Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022

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    The most effective CRM software helps marketing and sales teams manage relationships with customers efficiently and close more sales.

    We’ve analyzed the top Free CRM Software providers, including their primary benefits and drawbacks, how they make them effective, and what kinds of teams they’re suitable for. Check out the article to discover which one best suits your requirements.

    What is CRM software?

    It’s an online platform that connects your various departments from sales to marketing to customer service and organizes the activities, notes, and data into a seamless system. As a result, each user can have immediate access to the current information about their clients that they require. 

    This not only allows unrivaled coordination between departments and teams and departments, but it also makes it possible for businesses to offer clients something more than ordinary: individualized, one-to-one customer journeys. Compare that with the limitations of analog and traditional systems, and you’ve got something that can change the way you interact with your customers.

    Why CRM software is important ?

    Without a well-planned CRM strategy, your customer’s information will be scattered all over, and it’ll be difficult to keep on top of all the interactions and contact points you’ve had with certain customers. This results in a prolonged sales cycle with a generic, sub-par customer experience.

    10 Best Free CRM Software You Should Consider in 2022


    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 11


    Freshsales is a complete sales force automation tool for a sales team. It offers everything a salesperson will require: draw high-quality leads, Engage in conversations with contextual context, drive sales with AI-powered insights, and maintain customer relationships.

    With built-in email, phones chat, telephony, and email, Freshsales empowers sales teams to have more time to sell by automatizing sales processes and increasing efficiency and efficiency throughout their day-to-day tasks. Through Freddy Artificial Intelligence, Salespeople will learn about the best deals to pursue and the right actions to take. They can also determine revenue forecasts using sales forecasting. As a result, companies are able to take the next step toward more effective pipeline management using Freshsales.


    However, as with many other vendors, the most powerful features are only available to premium subscriptions. The most notable features of Freshworks CRM are workflows that use time and chatbot-based tools and advanced metrics reporting.

    Less Annoying CRM

    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 12


    Less annoying CRM (aka LACRM) is designed to be an all-inclusive CRM system for small-scale companies. First, they provide a 30-day free trial. After that, they provide one inexpensive paid plan.

    LACRM manages task management and lead-to-sale, management of contacts, and follow-ups. Keep track of all the customer information and track leads in sales pipelines. Keep track of the latest events and tasks (in simple calendar and agenda formats). Makes a great real estate CRM.

    The emails written and received from a CRM platform may be recorded in LACRM. It provides each user with an individual email log-in address. You can make an email contact using any email service you prefer.


    According to your requirements, there are only a few app integrations that could be a major drawback. For example, the app can send notifications via email or SMS; however, it does not send notifications in-app that feel outdated.



    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 13

    Zoho CRM offers a small-business-friendly platform with a user-friendly interface, customizing modules, practical automation, and social media capabilities.

    If you’re looking to get free, the unpaid plan that they offer with a maximum of three people is an ideal way to begin. It will let users set up and establish a specific workflow, track leads, and streamline daily operations. It is compatible seamlessly with Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, meaning you can communicate with prospects with incredible speed and precision.

    After you’ve used up the CRM that you are using for free, You can upgrade to the more affordable Standard Version that comes with Zoho CRM that boosts the usability factor by providing strong sales forecasting and tracking of KPIs.


    Zoho does not offer lead tracking by email or individual notifications. This could be a challenge if one-on-1 and long-term interaction with certain users are essential to your company.

    UI may be a little unresponsive.

    Costs for Zoho add-ons to provide the CRM with more capacity can quickly add up to operating costs.

    The free version does not have mass emailing capabilities, and, overall, the CRM offers very limited customization options.

    Really Simple Systems

    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 14


    Very Simple Systems (RSS for short) isn’t afraid of boasting about their sales, marketing automation, and service platforms as easy–but this doesn’t mean that it’s lacking sophisticated features; it’s actually user-friendly. This is particularly useful for businesses with offices spread across the globe and remote employees.

    It lets you have unlimited contacts as well as up to 100MB of document storage. In addition, the free version comes with several of the essential features, such as customer service and sales automation.

    Users who are free can access different management tools for both contacts. This is updated in real-time with every relevant data and task for vendors, contacts, and suppliers—leads and leads, which aim to convert contacts into sales.

    RSS also reports in their own way and divides the report into two components.

    Small businesses playing this B2B business, RSS, make moving into the CRM space a breeze.


    The process of creating reports is likely to be more complicated than it has to be. Opportunities are somewhat difficult to utilize.

    Marketing via email could be improved as email templates are pretty basic.

    If you’re using Outlook, you aren’t able to connect actions to activate reminders within your inbox.

    EngageBay Free CRM software

    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 15


    EngageBay is marketed as an alternative to HubSpot. HubSpot alternative sells three suites geared towards business processes: Marketing Automation, Live Chat & Helpdesk, and CRM & Sales Bay.

    The last one, CRM & Sales Bay, is a contact management tool designed to be simple and allow for company expansion.

    The platform offers multi-channel listening, which combines contact information from your customer interactions. Keep track of contact activity, website activity, the email response rate of click and open, and much more.

    It integrates with Gmail, Office 365, or any other IMAP service with two-way sync capability. In addition, Zapier, SendGrid, Mailgun, Xero, and Mandrill integrations let you link your CRM with other business processes to enhance your efficiency.


    Need more native integrations to third-party apps.

    The templates for email are limited in quantity and are simple in appearance.


    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 16


    Capsule helps you take your relationships with your customers and all of your business relationships up to the next step. And it does it so quickly, thanks to its clear user interface and a zero learning curve.

    Also, this makes it easier to locate important information, such as contact lists that can be exported via Gmail, Outlook, your CSV spreadsheet, and databases documents.

    If you operate an enterprise on your own or have a business partner, you’ll be able to do so using Capsule’s free service (the limit is two users).


    This free version is limited to 250 contacts, meaning you might find yourself at a cliff and need to sign up for an expensive plan.

    To continue to use the software you’ve put into your day-to-day company, you might be paying no money to pay $18 per month (or significantly more).


    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 17


    BenchmarkONE is an extensive CRM system used for both marketing and sales. It’s also excellent for marketing automation via email to identify and evaluate prospects. Sales automation tools can manage your pipeline and aid in achieving more conversions that are successful.

    It’s ideal for small to medium-sized businesses such as private practices, agencies, and consultants. It also provides very precise analysis and reports.


    Teams that have more than five members will require an expensive plan. In addition, there is no support for customers tools, which means it’s not an all-in-one CRM.

    HubSpot Free CRM software

    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 18


    HubSpot is among the largest vendors available (up to Salesforce). In addition, they provide a CRM free to unlimited users and basic features.

    Free HubSpot CRM lets you track leads and assign them to leads and sales leads, oversee the sales process and workflows to ensure better management, and track customer interactions across all channels all in one location. It also offers comprehensive email marketing and tools for inbound marketing (the latter are extremely beneficial for generating the most search engine traffic for blog articles).

    The platform integrates with G Suite and Microsoft Office to make integration and data syncing effortless. Additionally, integration with Zapier allows for easy sharing of information and task administration across different apps such as Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads Slack, Google Sheets, and many others).


    The CRM for free has many features, but many of them aren’t as robust, and you could have to pay for Marketing Sales, Service, or Marketing Hub services.

    It is not customizable; This could make the CRM difficult for small, niche firms to tweak and implement.


    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 19


    Based on many customers, Bitrix24 is one of the most well-known free CRMs worldwide. Bitrix24 offers a cloud-based CRM service that is free for up to 12 users with maximum storage for data of 5GB.

    In terms of features, it offers the same features as paid plans but is reduced in size. All you require is included, including lead management, pipeline management, sales tracking, reports tasks, task automation, and much more.

    The user interface makes Bitrix24 simple to use (the Kanban view is especially useful). It has email, voice chat, video channel access within the app, and mobile applications to iOS and Android to make sure your team can negotiate deals and resolve issues during critical moments.


    Although the UI is nice looking, it can be difficult to navigate between different modules. In addition, the customization options may not be adequate for more complex and/or specific applications in business. Sometimes, the app may not be responsive.

    It is also important to note that Bitrix24’s learning curve is definitely in the moderate category.


    CRM Software
    Free CRM Software: Top ten tools you should consider in 2022 20


    Streak is the full integration of Gmail CRM integrated within your mailbox. It is a ripe replicating of this routine software application; the program simplifies CRM integration for those who are new to the field.

    The version for free of Streak is intended for use by individuals (i.e., freelancers or sole entrepreneurs). It comes with basic CRM tools and complete features for email.

    Email templates let you personalize your email messages and distribute them in massive volumes, making them a superior alternative to mass-blast marketing.

    To add your email lists to your list, It is easy to extract contact information and information out of Google Sheets using the Streak CRM Importer extension or transfer offline CSV files.


    Streak is a browser extension that can be a hassle when you switch devices since it’s required to download the extension and then log into the extension on each new device you use.

    In light of the fact that Streak is a lightweight CRM, it could not be a good fit with more complex business processes.

    How do you select the best CRM software

    When we test the CRM program, we examine the capabilities of the software and the way it compares to other CRM software and the user-friendliness of it as well as the support options offered, and — for the best free CRM software, whether it can go more than the essential requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

    For free CRMs, the highly rated features include deal and contact management sales pipeline management and basic reporting features and bonuses for built-in calling or bulk emailing custom analysis dashboards and workflow automatization and integrations with third-party companies.

    The CRM software is simple to use, offering distinct feature categorization, drag and drop deal management, and a user-friendly interface that can complete tasks quickly.

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