $8-$38 per month for Weebly’s online store, according to the plan you select.

    If you’re looking for speed and speed, it’s possible to consider a different platform for eCommerce. The average loading time for most eCommerce websites can be as low as 3.2 seconds. The average load time of the Weebly website is 3.8. It might not seem like any difference, but it could seem like an eternity considering the rapid rate of the internet.

    Weebly has a broad array of integrations and features, especially considering the price. However, if you plan to offer digital products, you’ll need to upgrade to the most expensive quality plan.

    Suppose your business offers personalized items; the plans of Weebly offer this feature. However, most other platforms cannot sell customized products right out of the gate.

    5. Shift4Shop

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    Shift4Shop is a hosted e-commerce platform that offers customers everything they need to run an online shop. In terms of ratings, it is in line with Shopify and is close to BigCommerce overall. However, Shopify outdoes it in regards to design and smartphone user experience. Shift4Shop has more features than Shopify, but it’s not the same.

    Shift4Shop has a wide range of features right out of the box and offers various pricing options. This makes it an ideal opt e-commerce platform suitable for small-sized business owners on a tight budget as they grow their businesses. It’s also a great alternative for entrepreneurs who don’t want to become entangled in technical aspects.

    All plans are charged each month, with no commitment to buy annually. Prices start at $19 per month. There’s no way to pay more than $229 per month.

    This platform for eCommerce is simple to learn about. The builder for websites comes with an easy design bar. It allows you to quickly and easily alter portions of your website without having to alter your HTML codes directly.

    6. Selz

    Selz is regarded as one of the most affordable e-commerce platforms that’s still effective in producing outcomes. The site builder provides basic and professional plans. For small businesses, the standard plan will give you all you need.

    There are a variety of themes to pick from when creating your website. With 24/7 support for customers, you can schedule sessions that will assist you at the beginning of your website. Selz lets you select the best theme for your business and then incorporate it on your website.

    Selz is a simple platform to use. If you’re not a programmer or have design expertise, Selz is a great alternative. However, they insist on using user-friendly tools to help your company create your website. Furthermore, there are various ways to customize your site and help you build a website that is effective for you.

    7. GoDaddy eCommerce

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    For a flat fee, GoDaddy eCommerce is designed to build stores quickly but without sacrificing personalization and details.

    Establishing a GoDaddy online store is one of the most simple tasks you’ll have to undertake when launching the online venture of your dreams.

    GoDaddy eCommerce is quick to establish if you’re a small-sized business or a sole seller who wants to market a few items and display them quickly and without worrying about the greater synergy between your brand and GoDaddy; it’s an ideal choice.

    GoDaddy eCommerce offers a quick setup with easy navigation and various features. However, these features come with limitations, and when you’re a large company or are looking to expand to a large extent, this may not be the ideal choice for you.

    There’s no need to create themes with GoDaddy eCommerce. As with every excellent web store builder, it has a variety of templates to pick from. After you’ve picked one, you’ll be able to add your own flair by altering the images or copy.

    If you’re looking to grow your store or completely customize it, this might not be the right choice. For most small companies, GoDaddy eCommerce is an easy and accessible builder.

    8. Zyro

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    Ideal for those who are interested in a hobby to earn a little extra money

    Price range: $4.90 – $18.90 per month (billed annually)

    For UX design enthusiasts as well as business enthusiasts, Zyro is the ideal builder. It is a POS-integrated builder. POS integration means that the software and hardware assist your customers in purchasing through the checkout online.

    With an easy designer editor, Zyro can help you design attractive storefronts that look appealing – and quickly. However, while it has some fantastic features, some users have complained that it’s difficult to find these features within the builder.

    The biggest issue with Zyro’s eCommerce is its user-friendliness, which takes a lot of time. There are some great attributes, but it lacks the quality of the other rivals.

    The only place Zyro was able to make a stand-out work was under the design department. But for those running an unprofitable business, Zyro could not be worth it.

    If you’re looking for an omnichannel look, such as product pages, or to let your creativity in design shine, Zyro might be the right choice for you.

    9. Magento

    best ecommerce platform for small business

    Magento can be a complete solution that is suitable for any size, especially small businesses that wish to grow online. While e-commerce is an integral component of the service, it also offers large companies enterprise-level solutions.

    If you’re looking to grow and expand in the future, you might consider beginning with an open-ended platform such as Magento, even if you’re not keen on moving to a different platform later further down the road.

    Core eCommerce features, such as pre-made templates, integrated payment solutions, and shipping options, are all integrated into Magento. Additionally, it offers a range of tools that are designed to help grow. They include Business support and business analytics, and sales-enabling tools.

    Pricing: Magento Opensource is free to download, and you are able to customize the platform as you want. Its paid edition is more expensive and is targeted at Enterprise customers.

    10. Big Cartel

    best ecommerce platform for small business
    Big Cartel

    Big Cartel is frequently cited as one of the top options for businesses that are looking to build a strong web presence. This is because to maximize the benefits of the services; you’ll have to demonstrate a wide range of programming skills.

    The design options and themes that are pre-built are insufficient by themselves. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from considering this alternative for small-scale businesses.

    Big Cartel is a great alternative if you’re an artist or have a creative business, in particular, if you’ve got extensive programming knowledge or have a friend who has. There’s even a no-cost plan available, so you can begin selling from the moment you sign up.

    • Free offer for small-sized businesses
    • Great for companies with an innovative approach. The ability to customize domain usage is possible.
    • Ideal for selling items on the internet and offline
    • Easy to set up


    What is the best eCommerce platform suitable for small-sized businesses? The answer will depend on your specific requirements and preferences for your business. We hope the information in this post has assisted know the various choices available to you and also provided some information to think about while you decide. If you have any concerns or need assistance deciding on the best platform for you or if your headless business needs to be optimized. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here for you.

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