10 Best CRM Software for Ecommerce Stores in 2022

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    Converting, attracting, and keeping customers is the primary goal of every business.

    A specific software tool to manage the customer’s interactions as well as relationships could assist in achieving this goal effortlessly.

    CRM software allows you to better comprehend your audience and track interactions with them, not relying on Excel spreadsheets.

    To assist you in making the best choices for your company regarding the tools for CRM, we’ve analyzed and put together a list of 10 of the best CRM software for e-commerce.


    What Is Ecommerce CRM Software?

    The general principle is that the CRM application assists in the automation of processes and best practices for managing the company’s interactions with customers over the entire lifecycle of the customer.

    In real life, this involves keeping contact information, tracking interactions, anticipating the next steps, and providing additional tools for sales, marketing, and customer service teams when handling customers.

    Ecommerce CRM software provides all these functions and features unique to digital sales, like keeping track of customers’ history and shipping preferences and suggesting related purchases.

    The Ecommerce CRM system monitors the customers’ journeys through your store’s digital pages so that you can provide you with a detailed outline of your future sales and marketing opportunities, and can be achieved with a myriad of options.

    Why is CRM needed for eCommerce?

    CRM is software that allows retailers to communicate with their clients by collecting massive amounts of information about the customers, and thus it is possible to tailor messages. Making the most of the benefits of CRM will solve a wide range of business challenges while also saving time and money.

    CRM is particularly important for online retailers since it helps compensate for the absence of face-to-face contact with customers. In analyzing the information gathered, retailers can adjust their marketing strategies to meet the needs of customers’ preferences as well as their habits and expectations. All of this information is an instrument for increasing revenue.

    Simply put, the Software for CRM used to manage eCommerce aids in increasing sales. A well-designed platform can show the user’s journey and allows you to gather data, analyze and utilize the data of your customers to improve profits.

    Top 10 CRM Software for Ecommerce Stores

    1. Monday sales CRM

    best crm software
    best crm software for ecommerce

    Task management and lead tracking for sales teams in eCommerce. An affordable plan for SMBs

    Monday Sales CRM provides access to the sales pipeline, boosting efficiency and flexibility to accommodate your sales cycles.’s Software for Sales CRM allows users to effortlessly manage their entire work from all one location, from lead capture and lead management processes to managing contact details pipelines, sales pipelines, and customer onboarding tasks, among others. In addition, it is a flexible software that allows users to modify and customize the platform to suit their needs without assistance from code experts and teams.

    The CRM software for Sales is loaded with features, including email sync, tracking emails, templates for emails, and activities management tools. It is possible to fully sync your Gmail and Outlook account to receive and send emails. It will also notify you each time the email gets opened or receives a response from one of your prospects and allows you to contact and follow up on the lead at the right moment.

    Monday Sales CRM can also provide advanced CRM capabilities, such as custom dashboards for sales forecasting, activity tracking, and team goals. Its custom dashboards can significantly enhance visibility by providing thorough reports on sales statistics, team performance, and deals’ status and advancement. Sales forecasting allows you to determine your deal’s value and the probability of closing. Then, you can leverage several reports to quickly track your forecasts and check them to real sales numbers.

    The Monday sales CRM program is available for free for two team members. After that, pricing begins at $10 per month for each seat with a minimum of 3 members or seats.

    2. HubSpot CRM

    best crm software
    crm tools

    HubSpot can be described as an extremely feature-rich marketing and sales CRM software for companies regardless of size.

    HubSpot offers a variety of great features, like automatized marketing programs you can design in accordance with contact filtering. This ensures that the ideal email gets sent to the right lead at the perfect moment.

    The software platform allows you to build targeted workflows for each contact within your CRM. For example, workflows can identify new leads, convert leads into sales and customize your emails.

    It’s important to note that the visual editor in HubSpot gives workflows a clean appearance, not a messy chaos of information.

    HubSpot companies tracking the ROI of their inbound marketing have a 17-fold higher chance of a similar or higher ROI than in the previous year, but only five percent of marketers can measure ROI.

    Ecommerce Benefits

    HubSpot can directly integrate with the top e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. This means you can use upsells and the nurturing of abandoned carts to boost your online sales.

    Don’t fret; you’re not in a hurry if the online store platform that you are using doesn’t work directly with HubSpot. Instead, you can connect your retailer to the CRM by integrating HubSpot’s eCommerce Bridge.

    3. Freshworks CRM.

    best crm software

    Freshworks CRM can help businesses speed up revenue growth and lead generation by offering an all-encompassing CRM solution. Conversations with customers can be recorded, contact information databases can be constructed, and an overall personal experience can be provided. Additionally, you can affect revenue growth in real-time and forecast with more accuracy by using AI-powered contact scoring, pipeline management, and forecasting.

    Key Features of Freshworks CRM.

    • Landing Page Creation
    • Email Marketing
    • Lead Scoring
    • Tracking & Reporting
    • Market Segmentation
    • AI-Powered Chatbots
    • Salesforce Automation
    • A/B Testing
    • Auto-Responders
    • Behavioral Analytics
    • Calendar Management
    • Audience Targeting

    4. Salesforce

    best crm software

    Salesforce is considered one of the most popular CRMs around the globe and caters to the needs of predominantly enterprise-level firms. Salesforce is a business focused on customers and offers a wide range of tools to meet your business requirements. The solution is cloud-based, meaning the customer doesn’t have to invest funds to develop a customized system. It is sufficient to simply install a pre-built solution that is fully accessible to the features.

    CRM has many features and can also be integrated with a wide variety of tools. However, it is possible to describe Salesforce in one word because it’s “easy to use”. In addition, the creators of Salesforce say that Salesforce is utilized to close larger deals more quickly.

    The main benefits

    Rapid launch and simple to scale. Cloud deployment greatly simplifies administration and configuration.

    The ability to modify the features can be achieved by adding or removing options to meet the needs of customers.

    CRM is available 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere in the world.

    5. Zoho CRM

    best crm software
    Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM is software that assists businesses in increasing their revenues and communicating with their customers to convert leads.

    Zoho lets you host webinars and give presentations. It provides reports on webinars and assists in turning attendees into leads. If you’re not keen on the tedious process of entering data manually, Zoho provides automated workflows that are activated the moment certain actions are completed.

    It comes with effective contact management that tracks the amount of revenue a contact is bringing in, as well as who leads the contact, and offers information on tracking emails.

    In terms of reporting, Zoho provides business analytics that tracks the future, market trends, and sales performance across different territories. Additionally, it has an artificial intelligence-powered sales assistant, allowing you to quickly access information and navigate through the CRM.

    The platform allows you to see precisely where your deals are. It will show you the deals that require attention as well as the expected revenue that is nearing the end of the year. With the help of Zoho filters, you can swiftly sort through and find exactly the offers you’re seeking.

    E-Commerce Benefits

    Zoho offers e-commerce integrations that can provide your business with an edge in the market. For instance, it allows you to seamlessly connect with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify.

    In addition, Zoho’s live chat feature allows agents to communicate with visitors to the website in real time. This allows users to determine the best products for them and spurs them to purchase impulsively by providing discount coupons and upsells.

    6. Pipedrive

    best crm software

    Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM system that is easy, simple, and speedy. As the name implies, it is the pipeline management feature, allowing the user to gain an overview of the entire sales process. The tool also offers the ability to use a mobile application to access all the information about sales accessible at any time and anywhere.

    A few of the incredible capabilities of Pipedrive allow it to make the top list of CRM software for online businesses. Pipedrive is extremely customizable and permits the creation of custom fields to satisfy the ever-changing needs of eCommerce companies. Additionally, it is seamlessly integrated with marketplaces for eCommerce via its APIs. The amazing attributes of Pipedrive include forecasting sales and trend analysis, drag-and-drop activities, notifications for smartphones, reminders for emails, and mobile apps.

    7. Keap

    best crm software

    Keap, which was previously Infusionsoft, was in the CRM arena for quite a while. It has proven to be a powerful tool for creating an effective strategy for CRM. For large companies, Keap directs its efforts to improving your customer experience and sales efficiency for small firms.

    Key Features

    • Meta-data and keyword fields are built-in.
    • Invoice generator
    • Accessible via mobile phones
    • Task management
    • Customer segmentation
    • Reminder system
    • Calendar
    • Quote Generator

    8. ActiveCampaign

    best crm software

    Marketing automation, email marketing tools for CRM and email marketing were created to help brands increase leads, and boost sales.

    Active Campaign is an eCommerce CRM that provides solutions for building awareness, understanding intent, fostering relationships via email segmentation, dynamic content, lead and contact score, and tracking attribution and chats through email, SMS, and live chat. When it comes to paid tools, as far as they are concerned,

    Active Campaign’s low monthly cost was a good score in the evaluation of the Cost for Value assessment. You can use a limited number of contacts in this plan, which makes it perfect for small-sized businesses or teams.

    Integrators include Shopify, Salesforce, Typeform, Facebook, WordPress, Google Analytics, Unbounce, WooCommerce, etc.

    Some of the weaknesses in the software are frequent bugs that may affect email marketing campaigns.

    The 3-user limit for the Lite plan is also a bit restrictive.

    Active Campaign costs $9 per month for 500 contacts. In addition, the active Campaign includes a no-cost demo.

    9. OROCRM

    best crm software

    OROCRM is an open-source CRM, which allows you to modify the software in order to meet your eCommerce requirements the business. Because of its ability to scale up quickly, the software will accept requests from mid-sized retailers and international companies.

    OROCRM is a tool for Sales Managers, Marketers, and Customer Support Departments. Users can view and evaluate the entire customer’s journey and determine the lead’s qualification. They can then create targeted marketing campaigns by communicating with clients at the appropriate location at the right moment. CRM’s other features are designed to satisfy customers’ requirements in every way, thereby enticing customers to come back and make repeated purchases.

    10. BIGContacts

    best crm software

    Built for ease of use, BIGContacts is one of the most efficient CRM eCommerce tools that you can use for the online shop you have. It can handle the invoices you send out, capture leads, and create a customized workflow for your staff. BIGContacts task tracking and automatic reminders make it an effective tool to boost your organization’s productivity. The analytics and reporting capabilities of the software give valuable insights into company performance and assist in identifying ways to enhance it. In addition, the tool offers an outstanding customer support staff available 24 hours a day by phone, chat, or email.

    Key Features of BIGContacts CRM:

    • Automated tasks
    • Sales pipeline management
    • Smart reports
    • Integration of emails
    • Mobile CRM

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