8 Best Business Phone Service For Online Businesses in 2023

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    The best small business phone service will provide high-quality, reliable voice, video, and messaging channels that improve overall customer experience and increase employees’ productivity throughout the process.

    In contrast to standard PSTN landlines, virtual phone service offers advanced features such as call routing and recordings of calls, IVR, and video conference.

    If your company is looking for a cost-effective, easy and integrated solution for managing calls, a cloud-based VoIP service might be your best choice. From streamlining how sales teams interact with their customers to enhancing customer service experience, there are several things VoIP can accomplish for businesses. Learn more about it here.

    What Is a Business Phone System?

    Communication is crucial in the business world and more so than ever before. Whatever size or small your company is, regardless of whether it’s digital or in the brick-and-mortar market, it is essential to communicate effectively with all your customers.

    Every successful business has an integrated communication system that can be used across multiple channels. Despite the significance of email and instant message apps, the telephone is vital as ever. This is why it’s crucial to know a business phone system and then choose the best one for your needs.

    Business phone systems come in a variety of choices available to you

    If you’re like many small-sized businesses, you’ll likely pick between two kinds that include the VoIP for business (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that utilizes softphones, as well as IP telephone systems as well as the PBX service (private branch exchange) that makes use of traditional phone lines.

    VoIP telephone system: The more advanced and advanced hands-of-option. It makes use of the internet connection to make calls. You can pay per minute with no (or any) initial investment, and it is easy to set up. They are usually bundled with “softphone” apps that you can utilize with Android and iOS smartphones (and some other mobile devices such as iPads).

    There are phone systems that advertise themselves to be “unified communications” platforms. This is a term that has been around for a while. Typically, these phone systems include other communication channels, such as text messaging, instant messages, and even SMS for business.

    PBX systems: The one with the highest investment. Typically, you’ll have to purchase additional hardware in advance, and you’ll need to pay for an IT specialist to help you make changes, such as adding users or changing voicemail settings. (Some PBX systems have evolved and are more efficient in this; however, generally, a PBX system requires more effort.

    It’s essential to be aware of how a telephone service designed for businesses is more than only the method of placing calls or the gadgets you use to make them. It’s about connecting your business to customers or clients, remote employees, partners, and everyone who happens to be in another country for the month.

    8 Best business phone service

    1. Nextiva

    business phone service
    best phone service for small business

    The cloud-based phone system for business is a great solution for multisite healthcare and retail companies because of its comprehensive security and privacy settings and integrated CRM software. Suppose your company regularly deals with a sensitive patient or customer information and requires call encryption.

    In that case, Nextiva’s continuous monitoring of the network and conformity following SOC 2, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI, and HIPAA compliance are a perfect combination. In addition, the platform’s NextOS administrator interface is the most simple to navigate and use compared to other platforms we’ve evaluated, including Ooma and 8×8. According to Nextiva, its multisite retail and healthcare companies constitute a significant portion of subscribers.

    Another outstanding feature for healthcare and sales businesses One of the most popular features for healthcare and sales businesses is Call Pop, which automatically shows useful information on callers for all outbound and inbound calls. Available on all the Nextiva business phone plans, Call Pop provides agents with the details of the contact’s previous interactions and total account value, as well as survey responses and sentiment, which are used to offer important information and provide improved customer service.

    A major reason why Nextiva is so simple for users is its capability to create complicated automatic attendants and call flows that are easy to design and modify by utilizing data and processing visualizations.

    In the case of call flows, it is possible to have the entire process mapped out, making it simple to see the whole process at a glance. In most cases, the process of installing the new system or adding users is always supported with helpful pop-ups and pre-filled drop-down menus containing all the necessary information required to carry out an action correctly.

    NextivaOne is also a great way to track conversations with colleagues and customers. The threaded conversation feature lets users view all conversations with every person, whether via a voicemail or text message, email, or Slack chat, in one place. This feature lets employees save time by not switching back and forth between different apps.

    2. RingCentral

    business phone service
    best voip business phone service

    RingCentral is a different well-known business phone system for businesses of all sizes. They provide among the top advanced small-sized business phone systems available currently available.

    The business phone service comes with all the basic business call capabilities you’ll need, like unlimited calling and call forwarding, as well as caller ID call transfer and waiting, sharing one phone line across multiple mobile devices, including SMS messaging, video voicemail, and more.

    It also includes video calls with screen sharing, group messaging, 1000 minutes toll-free, and connections to Google’s Gsuite, Dropbox, Microsoft, and other services. In addition, it is a user-friendly cloud-based administration system that makes managing and setting up your calls easy.

    The Essentials plan begins from $19.99 per month per person (billed annually). You can join up to 10 people. Other plans are available with different prices and features. Use the RingCentral coupon code to get special pricing.

    You may also opt to have a vanity phone number for your company that will give you a catchy and memorable business number.

    RingCentral is an excellent phone service for both physical offices looking to replace their landline phones as well as those looking to move to the virtual office.

    3. 8×8 – Best for Affordable, High-Security Calling Services

    business phone service

    Sometimes, less really is less. If you’re not in the market for hundreds of features and thousands of tools but require a simple, inexpensive, secure, and reliable telephone system for business, 8×8 is the right choice for you.

    Every week, there’s a fresh security breach or data leak to be concerned about. With 8×8, you can be sure that the company takes security extremely seriously by implementing the detection of fraud and secure programming by participating in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Secure endpoint provisioning, various security layers, as well as security of the consumer’s confidential information on networks (CPNI).

    This makes 8×8 a great choice for companies that operate in the finance, healthcare, education, and government sectors. However, a drawback of 8×8 is that its features, such as the ability to record calls, schedule callbacks, and auto-dialing, are only available to customers in its call center plan.

    8×8 is proud of its dedication to security. 8×8 holds a significant number of third-party conformity and security certifications


    business phone service

    You may be asking yourself, what is the most affordable VoIP service? is one of the cheapest VoIP solutions for small-sized businesses and is among the best VoIP phone services. It provides a variety of features, including call forwarding as well as call waiting service. Caller ID and voicemail, text messaging, and many more.

    In addition, you’ll get at the very least one local or toll-free number for all plans. This is extremely beneficial for your company since clients can reach your company without cost.

    Do you want to know more about your customers’ demographics, social profiles, and other information? It is easy to do so by looking through the analytics of your callers. is a budget-friendly service, with monthly plans starting at $11.99. There is, however, the limitation to 300 minutes or 3000 SMS on their base plan. Therefore, you must upgrade to a more expensive plan to exceed the limit.

    The price starts at $11.99 per month. A 30-day money-back assurance backs the price.

    5. Zoom Phone

    business phone service
    Zoom Phone

    Zoom Phone is the best choice for being an extremely feature-rich system suitable for companies of all sizes.

    Zoom Phone is a very famous name in the world of small-business phone services. The reason for this is the extensive feature-rich system it offers. In addition, regular updates to the cloud-based system enable users to work according to the needs of the day.

    Top Features:

    • Provides toll-free numbers that are available for the US, Canada, and the US. Canada.
    • Calls can be made or received from various devices.
    • Unlimited calling feature available for 18 countries.
    • You can enjoy an unlimited number of auto attendants. You can also use call queueing as well as call recording, among numerous other options.
    • Connect with chat calls, meetings or calls, Zoom Rooms, Zoom Events and Webinars, and more.

    Receiving some great reviews from customers, Zoom Phone is a popular cloud-based phone service that companies of any size can use.

    6. Grasshopper

    business phone service

    Grasshopper can be described as one of the top VoIP phone services and virtual phone systems on the market. You can also benefit from their service whether you’re a seasoned small business owner or someone who is just starting out.

    It includes the most important features for calling, such as incoming call control, call transfers, custom greetings, and simultaneous call handling. VoIP calling and voicemail in all plans.

    For calls that are outgoing, You can make calls using their desktop or mobile apps. There is no limit on the number of minutes you can make use of, unlike

    The cost starts at $26 per month. It also provides a no-cost trial of its service to see if it is worth the cost.

    7. Talkroute

    business phone service

    Talkroute is an enterprise phone service provider that utilizes voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) to make small companies appear as large companies. They provide a variety of services, including calling routing, business hours settings, call forwarding, holding music on a free number, SMS text messaging, visual voicemail, and many other features for businesses.

    Talkroute benefits

    • Talkroute provides unlimited minutes to US and Canada for every plan they offer.
    • Customers have rated Talkroute very well in terms of customer service. This is refreshing in a field with many competitors who have received a majority of negative reviews for poor customer service.
    • Starting at $29 for the softphone without auto-attendant, Talkroute Basic is great for entrepreneurs who only require a phone number and basic features to begin.
    • Talkroute is not trying to sneak in hidden costs or unanticipated add-ons to their service.

    8. GoToConnect

    business phone service

    GoTo Connect, previously Jive, is a renowned VoIP service for small and medium-sized companies. They offer unlimited calling as well as unlimited extensions. They also offer the option of a free local or toll-free office phone number.

    The business telephone service has more than 100 features that are powerful, like conferences, call recording, international calling auto attendant, team messaging, the ability to forward calls, call conferences as well as call analytics songs on hold, endless queues for calls, and many more.

    Because GoToConnect forms part of the bigger GoTo family of brands, They also offer easy integrations to their software for webinars, GoToWebinar, and many other integrations, including G Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more.

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