10 Best Backlink Checker Tools You Must Use in 2022

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    The high-quality backlinks that marketers get help with improving their search rankings, bringing in more people, boosting traffic, and, in turn, promoting business growth.

    In a good way, there is abundant information on the internet about how to enhance your link profile. However, from the whole list of tips, we realized that selecting the best software is among the most effective ways to offer assistance and analyze your link profile.

    The main issue is: What is the most reliable backlink checker to help you comprehend your site’s link profile and then review the results?

    Take a look at a few of the tools that can help you do a backlink audit and give you a complete look at the profile of your website.

    What is a backlink-checker?

    A backlink checking tool is an element software that crawls through a website (usually your website or that of your competition) to discover the websites that have links to that. Backlink checkers are helpful when creating a portfolio of backlinks; they will help you be aware of sites you might not be aware of and can assist you in keeping on top of all your backlinks.

    Why are backlink checker tools important?

    When a website hyperlinks to your website or any page on your site from its owner’s website, this is known as a backlink. Backlinks were one of the primary factors for a high page rank and a higher rank for keywords. But, over time, Google demoted the priority of backlinks and added additional signals to rank websites.

    Backlinks are generally classified into Dofollow backlinks, and no follow backlinks.

    When we discuss building backlinks, We usually focus on creating do-follow hyperlinks. However, by using tools to check backlinks that count the number of backlinks we have built for our website. A high quantity of backlinks can help tremendously improve our domain as well as the Moz rank of the site.

    Best Backlink checker

    1. Semrush

    backlink checker

    Semrush will be our number one suggestion for a backlink checker. It’s among the top keyword research tools available, and it comes with many useful tools to help you look at backlinks.

    To utilize the backlink capabilities Log in to Semrush and select the option ‘Backlink Analytics and enter the name of the website you’d like to study. There will be a wealth of information on the domain and backlinks.

    You can utilize Semrush to examine your website’s hyperlinks, which can assist you in identifying any issues like low-quality links. Semrush makes it easy for you to know how many hyperlinks a page that links to it have. If the site has numerous links, it could indicate a fake website.

    2. Ahrefs: Free Backlink Checker Recommend to detoxify your link

    backlink checker

    Ahrefs is a relatively new release and a popular tool for checking backlinks. They’re a premium service; however, you can access backlinks at no cost with the free version.

    Using this tool for free, it is possible to see the 100 most popular backlinks for any website or domain.

    You can also create an account to receive complete backlink analysis with an analysis of the anchor text of your website.

    Ahrefs offers an in-depth analysis of backlinks to any website or website. It is a very well-known engine and provides information such as:

    • Text distribution to anchors
    • Dofollow Nofollow hyperlink
    • Domain rating  
    • New or lost backlinks

    Following the Penguin updates if you’re being impacted by poor SEO could save time for your site since you can access all information about your link and a percent breakdown in the anchor text pointing at your website.

    3. Google Search Console

    A free backlink tool with a huge data allowance; however, very limited options for the analysis of backlinks.

    Google Search Console is a tool designed to aid webmasters in improving their sites. It’s completely free; however, it is only able to examine websites you have ownership of. After you confirm ownership, you’ll be given access to several websites’ quality dashboards. One of which is a list of backlinks derived directly from Google’s search index. No matter how long the list will be, you’ll only be able to view the top 1000 results. No additional metrics or analytics tools are available on the site; however, you’re free to download the data and examine it using different tools.

    The peculiarity of Search Console is that its backlink lists are typically shorter than those from other backlink checkers. This is because Search Console removes low-quality backlinks from its list and only includes those which are relevant. This type of vetting ensures it isn’t possible to use the tool to detect untrusted backlinks and eliminate the links on your page. On the plus side, it means you will receive a set of backlinks that are different from those of other tools.

    4. Majestic SEO

    backlink checker
    Majestic SEO

    Majestic SEO provides a variety of tools for webmasters to assist them. Its backlink-checking tool crawls the internet itself and does not use data from third parties to give the data. It can be used to determine the backlinks that point toward your website or a competitor’s site. It will also show the number of referred domains and IP addresses.

    You can also view what the text of anchors read, the number of links scheduled to follow as well as other information.

    Majestic SEO is free; however, it provides details about a paid-for subscription.

    5. Moz Pro

    backlink checker
    Moz Pro

    Moz Pro is one of the top backlinking tools that aids to aid in SEO marketing. It comes with various tools that can help improve your digital marketing results and facilitate more efficient campaigns. In addition, it has an extensive toolkit that makes it more accessible to big and small-sized companies.

    You can choose from each month’s four plans with different limitations and features. If you’re interested in using it, it’s recommended to sign up for the annual plan to get the discount. A few of the key features are

    • Keyword Explorer helps identify the queries people make use of.
    • Link Explorer to aid in creating an improved profile.
    • SEO crawling helps to detect common problems on your website.

    6. Buzz Sumo: A backlink Checker for social media

    backlink checker
    Buzz Sumo

    If you’re looking for an online tool to check your backlinks for content and social media marketing analysis, Buzz Sumo is a good option. It can assist by providing various functions, including;

    Be alerted about hyperlinks, keywords brands, domain names, and author names after the content is changed or published. So, you will determine the most effective step to take with your marketing strategies.

    Find influencers with a connection to specific topics to figure out whom you must join your team.

    Keep track of your competitors and deep dive into their websites to find out the situation and what is the best approach.

    Find the most popular content on social networks and those topics that interest you most.

    7. Sitechecker

    backlink checker

    Sitechecker is among the most effective backlink trackers that allow marketers and SEO to monitor and analyze your site’s backlink profile. This tool lets you keep track of all your backlinks and notify you whenever any of them is lost, and then bring them back.

    By analyzing the reports in a simple manner that are easy to understand, you can assess how you build links and take whatever you can to increase the effectiveness of your strategy. You can determine the most popular anchors from other websites that link to your website. In addition, you can determine which landing pages contain the most links and learn how those links impact your site’s traffic.

    8. Rank Signals

    backlink checker
    Rank Signals

    Rank signals is a different free backlink checker that offers a lot of valuable details. Apart from showing the number of hyperlinks from external sources, the program will also show how many followers the website is following on its social networks, as well as its Alexa page rank as well as their page ranking.

    The tool is totally free. However, you’ll need to sign up for an account in order to obtain a full report.

    9. SEO PowerSuite

    backlink checker
    SEO PowerSuite

    SEO PowerSuite is a complete software that helps you with improving the visibility and rankings of SEO. It is a complete solution to help you increase the visibility and ranking of your SEO campaign. There are four different applications you can download to either your Mac as well as Windows device to give you a better experience.

    Utilizing SEO PowerSuite can discover new keywords, track your ranking, and save your keywords in the sandbox to be used for future research. It can help you identify the most relevant keywords in relation to the number of traffic as well as competition, price per click, amount of search results, and many more. It assists you in managing your link-building process using a link assistant and evaluating the quality of any links you might consider.

    10. Open Link Profiler: free backlink checker tools

    backlink checker
    Open Link Profiler

    Open Link Profiler As a member of the SEOprofiler brand, OpenLinkProfiler can be described as an SEO software that allows you to check backlinks at no cost. A lot of SEOs employ it to test backlinks. Its efficiency is acknowledged as proven by Creately, Prezi,, REDFIN, eCycle, and other well-known businesses. The company was established in 2000. The principal office is located in Germany. Andre Voget and Johannes Selbach are the chief executives.


    The tools listed above assist you in identifying hyperlinks to your website and creating a comparison between domains.

    It is easy to monitor your competitors and come up with better strategies to boost your site’s ranking and visibility. Based on your specific needs, you can pick one of these programs and the best pricing plan that is within your budget.

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