6 Best Amazon Review Checkers: Spot Fake Reviews Instantly

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    Finding the right product on Amazon is straightforward; however, finding the best one can be challenging. Nearly 90% of customers review reviews before deciding to purchase a product on the internet, which is why the number of questionable reviews is growing quickly, particularly on Amazon, with more than 300 million registered users dealing with this issue.

    The problem is the lack of trust that reviews posted on Amazon are genuine. As a result, certain sellers place favorable reviews on their pages to draw customers in, while others place negative reviews on their rivals to outdo them.

    The process of identifying fake Amazon reviews isn’t always simple. First, you’ll need an Amazon review checker. Next, I researched the best reviews frequently used by sellers and buyers.

    6 Best Amazon Review Checkers in 2022

    1. ReviewMeta: Amazon review checker

    amazon review checker

    ReviewMeta is a review checker that examines reviews using a range of tests, resulting in an assessment based on only genuine reviews. ReviewMeta aims to find and eliminate ‘unnatural reviews’ by using algorithms and data and reveal what unbiased customers are thinking about an item.

    ReviewMeta will also reveal the proportion of review that is “unnatural” alongside a Report Card that gives a pass, warning or failure concerning a range of categories like the amount of valid unauthentic purchases or suspicious reviewers.

    Apart from Reviewmeta’s browser analysis tool, there are ChromeFirefox, and Edge browser extensions, as well as iOS and Android apps.

    2. AMZ Tracker Review Checker

    amazon review checker
    AMZ Tracker

    You’ll be impressed by the many tools included in this software that allow you to monitor and advertise your Amazon products quickly. In addition, they provide a 360-degree selling approach, a free seven-day trial, and much more.

    If you’re trying to improve your ranking, this program was designed specifically for those who want to increase their rankings. It can also help you maintain the rankings you’ve worked to build with a wide array of tools specifically designed for company owners based on products. This is software that’s not designed to be used by general consumers. It’s designed specifically for Amazon sellers who need to manage their ratings and reviews.

    They provide a free seven-day trial to be sure that the software and system are best for you. This provides confidence and lets the user make an informed choice about whether or not it will be the ideal choice for your requirements. In addition, they provide a 360-degree selling strategy that covers all of the important aspects you must consider when it comes to customer service and support, specifically in making your product more effective.

    3. Fakespot: Amazon fake review checker

    amazon review checker

    Fakespot promises to help you recognize and steer clear of sellers who employ fake customer reviews. The company employs proprietary AI technology to identify suspicious behavior by studying millions of customer reviews.

    It’s simple to determine how authentic the product’s user reviews are. Just type in an URL into Fakespot’s analyzer, which will give reviews with a grade of A-F, depending on the authenticity of the reviews. After removing the suspicious reviews, a modified customer rating will also be provided, which recalculates customers’ ratings for an item.

    Fakespot also offers an overview that includes information that could be useful to you, including the most commonly used words within the review and how much deceit is evident throughout the critiques.

    The browser extension of Fakespot has a few additional features not available in the web analyzer, like the degree to which a vendor is highly rated or not and the recommended alternatives for the product.

    Alongside the URL analyzer available on its website Fakespot has also been made available in each of the Chrome and Firefox extensions, as well as an Android application, which means you’ll find scammers regardless of how you shop. Unfortunately, Apple removed the iOS version from the App Store.

    4. Appbot Review Checker  

    amazon review checker

    Appbot offers a fantastic method to track reviews for mobile apps, specifically in the case of developing an app on your own. In addition, it offers mobile app review monitoring, which allows customer support to sit in the driver’s seat.

    Every country is included in this program, making it simple to monitor international reviews and other information from different parts of the globe. The app also provides an automatic translation service, so you can understand what your customers are saying, no matter their language. But, it isn’t intended as an application for general use or consumers. Instead, it is focused on providing better tools to developers of mobile apps.

    Utilizing this software, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your roadmap and determine exactly what changes must be made to internal processes to provide better customer service. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify bugs faster to provide the smoothest experience for all your customers. This program allows for more of a personal relationship between your clients and you. It also has powerful integrations and can measure the effectiveness of your entire system.

    5. ThereviewIndex: Review checker amazon

    amazon review checker

    TheReviewIndex identifies suspicious customer-review patterns through crawling data and applying neural networks to give insight.

    To access TheReviewIndex to use it, simply copy and paste an Amazon product URL and click the Summarize button. TheReviewIndex will give you an overview, a Score of 0 out of 10, and a Spam Test outcome of either pass, warn, or fail. If you scroll down, you will see the Overview of Reviews features, a helpful feature that categorizes reviews according to categories such as Price and Reliability and also whether reviews were mostly positive or negative with regard to the specific category.

    Spam Test Spam Test detects unusual reviewer behavior, such as when there is a huge number of reviews written by new users and the amount of time they spend on Amazon in general.

    6. Review Monitoring

    amazon review checker
    Review Monitoring

    Review Monitoring breaks down reviews from customers into three categories: verified, unverified, unverified, and vine. Verified reviews are the most authentic, and the Vine reviews may be fake. In addition, untrusted reviews contain reviews that might or may not be authentic. This also aids in determining the most beneficial features of the product you’re searching for in order to make your choice more straightforward.

    Review Monitoring is among the most adored Amazon review checkers that has great accuracy. The tool is safe and appropriate for everyone. In addition, it is used by large corporations, which means you can count on its dependability.

    Who should use Amazon Review Checker?

    • You’re an Amazon Seller: If you’re an experienced Amazon seller, it is important to determine whether reviews posted on your competitors’ product pages are genuine or fake. This allows you to conduct your own analysis to determine what consumers are searching for. This kind of software lets you look at negativity to identify if it’s false so that you can make the right decision when a competitor is trying to reduce your score.
    • You buy everyday personal-use Items at Amazon: If you prefer shopping on Amazon for everyday items and services, then making use of an Amazon fake review tool can save you lots of time and money. If a product is rated with many fake reviews, you should be able to conclude that it’s not a good purchase.
    • You enjoy recommending products to Family and Friends: Do your family members and friends ask you for product recommendations? If yes, you’ll need to ensure the quality products you recommend. An Amazon review checker will help you in this endeavor.


    We’ve finished our top list of Amazon Review checkers. Although many are free, the top ones are worth it. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices available and require some quick advice for a better option, we suggest Fakespot

    We hope that the article above has helped you decide on which Amazon reviewer to select

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