7 Best Amazon FBA calculator: Calculate Profits in Seconds

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    Being an Amazon seller is a great option to expand your business, and choosing FBA is even better since you’re not burdened with the cost of shipping and buyers are more accustomed to FBA alternatives. But, pricing your items to compete against other sellers and yet be profitable requires carefully balancing FBA costs, the purchase price, and the selling price. Amazon offers a variety of slabs for categories of products concerning its commission fee, fulfillment fees, and shipping expenses. However, manually calculating each item’s price is a complicated procedure.

    This is why we selected the top 7 Amazon FBA calculators, which calculate each FBA-associated cost in a matter of seconds and will give you an idea of how much the product will cost you.

    how to use amazon fba calculator

    What is an FBA Calculator

    An FBA Calculator is a piece of software or set of tools that provides an understanding of various FBA expenses, including FBA costs and the cost of fulfillment, the costs, and so on. Based on the information that a calculator provides, it is easy to calculate the total profitability of a product and assess whether the product is worth the price. It also permits you to analyze different pricing strategies to choose the most effective one that is likely to create the most profit for you.

    Here’s an outline of some charges every Amazon FBA seller pays. The free Amazon FBA calculator will assist sellers in evaluating:

    • Amazon FBA Fees
    • Shipping & Handling Costs
    • Amazon FBA pick and pack charges
    • Costs of Goods
    • Marketing Fees
    • Amazon FBA logistics fees
    • Product Costs

    7 Most Effective Amazon FBA calculator

    1. Jungle Scout : best amazon fba calculator

    amazon fba calculator
    Jungle Scout

    With access to more than 200 million items through Amazon, Jungle Scout is among the top and most popular FBA assistance tools available. In addition to calculating FBA costs and pricing of products, as well as displaying the details of every expense, it will give you a better understanding of the best strategy to maximize your profits.

    You can calculate the overall profit and then analyze the areas you should cut or where you can increase pricing to maintain your profit. Additionally, it permits you to download all expense reports into XLS format, which you can later use as a reference from any device. It is also possible to use Jungle Scout to determine if the FBA agreement is producing enough revenue for you or if you’d be better off using more independent methods of fulfillment.

    2. AMZScout FBA calculator

    amazon fba calculator

    AMZScout is a great tool to complement your collection of FBA calculators. It is a part of AMZScout’s selling tools that calculate the cost of selling the item based on FBA charges, price and shipping costs tax, and other promotional expenses. This final assessment of profit allows you to alter your sales strategy and pricing of the product and adjust your shipping strategies to keep your profits unaltered.

    Accessing this AMZScout FBA calculator from the official site or downloading a Google Chrome extension is possible. All you have to input is production cost (item’s price at the time of purchase), shipping costs, and CPC (if you’re launching a fresh product). The calculator will take care of all the rest. It evaluates FBA fees about the input you provide and calculates the profit per unit and net margin. And also, the monthly profit.

    Here are the most important aspects of the AMZScout FBA calculator:

    • Include your profit figures, such as profit per unit and monthly net profits.
    • Google Chrome extension for quick estimation of the price of products while you search.
    • The data is obtained from Amazon Seller Central directly.
    • Calculate FBA charges with precision based on the weight, dimension, and so on.

    3. Sellerapp FBA calculator

    amazon fba calculator

    The Sellerapp Amazon FBA calculator is another trustworthy tool that provides information on the profit margin as well as FBA costs. The tool is available as an extension for Chrome and a web extension. The web version can be used to look up the margins of products by using Amazon hyperlinks or via ASIN.

    It will provide you with a quick overview of the cost and net charges that have been applied to the product in just about a minute. If you’d like to determine the margin of profit when you browse the product, you could add it to your Chrome extension.

    If you use the tool every time, you’ll see the information about the product. It will give you an accurate estimate of your profit margin as well as the net profits you earn from making the sale of your product.

    4. Viral Launch Amazon FBA Calculator

    amazon fba calculator
    Viral Launch

    Viral Launch couldn’t be out and about by their rivals over at JungleScout, which is why they came up with their own tool that lets you see up to three ASINs parallel to determine the profitability.

    5. Excel-based free FBA calculator

    amazon fba calculator
    Excel-based free FBA calculator

    The Excel-based FBA calculator is fully customizable to change the product’s weight, dimensions, and categories – something that isn’t able to do with other calculators. Since it is an editable spreadsheet, you can alter it to meet your personal needs. The sheet is password-protected solely to guard against accidental changes. The username will be “ecomcrew.”

    The spreadsheet is accessible through the Office 365 plugin on EcomCrew’s blog post. EcomCrew also gave permission to allow a straight download of the spreadsheet.

    6. FBA Fee Calculator

    There are many FBA calculators that are the same. Yet, AMZSELLER.CLUB’s FBA calculator serves not only the purpose of an Amazon fee calculator but also an Amazon revenue calculator. This makes it extremely user-friendly.

    In terms of functionalities and features that are essential, the AMZSELLER.THE CLUB FBA calculator provides an input space for the product’s dimensions and categories. This will make the calculation clear and more precise. Additionally, the choice to use either the metric or English system helps make the Amazon FBA calculator convenient to make use of for Amazon international sellers.

    7. Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

    amazon fba calculator
    Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

    Amazon Revenue Calculator is an online application that provides precise estimates of FBA charges. This tool can easily look up an item and estimate operating costs and profit. The most important thing is that it will help to decide whether to opt for FBM, FBA and the most appropriate price for the product you sell on Amazon. You’ll have to log into your seller account or use the calculator as an individual.

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