8 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps For Ecommerce Stores in 2023

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    It’s clear the reason BNPL apps are so well-known as they’re user-friendly and are available everywhere, and usually cost-free. However, with the multitude of apps, it’s sometimes difficult to discern what makes them stand out.

    We’ve put together the elements important to you- the rate at which you pay interest and late charges, credit checks, and many more. We then used them to determine the top 7 Buy Now Pay Later sites of 2023.

    8 Best Buy now pay later apps for ecommerce stores

    1. Klarna

    buy now pay later apps
    buy now pay later shopping apps

    Klarna is the father of BNPL. They were among the first fintech specifically designed to provide consumer service. But, unfortunately, when it comes to alternative lenders are concerned they’re the most long-running with the longest track record of a successful business.

    For its position as an alternative lending institution, Klarna utilizes its funds to expedite approval after credit applications are made. However, customers who do not meet the criteria for underwriting don’t have any other alternatives available to the applicants. Their platform can easily be integrated into most websites and applications; however, it takes users off the page to finish the process which could cause a snarl to certain merchants.

    2. Affirm: Great for purchases of large amounts

    buy now pay later apps

    Affirm is a traditional loan product. However, it has long periods and negotiates the rate with the retailer. If you’re planning to finance an expensive purchase, such as computers or mattresses, Affirm loans may provide more affordable installments spread over a longer time.

    Where it’s available: Affirm partners with thousands of retailers across the U.S., including Amazon, Walmart, Nike, and Best Buy.

    How to be accepted: Affirm may perform a soft credit check that does not harm your credit. The company will also look at the previous payment history you have made through Affirm, how long you’ve owned an Affirm account and any loans from Affirm you might have outstanding, and your credit utilization, your income, and current debts and bankruptcies.

    Pay-plan: Affirm offers three- and six-month installment plans. Plans for up to 60 months are offered based on the purchase. Affirm also has a no-interest or pay-in-four plan.

    Late and interest: Interest rates on Affirm loans vary between 0% and 30%. There is no late fee for payments that are not made.

    3. Afterpay

    buy now pay later apps

    Afterpay is a purchase now, pay later program that allows you to purchase right now but pay for six weeks over four installments with no interest. It is a great option to purchase online or make payments at participating retail outlets using this virtual credit card. You can also change the due date for your payment without fees. In addition, it is possible to start using Afterpay without affecting your credit score, as the application only performs an informal credit pull.

    4. PayPal Credit: Best for Widespread Acceptance

    buy now pay later apps

    PayPal Credit is a credit line that you can access through PayPal, which you can make numerous large purchases wherever PayPal accepts credit cards.

    The minimum credit line you can get with PayPal Credit will be $225; to qualify for zero percent interest for six months, every purchase must be over $99.

     PayPal Credit makes a hard credit assessment at the beginning of the process and doesn’t report to credit bureaus in the future. As a result, there’s no way that PayPal Credit can improve your credit score; it will only harm it.

    Conditions: In 6 months, you must pay in total.

    Features that compete: Open a 0 APR credit line quicker than the credit card

    5. Splitit

    buy now pay later apps

    Splitit was created in New York City at the end of 2012 to help consumers use credit while enjoying an interest-free lifestyle. What’s special about Splitit is that when you pay at the store, you pay with the credit card you already have. Then, Splitit utilizes your credit card to convert your purchase into smaller transactions within the payment period you want to make.

    Splitit differs from other buy-now pay later and buy-now apps due to its generous terms for repayment. In addition, unlike other providers, which allow you to divide your purchase into four installments, Splitit allows you to make your purchase pay-back in 24 installments. Furthermore, no matter the length of the repayment period, you’ll not have to pay interest.

    Since you’re using your existing credit line, Splitit doesn’t require a credit check to join or purchase. Also, there aren’t any penalties for late payments if you fail to make your payment or make a payment late than that due date.


    • Interest paid interest charged: None
    • Repayment terms: up to 24 months
    • The amount you borrow is based on your card’s balance.

    6. Perpay

    buy now pay later apps


    • Interest accrued No interest is charged.
    • Repayment terms: Repayment is tied to your job
    • Limits on borrowing: linked to your income

    Perpay is a pay now, pay later app for people who require assistance with building credit. Once you sign-up and then make purchases, you will not be required to submit a difficult credit check. Instead, when you complete your payment, Perpay will report them to the three credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will help you increase your credit score and history.

    If you purchase through Perpay, the first payment will not be due until your next payday. However, your purchases won’t be delivered until you make that first payment. The payments you make will be in line with your payment plan. If, for instance, you’re paid every month, you’ll pay monthly.

    Although Perpay does not require an extensive request to sign up, they do require you have a stable job. It is required to submit pay stubs to show your earnings. There’s no need to pay interest or costs on purchases.

    7. Zip: Best for Small Transactions

    buy now pay later apps

    Zip (formerly Quadpay) is another BNPL service with a cap on the number of loans it will grant at $5,000, making it ideal for companies with fewer sales. Zip is also the only app that pays-in-four in this list that charges users the transaction fee instead or any other APR.

    Zip is a great option for merchants as it can be accepted everywhere Visa is, both in-store and online, across the world. For sales, in-person customers can utilize their Zip application to create a quick reply coupon (QR) code to be used on the purchase. After that, you just use the QR codes to process the transaction. It is not necessary to connect to your POS system, making it the ideal choice for in-person sales.

    Zip doesn’t list the processing costs on its website; however, research has shown that they vary from 2-4%, plus 15 cents for each transaction, for new customers. New customers will pay 2 to 4 percent plus 30 cents fee. Transaction fees are also charged to customers that range from $4 per purchase to $1 per transaction. This is not typical for BNPL applications, but it doesn’t diminish its popularity with shoppers.

    8. Sezzle

    buy now pay later apps

    Sezzle is among the most reliable electronic payment systems that allow anyone to control their family’s financial situation. It’s an application based on EMI that breaks down your payments into four components.

    You can purchase your items and divide costs into four payments. Sezzle is a zero-interest product over the course of 3 months.

    The only issue with Sezzle is that it’s not accessible on every e-commerce platform. Sezzle is only available for Shopify, Magento, 3dcart, CommentSold, Commerce Cloud, WordPress, and more.

    Which buy now and pay later app is the best fit for you?

    If you’re thinking of buying now or a pay later application, It can be a challenge to determine which one is best for you. They serve the same purpose; however, they have a variety of characteristics. Here are some questions to consider when selecting the best buy today, pay later app to suit your needs:

    Your credit history

    If you’ve got a bad credit score If you have a poor credit score, you might be better off selecting one that doesn’t need an inquiry into your credit. Actually, you could be better off with a company that reports to credit bureaus in order to help you build credit. Perpay is a great example of such a service.

    Your spending amount

    Every pay now, buy later app comes with specific spending limits, and for purchases that are larger, there is a chance that you will be restricted in the apps you can purchase. Certain apps, like Affirm specially designed to handle larger purchases.

    How fast do you have to pay for it?

    Certain buy now and pay later programs will only accept six-week payment terms or charge interest for longer terms of payment. Take into consideration how long it will take to make your payment and whether you’re charged for interest in the course of that period.

    Where do you shop?

    Every one of the buys Now, Pay Later applications that we have listed is available at certain stores. Be sure to select a payment method that works with the retailer you are planning to shop at.


    Pay later, buy now apps are great for businesses, particularly those who sell online. They can reduce the number of abandoned carts, increase the AOV, and encourage customers to return to their stores. You must pay the transaction fee for many of the carts; however, they can all pay in full, and the majority of them take liability for fraud and chargebacks.

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