Best Cloud Storage Service that Businesses Should Use in 2022

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    The top cloud storage services provide the perfect solution for any business to ensure their files are protected and organized. Whatever your profession you’re in, business, photographer, animator or video editor, or anything else, you’ll work with huge amounts of information. As resolutions increase and files grow, you’ll require a space to store them all. That’s where cloud storage services can help.

    What is cloud storage?

    Cloud storage can be described as a virtual space that you can use to save or access files, typically in a data center.

    It’s crucial to understand that cloud storage services are a trusted source for your files. That’s why most service providers go through many efforts to ensure that their services are secure. For example, they’ll upload and download your files through secured encrypted connections. Data centers with the highest security ensure that no unauthorized person has access to the servers. Even if an attacker can gain access, cutting-edge encryption stops an attacker from viewing your data.

    3 types of cloud storage

    Private cloud storage

    When you store information on a private cloud (like one that is managed and owned by your company)

    Public cloud storage

    When you store data in a server set up by someone else, consider its Infrastructure-as-a-Service”

    Cloud storage hybrid

    Storage of information, both privately and publicly

    The best cloud storage service

    1. iDrive

    cloud storage
    secure cloud storage

    The best cloud storage service for all

    The free storage option: iDrive starts its offerings with 5GB for free

    iDrive is a must-have for anyone looking for cloud backup and storage all in one. Its primary function is to back up small-scale businesses. However, it also functions great for personal cloud storage and for sharing files.

    Contrary to many other cloud-based backup services, iDrive doesn’t lock you only to one computer. It allows you to use an account that can back up all of your Windows and macOS desktops and your Android smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and even your network drives. There’s also a Linux alternative to backup. However, it’s intended to be used on Linux servers. There’s there is no desktop Linux storage client. Oh, no! It is possible to utilize its web interface to manually uploading of files.

    Typically, iDrive starts its offers with 5GB of free space. This is fine, but if you’re looking to maximize the use of it for backup purposes, the best deal is the Personal iDrive option. They begin at $59.62 for 5TB per year or a more affordable price, that is $74.62 for 10TB of storage per user. There are also business-oriented packages with unlimited users; however, the cost increases to less storage. For instance, the business will cost the user $74.62 per TB which you can share with 5 users.

    If you want to set up an individual or small-scale business backup solution, iDrive is an excellent option. It’s simple to use and affordable. It’s also ideal for cloud storage. I’m really happy with it.

    2. Google Drive

    cloud storage

    Google’s cloud storage goes alongside Android as well as Google Workspace. So if these platforms are integrated into your work routine, Google Drive offers a powerful, feature-rich, and affordable native backup-and-sync solution.

    Although it’s not as basic as other choices, We discovered Google Drive’s interface to be simple and easy to use. However, it’s important to remember that it’s much more than just cloud storage. It also comes with other apps like Google Photos(opens in a new tab), Docs, Sheets, and Slides, all of which are called Google Workspace. You can edit, create storage, view, and sync files through the unified web-based interface.

    If you sign up for your account for the first time, Google gives you free storage for up to 15GB in Google Drive. This can be kept for as long as you want, and if you decide to change to a more powerful storage plan in the future, you can do it. Pay-per-month plans available under the name that is Google One(opens in new tab) start at $1.99 each month for 100GB. After that, you can upgrade your storage to 30TB for $299.99 monthly.

    3. Amazon Cloud Drive

    It is ideal for Amazon users, and It is free for personal use and SMBs.

    FREE storage price users get 5GB of space “free” with Amazon Cloud Drive

    Amazon S3 from Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an object storage system, and it’s a fantastic service. However, it’s not the only service people make use of. They utilize Amazon Cloud Drive for personal and small business use; however, it’s not an excellent storage service.

    Be aware that Amazon Cloud Drive is better than it was previously. Amazon Cloud Drive has sync capabilities that work with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a Linux client. In addition, the web interface remains somewhat clunky.

    4. Microsoft OneDrive

    cloud storage
    the best cloud storage for photos

    Microsoft OneDrive is the ultimate cloud storage solution for Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 users. In addition, it’s accessible to those using macOS, Android, and iOS. It’s also accessible to Xbox One console gamers, giving them the ability to store their game saves safely on the cloud.

    The platform combines a high storage capacity, user interfaces, robust integrations with the Microsoft 365 suite, and an effective security framework. Once it’s set up, it’ll function exactly as described, with no additional effort or pressure from your side.

    The service we tested proved to be extremely well integrated with Windows. It lets you remove every folder or file that is on your desktop to access it from a range of different devices. It also lets you share folders and files with those who don’t own OneDrive.

    If you’re a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you can access up to 1TB of storage through OneDrive. If you’re not but are, you can use the service for free with a limit of 5GB. You can always increase the storage further using its private plans

    5. Apple iCloud: The best for Apple Devices

    cloud storage
    cloud storage security

    For those who use exclusively Apple gadgets, iCloud is an easy option. It’s polished, easy to use, and fully integrated with macOS along with iOS. It is designed to run in the background for the majority time. You can share files and alter Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents online. You can also collaborate on documents and secure them with passwords.

    It is possible to use 2FA. Join the iCloud+ plan, and you’ll get iCloud Private Relay to safeguard your privacy while browsing, Hide My Email, which allows you to create email addresses that are temporary instead of sharing your email address, and HomeKit Secure Video that you’ll need if your own an HomeKit Security camera or a video doorbell.

    Although it’s compatible with Windows, there is no Android compatibility with iCloud. While it’s made improvements, iCloud feels bare-bones compared with other cloud storage options. (The web interface does not offer a search feature.) File versioning is restricted to Apple’s productivity apps files, and encryption from end-to-end isn’t as effective, even though it’s generally good.

    5GB of free storage, 50GB for $1/month, 200 GB at $3/month, or 2 TB for just $10 per month (iCloudPlus is an element of Apple One )

    6. Internxt

    cloud storage
    unlimited cloud storage

    Internxt is a security-focused service that does more than many to ensure your data is secure. End-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge, blocks any person from accessing your information. After your files have been uploaded, they’re divided into smaller pieces and distributed throughout the peer-to-peer network. Storing your data on multiple hosts doesn’t just shield it from hackers but is also much less likely to lose data due to hardware failure or other catastrophes.

    The Internet also has its fair share of problems. It’s not like the sophisticated features available with OneDrive and Dropbox. Also, the prices are more expensive than other plans: there’s the free 10GB however, getting the full allowance can be a pain (you need to sign up for the newsletter to get it, invite four friends, and so on.)

    7. Dropbox

    cloud storage
    Best Cloud Storage Service that Businesses Should Use in 2022 10

    One of the pioneers with cloud-based storage. Dropbox has a user-friendly interface, offers support for almost every device, and has proven dependable. I’ve used it for over 10 years, mostly as an easy method of moving files between platforms. It’s got many integrations and is a great tool to collaborate (whether coauthoring or file-sharing, as well as editing documents), especially when the collaborators are all using different platforms. The extra features take Dropbox to the next level; it comes with an excellent password manager and electronic signature support. I also appreciate the built-in document scanner that comes with the mobile application.

    There’s no encryption that is complete. Even though Dropbox claims not to view your files through your data, it holds the ability to decrypt your documents. It could oblige a government request to access your files, but even a suspicious employee could access your files. Dropbox is also expensive as well as the free version has limited storage.

    2GB of free storage (additional 500 MB of storage for referrals from friends that exceed 16 GB) 2 TB for just $12/month or $120/year. 3 TB for just $20/month, or $200/year


    cloud storage
    Best Cloud Storage Service that Businesses Should Use in 2022 11

    The best for its simplicity of use and its ability to provide security.

    Sync provides encrypted cloud storage. It allows you to share or send any file to anyone. It has excellent collaboration capabilities. You’ll be able to access your data at any time. Your data will be shared across all devices. The innovative security features for privacy and a high-end infrastructure ensure your data is secure.

    9. pCloud

    Ideal for: Suitable storage for large file sizes.

    cloud storage
    Best Cloud Storage Service that Businesses Should Use in 2022 12

    PCloud lets you save your files and make access them across all devices. Collaboration and sharing of files will be much easier using pCloud. Private files can be secured and kept private on this site.

    Cost: pCloud provides 10GB of storage free. It offers both annual and lifetime pricing plans. If you choose the annual plan, you have to pay $3.99/ month to get 500GB of storage and $7.99/ month to get 2TB of storage.

    10. Box: Best Free Cloud Storage for Collaboration

    cloud storage
    Best Cloud Storage Service that Businesses Should Use in 2022 13

    The box is more than just a cloud-based storage service. It also offers collaboration tools that allow it to be integrated with cloud-based storage and also project management.

    For example, box’s collaboration toolbox is comprised of Box Notes which is identical to Google Docs. Teams can work on a document at a time, with each team member being able to view each other’s edits in real-time.

    Box Free offers 10GB of cloud storage. However, its plans can be used to be used for business or personal purposes. Paid plans provide up to unlimited storage and transfer of files that are up to 150GB in size.

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