12 Amazon Chrome Extensions to simplify Amazon Seller’s Life

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    Google Chrome has a market share of around 69 percent and is the most used browser on the planet. This means that most Amazon sellers use it at least occasionally. Chrome is a great browser, but Amazon sellers aren’t aware that Chrome can be a powerful tool. You can enhance the browser’s capabilities by adding the appropriate Amazon seller Chrome extensions. This will allow you to connect with customers and increase revenue.

    You need to select the right extensions for your job. Google has strict guidelines about extensions. They require that each extension focus only on a single purpose. This means that you need to be careful about which extensions you choose in order to get the actual value.

    What is a Google Chrome Extension?

    It’s worth taking a moment to understand what extensions can do before you start looking at which extensions are best for Amazon sellers. An extension is a piece of software that customizes or adjusts the user’s browsing experience.

    An extension can add, modify, or block one type of activity. Ad-blocking extensions, for example, prevent ads from being displayed when you visit a website.

    There are more than 188,000 extensions. Each extension serves a particular purpose and allows you to make small but significant changes to your browsing experience.

    Why Amazon sellers should use chrome extension for their business

    It would help if you took advantage of all opportunities to increase sales and keep up with the competition as an Amazon seller. Sellers tend to focus on the traditional options. You might, for example, launch a Lightning Deal and leverage social media. Many sellers miss this crucial opportunity. You can achieve new heights by optimizing your browser with Amazon seller extensions.

    Amazon seller Chrome extensions allow you to customize your browser according to your Amazon seller’s needs. You can use the right option to assess the profitability of products and identify keywords that will boost your listing’s visibility.

    It is possible that the best ones will give you the most value. Each Amazon seller has different priorities and needs so that Chrome extensions might be more beneficial for them than others. You can still get an idea of the available extensions by looking at top Amazon sellers Chrome extensions. You can then choose to add the extensions that you think will be most beneficial for your business or use the information to start further research.

    12 Best Amazon Chrome Extension

    1. Keepa

    Chrome Extension

    Keepa gives you access to price history charts and detailed information for over a billion products on Amazon. You can set up price drop alerts and have them notify you when there are any changes.

    This is an excellent tool to keep your prices competitive. It takes just a few clicks to see the price history of similar items over time. This is a powerful insight that can help you stay ahead of your competition.

    2. The Camelizer

    Chrome Extension
    The Camelizer

    The Camelizer, once known as CamelCamelCamel is similar to Keepa. You can view price history data of products purchased on Amazon. You can quickly view price graphs on Amazon product pages with a single click. It also has custom alert capabilities that will notify you if there are price changes.

    3. FBA Calculator

    Chrome Extension
     FBA Calculator

    FBA Calculator can simplify math in a big way. With just a few clicks, the Chrome extension for Amazon sellers allows you to calculate FBA fees, sales revenue, and many other fees.

    To take care of everything, you don’t even need to leave the product page. It’s extremely simple and ridiculously easy.

    4. AMZBase

    Chrome Extension

    You may not be selling on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other competitors. AMZBase is an excellent tool for product research. This Chrome extension allows you to compare listing information with a variety of online marketplaces, including eBay.

    You also get many other features. This Chrome extension includes a product sourcing detail, FBA calculator, an ASIN number display, and more.

    5. Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

    Chrome Extension
    Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

    Amazon uses different algorithms than search engines like Google. Keyword research can prove challenging because Amazon doesn’t use the same algorithms as search engines like Google. It’s much easier to manage if you have Amazon FBA Keyword Tool.

    This Amazon seller extension allows you to get keyword information relevant to Amazon. You can also get suggestions and find out how competitive keywords are to help you make better decisions to drive traffic to listings.

    6. Jungle Scout

    Chrome Extension
    Jungle Scout

    Jungle Scout has been a favorite among Amazon sellers for years. It’s hard to beat Amazon’s sales estimators. Access to tons of useful data such as revenue reports, keyword analysis, and inventory management details is also available.

    Jungle Scout comes with a price. They do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. It’s possible to give it a shot before you commit.

    7. Amazeowl

    Chrome Extension

    Amazeowl can be a powerful tool if you want to start as an Amazon drop shipper or if you need to launch your first Amazon product. It will help you find the most promising product ideas and identify the best opportunities. This will position you to be ahead of your soon-to-become competitors.

    8. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

    Chrome Extension
     Helium 10

    Helium 10 Chrome extension is worth looking at if you are looking for a Chrome extension to help with sales estimates. It can also assist with competitor analysis, product research, and keyword selection.

    It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, regardless of your technical skills. It is great for finding ASIN data, fully revenue estimates, identifying keywords trends, and many other things.

    9. AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension

    Chrome Extension
    AMZScout Pro

    AMZScout Pro offers a great way to speed up product research. Simply type in your product ideas, and the extension will start working. It returns ratings, creates profit estimates, forecasts demand, and analyzes the level of competition. You can even look at your competitors using tools such as inventory levels estimates, seller rankings, and inventory level estimates.

    AMZScout Pro costs a monthly subscription, but you can still try it for free for one month. It is still quite affordable, considering the potential benefits it offers to your business.

    10. META SEO Inspector Chrome extension

    Chrome Extension
    META SEO Inspector

    Meta SEO Inspector is a tool that can help you improve the SEO of your listing. You can click the button to get tons of information after you have visited an Amazon product page. This will let you know whether your titles or descriptions are long enough and what keywords are used, allowing you to optimize your content.

    You can also use the tool for digging into competitors’ listings. It’s a great place for you to begin if you want to find out why others are performing better than you.

    11. MozBar Chrome extension

    Chrome Extension

    MozBar allows you to take advantage of the marketing expertise of the creator to improve your Amazon business. This extension will allow you to determine how many links lead to a specific Amazon page.

    You can see which sites are linking to your products as well as who is linking back to your competitors. This will help you decide if you want to contact a site to request a link and allow you to spread the word about products.

    12. Extensity Chrome extension

    Chrome Extension

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you add Chrome extension for Amazon sellers into your browser. With Extensity, it doesn’t matter if you are overwhelmed. This extension allows you to manage all your Chrome extensions. It lets you turn them on or off depending on whether you are browsing as a normal user or an Amazon seller. It’s important to be able to disconnect from work. Extensity makes it much easier to do this.


    Chrome is a powerful browser that most people use. Chrome can be enhanced with many extensions that will increase its power and benefit. The 12 tools above will help you as an FBA seller to increase your sales, optimize listings, maximize your returns, and maximize your investment and do your work which saves you some time.

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