8 Best Discord Servers to Check Out in 2022

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    If you’re searching for exciting Discord servers You’ve come to the right spot! This guide we’ll look at a variety of welcoming and enjoyable Discord servers with an active community that hosts numerous entertaining and fun events.

    These servers are great ways to meet others Discord members and to participate in events that are fun, such as gaming events or other events that are devoted to a particular topic. We’ll also discuss other ways to discover interesting servers to join.

    List of Top Discord Servers in 2022

    1. r/CryptoCurrency

    discord servers
    best discord servers

    Whether you believe this is the new frontier of technology or a complicated type of gambling, crypto is a huge phenomenon and is staying. While you can read anything you want about crypto and enjoy a myriad of YouTube videos, nothing is more satisfying than having a conversation with someone who isis engrossed in the business.

    rCryptoCurrency is the primary Discord server of the extremely popular subreddit with an identical name. You’ll be able to directly track the prices of various cryptos through the bots, converse with other traders, and plan your next move together.

    If you’re only dipping your toes into those virtual waters or already afloat, it’s the perfect place to make connections with other people in your situation.

    2. Mystic

    Mystic is among the most popular Discord servers that support Minecraft, with more than 30000 active members. If you’re looking for contests centered on Minecraft, Mystic is the server you need to join. It’s a lively and friendly community of servers available for Minecraft gamers on Discord.

    3. Design Buddies

    discord servers
    Design Buddies

    If you’re looking to pursue a career in UX/UI design, Design Buddies is one of the most popular Discord servers to sign up with. Since it was founded at the end of October 2020, it has become the largest community for design in the world. They are also an official Discord Partner, which awards given by Discord to recognize vibrant and welcoming community members on Discord.

    4. Your Favorite Podcast/Streamer/YouTuber/Subreddit

    We’ll start with a generalization, but there are many types of people with various interests. To address that, we decided to start by helping you find the types of subjects that appeal to you.

    An excellent place to start in this direction is to list your top audiobooks, Twitch streaming, YouTube channels, etc. Then enter the name of the channel into Google and then the word ‘discord  .’This is a great method to determine whether there’s an official or fan-created Discord channel related to the areas you’re particularly interested in, whether it’s finance, philosophy, or real-life criminality!

    Therefore, start looking for communities related to the things you already listen to or look up. You’re bound to discover an item out there!

    5. Official Fortnite Server

    discord servers
    fortnite discord servers

    Epic Games has an official Discord server for FortniteWith more than 80,000 members, The authentic Fortnite Discord server is among the most active servers for those looking to play the free battle royale. In addition, the server is equipped with channels to locate players based on the game’s game mode, platform, and region.

    Apart from that, there are channels to discuss everything connected with Homebase, Battle Royale, and Save the World. In addition, an active moderation team helps ensure that the community is safe for all Fortnite players.

    6. Study Together

    discord servers
    Study Together

    We’ve all experienced how difficult it is to remain focused during a long study session. A Berlin startup called Study Together tackles this issue. Students across Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and America participate in online studying sessions.

    There are five kinds of study sessions that you could select from, such as the Zoom studying session music-focused calls, where you can set timers for 25 or 50 minutes, sessions that use the Pomodoro timer addition to private study sessions in which you can gather an entire group of 2 to 25 students to work with each other.

    7. Movies & Filmmaking

    discord servers
    public discord servers

    movies & Filmmaking is the self-proclaimed biggest Discord server to discuss everything related to television, movies, and filmmaking. There are currently over 24,000 members to chat with. If you’d like to talk about action-adventure films, There’s a lively channel waiting to be explored.

    This is also in the case of sci-fi and fantasy drama and comedy channels. Filmmakers, both present and future – can choose their channels to choose from and a fantastic group of people who provide feedback on scripts.

    8. Learn AI Together

    Digital courses have become increasingly popular with international students, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which is among the most sought-after courses. Louis Bouchard, founder of Learn AI Together, is working to help make AI accessible. He achieves it by making clear AI ideas, sharing the latest research findings and AI applications, and debunking the myths surrounding using AI.

    As of the writing time, Bouchard’s Discord server has 26,261 users studying AI through group discussions and learning materials available within the Discord server. There is also a “Jobs Related” channel where hopeful learners can seek guidance or job opportunities related to Data Science, Machine Learning, and many other areas.

    How to Find Discord Servers Using Disboard

    Another method to locate the top Discord server is to utilize the Disboard. Disboard has put together an inventory of Discord servers for all subjects, including many gaming communities and manga and anime fan bases. In addition, the list includes Discord servers for subjects like movies, music, technology memes, role-playing, and more.

    To locate the Discord server, scroll down, then look through the Disboard directory using Categories and popular Tags from the homepage. Categories are listed in light blue, while popular tags are displayed in green. Next, click on the topic to open the listing of Discord servers that have a connection to that subject.

    If you click on a subject, you’ll be able to see more details about the server in question, such as its name, a star review rating from users, and an explanation of the server, as well as the number of people who are on the server. There’s also an indicator of the language used by the server and an NSFW icon when the server is intended for adults only.

    Additionally, you can add the phrase in the search bar to look for servers with a connection to the topic. To browse the community reviews by users, you can click reviews on the right of the page. Additionally, you can view ratings for specific Discord servers. If you come across an account you are interested in, just click it to join.

    How to Find Discord Servers Dedicated to Your Favorite Influencers

    Another method of finding Discord servers would be to search for servers hosted by your favorite websites and tech-related influencers. You can also make a personal Discord server.

    For instance, the well-known tech forum Linus Tech Tips also has its Discord server, which contains information about gaming, gaming hardware, and gaming. Some sites also have exclusive communities for specific groups, like Patreon patrons.

    Many Twitch streamers have Discord servers, too. Searching for them is enjoyable and helps you find servers with other players who play the same games that you are. In addition, looking through the websites could be a method to locate Discord communities that relate to a particular type of fan.

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