5 Best Amazon Product Giveaway Sites to Boost Your Online Business

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    “One of the best tools or strategies that can help keep a brand – whether new or old – at the top of consumers’ minds comes in the form of promotional items or giveaways.”
    – Anonymous

    Promotional discounts and giveaways are powerful and Amazon Product Giveaway is no exception. About 32.5% of brands organize at least one giveaway a month. Whereas about 16.1% host more than two giveaways per month. At the same time, product rebates make consumers about 75.4% more likely to make a purchase. The thing about giveaways or product rebates – people love them. Apart from this, there’s one other thing that they can’t seem to resist. That’s – an impressive discount.

    Over 64% of consumers wait for a product to go on sale before they finally check out their cart. More than 59% are on the hunt for promo codes prior to purchasing anything online. About 30% sign up for a price tracking service to get notified when an item goes on sale. Nearly 2/3rd of survey respondents claimed that a coupon code or promotion is highly likely to close a deal.

    As an Amazon seller, it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started or have years of experience; you’d love nothing more than running out of products to sell. While there’s no doubt that optimizing your Amazon store and product pages, running paid ad campaigns, reaching out to, and collaborating with Amazon influencers should be at the top of an Amazon sellers’ mind – one marketing strategy that has time and time again delivered fruitful results is running promotional discount and giveaway campaigns.

    People love discounts. Listed below are a few statistics to prove my point:

    • 90% of consumers use coupons.
    • 63% of shoppers have claimed that they want more coupons to be available.
    • Digital coupon redemptions have been predicted to surpass the $90 billion mark by 2022.

    While Amazon had its own giveaway program – which allowed sellers to host giveaways easily – the eCommerce giant retired this program in October 2019 due to undisclosed reasons. But that doesn’t mean Amazon sellers can’t offer discounts or product rebates to gain momentum and boost their sales, especially during the holiday season. 

    You can.

    There are various third-party websites or platforms that will help you offer discounts via coupon codes or product rebates. But honestly, we believe that the internet is swamped with hundreds of such Amazon deal websites these days. I want you to choose the very best – one that fits your business requirements and delivers a great experience to not just you but your customers as well. Think of an Amazon Giveaway or Deal website as Tinder – but for Amazon buyers and sellers.

    On these websites, you can offer discounts or Amazon Product Giveaway. Your prospects would love nothing more than hopping onto these platforms and finding the best deals for themselves. And while exploring, if they love the deals that you have up and running, they’ll make a purchase from your Amazon store.

    This blog post lists down the five best Amazon Product Giveaway websites that’ll help you advance your business goals in 2021.

    NOTE: None of these Amazon Product Giveaway sites allow Amazon sellers to host just giveaways. Instead, these platforms will help you offer discounts and product rebates – these product rebates can range up to 100% – which is in essence a product giveaway.

    Let’s have a look.

    The 5 Best Amazon Giveaway Sites to Offer the Best Discounts to Grow Your Amazon Business

    Okay, so after hours of digging the world wide web, collaborating with our Stack Influence experts, and trying different Amazon Product Giveaway sites, I narrowed down the top five:

    • Stack Influence
    • RebateKey
    • Vipon
    • Rebaid
    • Jumpsend

    Let’s touch down on each of these Amazon product giveaway websites slash platforms one by one.

    Stack Influence

    Micro Influencer Marketing Platform Services - Stack Influence

    Of course, I’m biased. 

    But the reason why I have the platform I founded at the top of our 5 Best Amazon Product Giveaway sites list is the fact that we’re the first and only Amazon giveaway platform to combine product giveaways with influencer marketing (so we’re a unique one in the space). On top of our one-of-a-kind service offering, we don’t just promote your product giveaways in front of just anyone out there. Instead, we deliver highly targeted giveaways in front of the people that are most likely to desire your products (real targeted consumers based on psychographics, demographics, and geographic locations). 

    What makes us different is our focus towards putting relevant Amazon products in front of the right audience and getting you benefits of product giveaways combined with social promotion brand awareness and full rights license image/video/testimonial content (UGC as the industry calls it). 

    So, let’s say you sell leather bags. While we will allow you to offer discounts and product rebates, these giveaways will be curated and presented in front of the people who are most likely one of your actual customers and really want your products. In addition, these customers are also social media influencers who will test out your product and authentically promote it on their social media profiles; resulting in brand awareness, increased social engagement, and a plethora of valuable “user-generated content” for you to utilize on ads or other marketing initiatives.

    That’s what makes us one of the best bangs for your buck. 

    We could have easily built a deal website like Jump Send and RebateKey for Amazon Sellers. But our main focus has always been to deliver a customized experience. Rather than having it the same way for all the sellers, we will allow you to build custom giveaways and target the right audience getting you a full package of benefits.

    And that’s not all.

    While our fees start at $39 per giveaway and get cheaper as you scale, our experts at Stack Influence focus on every single giveaway personally and our services additionally include:

    • A-Z managed campaigns from sourcing/vetting to promotion/analysis
    • Up to 5,000 Instagram feed posts in a month
    • Only having to compensate influencers with products 
    • Psychographic and demographic niche targeting
    • Full rights license U.G.C. (image and video rights)
    • Up to 7.5M social Impressions each month
    • 7%+ average engagement rate on promotions
    • Detailed campaign tracking dashboard
    • Dedicated support manager
    • Strategy consultation 
    • Custom social analysis reporting

    When compared with our competitors, our price per giveaway may seem high – but our services aren’t just limited to helping Amazon sellers offer discounts or product rebates. 

    Instead, we help them skyrocket their sales by 100% managing collaborations with micro-influencers – who will promote their products on their social media feeds – helping them gain more exposure and grow their Amazon business like never before. 

    Depending on your requirements, you may schedule a call with us – where we can discuss your promotional/giveaway needs and share our custom pricing structure.


    Buyer Referral Program - RebateKey

    Amazon Sellers can’t resist falling in love with RebateKey. It’s a San-Diego-based cloud platform that allows eCommerce store owners to launch rebates and offer discounts on products. The website has two different sections – one’s for rebates while the other is for coupons.

    The sign-up process is simple. And to start listing your Amazon products on RebateKey, you’ll need a seller’s account and provide key information about your business like:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Amazon Seller Store 
    • Contact Email Address
    • Average Product Sales Volume
    • Types of Products You’d Like to Offer Discounts on or Rebate

    Once set up, you can submit rebate or promotional campaigns for approval. 

    The RebateKey dashboard is user-friendly and straightforward. Buyers will have to wait for around 35 days to receive their rebate check.

    Some of the platform’s features include:

    • Internal Messaging Feature: Allows sellers to contact buyers related to the rebate products
    • RebateKey Chrome extension makes it easy for buyers to grab the best rebate products
    • Dedicated landing pages, allowing sellers to drive traffic towards the product on their Amazon store. 
    • And more!

    For every sale, RebateKey will charge you a flat $2.95 fee. When compared with its competitors, I can conclude that RebateKey is excellent value for money. On RebateKey, it’s really simple to list your products plus launch your rebate campaigns. 


    Vipon - Deals & Coupons - Apps on Google Play

    Vipon is another one of the well-reputed Amazon giveaway sites where buyers can find the best deals on a great variety of products. Usually, Amazon sellers on Vipon offer 20-90% off on their products. With more than a million product offerings and the same number of online shoppers, Vipon is one of the best coupon and deal-based Amazon giveaway websites. 


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    Their basic plan stands at $500 per year – so if you are a new Amazon seller looking forward to gaining more exposure – you can kickstart your venture at a budget-friendly price. Depending on your requirements, you may even opt for other plans – of which the highest stands at $16,000 per year. Sellers may even opt for “Featured Promotions,” – which will help them achieve greater visibility. Also, some of the platform’s other exciting features include:

    • Banners
    • Loyalty Program
    • Mobile Application

    Vipon’s deal creation process is simple and easy to use. And when executed brilliantly, you can not only boost your sales but strategically grow your business.


    Rebaid - Amazon Rebate Website - All About That

    Rebaid is another Amazon Giveaway site that focuses on rebates only. You won’t find a coupon code lying around the platform. Rather than hosting a giveaway, you can offer a 100% product rebate. You don’t necessarily need to offer a complete 100% cashback, but it’ll help you attract more and more customers. Buyers will receive their rebate within three days – which makes it even exciting for the buyers. 

    A picture containing logo

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    Usually, rebates range between 25 and 100% of the product value – this value is set by the seller while creating the promotion. The primary aim of offering rebates on this platform is to improve Amazon listing rankings and generate sales velocity. The platform is easy to use, and you won’t have to go through a lengthy tutorial just to understand how this product giveaway site actually works. Some of the platform’s features include:

    • Search, Find & Buy
    • SMS Follow-Up
    • Seller Security

    For each product redeemed, you’ll be charged a flat fee of $2.95. You can even subscribe to its Basic Plan – which is completely free – all you’ll be charged for is redemption.

    However, this plan won’t comprise the SFB & SMS Follow-Up Features. To tap into the power of these features, you’ll have to subscribe to the $79 per month Pro Package – which I believe is worth the money.

    Jump Send

    Jump Send Review - Effective "Secret Weapon" or Waste of Time?

    Previously, Jungle Scout & Jump Send served as two different platforms from the same company. However, in 2019, the company merged Jump Send with Jungle Scout – which was an extremely smooth merger. 

    Jump Send allows Amazon sellers to accelerate their product sales, boost their rankings and earn coveted reviews in a smart manner. Launching a promotional campaign is super-easy, and you can start creating promotion codes in no time. 

    Also, you can use its email follow-up tool to ask your buyers to leave their valuable feedback. Jump Send’s launch platform feature will help you create promotion giveaways – allowing you to offer great discounts to your potential shoppers. Also, for new sellers – its inventory restock feature is really useful. This feature will prevent a single user from purchasing multiple products at the same time, as this may lead to you running out of products. 

    Run Your First Promotional Campaign Today!

    People love discounts. They can’t resist product rebates. Whether you’re a new Amazon seller or a veteran with years of experience, you can tap into the power of one of these Amazon Product Giveaway sites to shoot up your sales and grow your Amazon business.

    And when done right, you can also generate more organic reviews and improve your Amazon rankings.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Run your first giveaway promotional campaign today!

    Republished with permission from Stackfluence!!!

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