11 Best Currency Converter Apps For 2022

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    Find the rates of exchange for all currencies around the world here. The currency converter is user-friendly, and the rates for money are regularly updated. This is essential due to the high fluctuations in the global currency market lately. Top of Form

    This is an overview of the top 10 currency converter applications available on Android, iPhone, Smartwatch, and Windows without further delay.

    5 Best currency converter calculator in 2022

    1. Xe Currency Converter – Best App Overall

    currency converter
    Xe Currency Converter

    Xe Currency Converter is a one-stop solution for people who want exchange rates, cash transfers, alerts on rates analysis, and payment trackers. With its extensive number of options, it’s not just the most efficient currency converter application on the market but also a top fintech application with over 10 million downloaded through Google Play.

    For user experience, Xe Currency Converter sets the standard high by providing minor information. At present, Xe Converter shows exchange rates for more than 130 currencies. People using the app to make international money transfers can change screens and tasks in the middle of their transactions and resume where they had left off.

    For the analysis portion, the Xe Currency Convert application has options for graphic representations. Users can see conversion rates for more than 10 years of data.

    As a complement to its money transfer services, Users can swiftly establish an account, add unlimited users, verify the exchange rate in real-time, pay out their money in any preferred currency and monitor the progress of their payments.

    The app utilizes push notifications. Customers can choose their desired mid-market rate and receive real-time updates when their currencies get close to the rates they want to achieve.

    Download Xe Currency Converter: AndroidiOS

    2. Currency Converter Plus 

    currency converter
    urrency Converter Plus 

    Currency Converter Plus has significant programming goals due to its robust Android and iOS application development design. It provides a real-time and cached rate of exchange for over 170 currencies, bitcoin, and precious metals such as platinum and gold. In addition, it comes with a robust backend, with an API that is trademarked called AccuRate to provide the most precise exchange rates.

    It is already home to more than 5M downloads in Google Play. Google Play store. This 4.8 score for Google Play and the App store proves its outstanding user experience.

    Users can receive instant conversion rates using customized areas, real-time charts, and a historical conversion record from one week to one year. In addition, it is asynchronous, meaning users can convert to various currencies at once, even while in airplane mode.

    Download Currency Converter Plus: AndroidiOS

    3. Easy Currency Converter 

    The Easy Currency Converter lets users make a customized personal list of currencies. Users can view historical graphics from 2011 to change currencies immediately and read important information about the fluctuations in exchange rates between countries. The app is updated with exchange rates every minute. It works with all major currencies 200 and is compatible with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

    It also has an offline mode and a dark mode option to reduce battery and data usage. In offline mode, users can access cached exchange rates from the websites they earlier looked up. Easy Currency Converter is available for download on Google Play, with an average score of 4.6 on both most popular app stores.

    Download Easy Currency Converter: AndroidiOS

    4. Currency Foreign Exchange Rate 

    The Currency Foreign Exchange Rate app is a great instrument for foreign exchange investors and travellers who require real-time information and are looking to check their portfolio’s value while on the move. From a practical standpoint, it excels at the job it was created for.

    The app will update exchange rates each hour if you require live data in real-time, about 170 currency pairs, including bitcoin or gold. For those who are on the move, particularly those who travel to remote locations with no or limited connectivity, The app is also available in an offline mode.

    To enhance the customer experience, even more, it lets users choose currencies and adjusts exchange rates based on bank fees. In addition, the push notifications feature provides real-time notifications and allows users to opt-out at any time the user would like.

    It has more than one million users active on iOS. Although the app is relatively new on Android, There are greater than 50,000 downloads that speak volumes about the high quality of the application.

    The app is completely free and can earn money through In-App Purchases which have an average score in the range of 4.3 as well as 4.5 for Google Play or the App Store, respectively.

    Download Currency Foreign Exchange Rate: AndroidiOS

    5. All Currency Converter

    currency converter
    All Currency Converter

    The All Currency Converter is a different currency application on the list that includes an integrated calculator that supports bitcoin, 168 currencies, silver, gold, and bitcoin in real-time and displays graphic illustrations of the fluctuation over months of historical data. The most important thing is that it allows the in-app web search feature for users who wish to examine the trends of fluctuation in the past, making it the best application for currency converters for forex traders and investors. In addition, it offers country profiles, bank rate information, and a tip calculator. It also includes a variety of widgets on the home screen.

    The All Currency Converter app currently doesn’t allow offline mode due to the advanced search feature. However, the app is free and is paid for by advertisements and in-app purchases.

    The app is rated with been given a 4.7 review from Google Play with almost 5 million downloads. Unfortunately, the app is only available for Android users at the moment; however, judging by the speed at which it’s becoming popular, we’re anticipating that the iOS version of the currency converter app to appear in the Apple App store soon.

    Download All Currency Converter: Android

    The Best Currency Converter Apps for iPhone

    1. Currency Foreign Exchange Rate (Offline use)

    currency converter
    Currency Foreign Exchange Rate

    When you travel on business or pleasure, and you are traveling for business or pleasure, international exchange rates for foreign currencies are available to you using the amazing Currency Foreign Exchange Rate application. It’s a beautiful, efficient, and powerful application that lets you change your currency quickly and without a fuss. This app is accurate and reliable since it updates the exchange rates each hour.

    With the help of all 170 world currencies, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin, The Currency Foreign Exchange Rate app is truly amazing. This Offline Access feature helps users to avoid costly roaming charges. You can also alter exchange rates, which include bank charges, using the option to select your preferred currency.

    The Currency Foreign Exchange Rate app is great for travelers and provides precise information on conversions. Therefore, download today the Currency Foreign Exchange Rate Today.

    2. Currency converter – Support Offline Use

    Currency Converter is an easy tool for the currency conversion with an easy and user-friendly interface. The app for currency conversion supports more than 170 currencies and countries across the globe. It also allows users to conduct basic math calculations. Furthermore, it is possible to use the application even without internet access because it is equipped with the capability to function offline.

    With a wide entry field that allows for a fast search, users are provided with an easy and efficient search feature to find the currency they would like to convert. The rates of exchange for foreign currencies are updated in Currency Convertor * every launch, making the application precise. It also comes with a subscription option that gets rid of any advertisements and gives complete information about the Historical exchange rates chart between two currencies.

    Download this Currency Convertor application right now to manage all of your conversion needs effectively.

    3. My Currency Converter

    currency converter
    My Currency Converter

    Another free currency converter that assists over 180 currencies, including exchange rates, charts, and calculators, can be found in the My Currency Converter application. The app offers current exchange rates on over 180 currencies, which includes popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can also set up your currency list to look up all the primary and frequently used currencies in one glance.

    My Currency Converter is among the most effective apps you can use when you want to compare or match the foreign currencies of various nations. Install and download the My Currency Converter application immediately to have all of the world’s currencies at your fingertips.

    The Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

    1. Xe Currency Converter & Global Money Transfer

    This app converts currency and provides exchange rates for more than 130 countries.

    It displays the mid-market’s live rates and lets you swiftly transfer money to overseas countries. It is as easy as entering the amount and clicking send. The application lets you create an unlimited number of recipients for foreign money transfers.

    The app is able to store and save your information, allowing you to start the place you left off. It also lets you check the state of any currency within the past 10 years using charts of currency.

    If you’re a hectic person and checking the exchange rates manually can be a hassle, simply create alerts for the countries you’re interested in. The app will alert you when your desired mid-market rate has been updated.

    Download: Xe Currency Converter (Free)

    2. MyCurrency

    Its currency convertor application offers excellent value to travelers. It provides instant exchange rates for more than 180 countries. It will even show you the conversion rates for old European currencies as well as digital currencies (such as Bitcoin, Facebook Credit, Linden Dollar, and others).

    The app lets you view currency charts and has a simple-to-use interface, with automatic updates readily available.

    3. Exchange Rates & Currency Converter

    This application lets you look up the exchange rates for all currencies around the world. This lets you estimate the price of anything that grabs your attention, whether you’re on the internet or offline.

    The commercial data feed for the app is updated with accuracy every sixty seconds. Additionally, you can use this app to examine the rates of cryptocurrency as well as the traditional currencies. Charts of historical data are accessible for the entire past decade, starting at the end of the day.

    How to convert currency

    Currency can be converted with the internet-based currency exchange or be done manually. If you choose to use either of these methods, you need to determine your rates using an online calculator or contact your bank. The rates you pay to your bank might differ from those you can find online because banks make little from exchanges. However, online rates are exactly similar to rates quoted by banks.

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