What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022

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    What is Amazon advertising software? Amazon, known for its vast marketplace, is rapidly becoming the preferred online store worldwide. With 66% of users searching on Amazon for products, listing your products on the marketplace is a guaranteed way to increase sales and exposure. Amazon’s fierce competition makes it more popular to use Amazon’s advertising for product promotion. We’re going to take a look at the top Amazon advertising tools to help you save time and get your Amazon to pay per Click ads up to the next level.

    Why it’s important to have a powerful Amazon Advertising Software?

    PPC campaigns, just like SEO, require extensive keyword research. You must also optimize your ad copy to improve conversion rates. You can save your time and effort by searching for the best PPC tool.

    These PPC tools can also provide insight into the search marketing strategies of your competitors. Knowing what works best for your competitor can help you improve your PPC ad. You can also identify flaws in campaigns to make your own use of them. These PPC tools will give you an advantage over your competition.

    It’s nearly impossible to keep up Amazon PPC strategies of your competitors if you don’t have the right software. Understanding Amazon PPC is the First Step

    Before you decide on which tool to use, understand the basics of Amazon PPC and its working. This includes understanding the most critical metrics, such as ACOS and ROAS.

    What should you look for before purchasing an advertising tool?

    1. Strong Keyword Search Feature – The keywords are crucial to your Amazon PPC campaigns’ success. Your ads will only be shown for the correct search terms, and your conversion rate will be high if your keywords are optimized for your campaigns.
    1. Broad Marketplace Access – It is essential that the tool is available on other marketplaces than For example, European or Asian markets. You can continue using the tool if you decide to expand Amazon’s business to Europe.
    1. Comprehensive Metrics Dashboard – In the fast-paced world of Amazon PPC, it is essential to keep track of your key metrics. A dashboard is a useful tool for Amazon PPC. It allows you to quickly check your KPIs and monitor how your campaigns are performing. You need to know if your ACoS or RoAS is too high so you can take immediate action.
    2. Automation Capabilities – The Amazon PPC tool should allow you to automate workflows such as keyword management and bid adjustments, regardless of whether they are driven by AI or rules that you have set.
    1. Reliable Support – If you have any problems with the tool, we can provide dedicated support to help you resolve them quickly.
    1. Trial Period- Every reliable tool will offer the possibility to try the software first. Standard features include a 7, 14, or 30-day trial period or a generous money-back guarantee.
    1. No Cost Training and Resources All the good Amazon PPC software companies offer online training and resources, including webinars, video walkthroughs, and detailed blog postings. These videos will help you understand the tool’s features and make it work to its full potential.

    The Best Amazon Advertising Software Tools in 2021

    1. Sellics 
    2. Helium 10 
    3. Seller.Tools
    4. Teikametrics
    5. BidX
    6. Perpetua
    7. Seller Labs
    8. Trendle
    9. SellerApp
    10. Sellozo

    Sellics Amazon Advertising Software

    Sellics is one of the most well-known and oldest Amazon advertising tools. You can automate your campaign management with Sellics’ AI algorithm.

    Smart ad scheduling and target ACoS setting, as well as sophisticated keyword and bid management automation, takes a lot out of your hands.

    Trial Period

    Trial period of 14 days free

    Key features:

    • Artificial Intelligence -Sellics is the only tool with an AI algorithm. It analyses keyword clusters, sales peaks and troughs, and hundreds of thousands more parameters and adjusts your campaign according to its analysis.
    • Competitor Research -This tool allows you to spy on your competition and compare the performance of your campaigns with theirs.

      • Mobile Application – Download a mobile app to monitor the performance of your campaigns from anywhere.
    • Complete tool Suite – When you choose Sellics for your Amazon PPC tool, you can access other valuable tools like review management or SEO optimization.

    Why should you consider Sellics

    Sellics is a good choice for both advanced and novice sellers and large Amazon agencies looking for a reliable, proven PPC solution.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 11

    Helium 10

    Helium 10 is the most popular Amazon tool. The software suite has over 20 features and can be used for almost any purpose.

    Adtomic, Helium 10’s Amazon PPC software, gives you predefined campaign strategies and templates that allow you to build campaigns to meet your goals. Adtomic also has AI-driven features, such as keyword bid management.

    Adtomic can’t be purchased as a standalone product, but it is available only with the Helium 10 suite. You must be at least a Diamond Package subscriber to enjoy the PPC feature, which costs $197/month.

    Key features:

    • Smart Auto-Suggestions The automatic keyword suggestions and bid adjustments Helium 10 offers will save you hours of manual keyword research work.
    • Handy Templates The available campaign templates allow both novice and experienced sellers to quickly and easily create new PPC campaigns.
    • All-In-One Powerful Tool – Your subscription automatically grants you access to 23 tools that will help you manage all aspects of your amazon business.
    • Support groups and Masterminds – Helium 10 provides exclusive access to members and masterminds and the Freedom Ticket Amazon course.

    Trial Period

    You can test Helium 10, including all features and tools, by fully subscribing to any plan you choose. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the software.

    Why Should You Consider Helium 10 

    Helium 10 is an excellent solution for all Amazon sellers, large and small. The software suite provides a complete solution to all aspects of your business, including Amazon PPC.

    Amazon Advertising Software
    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 12


    Seller.Tools include a complete Amazon software suite, as well as an Amazon PPC feature. Software company Seller.Tools focus a lot on automating processes with Seller.Tools, you can automate your bid management or ad scheduling.

    Amazon PPC features can only be fully accessed if you subscribe to the Professional package or higher.

    Key features:

    • Keyword Harvesting Seller.Tools offer a powerful keyword research tool that will allow you to find keywords and quickly add them to your campaigns.
    • AI-Driven Suggestions The tool can perform machine learning and suggest keyword bids and campaign structure based on its findings, which you can then implement directly.
    • Negative Targeting The software continually analyzes your campaigns to identify the most performing keywords and the least performing keywords. These keywords can then be used to negatively target you.
      • Ad Scheduling Dayparting is also possible. You can set your budget and bid amount exactly to an hour at a keyword level.

     Trial Period

    14-day free trial

    Who Should Consider Seller.Tools

    Although Seller.Tools don’t primarily focus on PPC; it is a highly comprehensive tool. However, if you love automation and want a powerful all-in-one, Seller.Tools will be your best choice. This tool is suitable for both advanced and novice Amazon sellers.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 13


    Teikametrics is an Amazon PPC software tool. Other software features may be added later, but Teikemetrics’ polar star will always be Amazon advertising.

    Automate your bid adjustment, campaign setup, and keyword management. The tool even lets you let its AI take optimization decisions.

    Key features:

    • Automated Campaign Creation– Teikametrics can automatically create sponsored product campaigns that are appropriate based on your product lifecycle stage and goals.
    • Smart Bids The algorithm learns constantly and can quickly determine which bids are the most competitive for your goals. It then adjusts them automatically.
    • Auto Targeting Keyword targeting can be automated based on your CPC and CTR rules.
    • Profitability Dashboard– The dashboard’s user-friendly interface and in-depth performance analytics will allow you to keep an eye on your KPIs and ensure that you are profitable.

    Trial Period

    Trial for 30 days free

    Why should you choose this

    Teikametrics is an excellent tool for those who are new to PPC because of the many suggestions it offers. Advanced sellers can use Teikametrics to eliminate the manual work involved in running campaigns.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 14


    BidX, an Amazon PPC software tool, is very simple and has many useful features for managing campaigns. BidX’s core feature is a machine learning algorithm that automates campaign management.

    Key features:

    • Pre-sets and Campaign Creation in a Single Click – BidX allows you to save campaign settings as pre-sets so that you can create new campaigns using these pre-sets.
    • Automatic Keyword Suggestions BidX scans Amazon’s keyword suggestions for auto campaigns and recommends the most relevant to you. These keywords can be added to your campaigns in just one click.
    • Algorithmic bid optimization – This tool automatically collects performance data and identifies the most and least performing keywords in your campaigns. The tool then adjusts the bids accordingly.
    • Profitability Reports– BidX continually collects and evaluates campaign data. It makes this data available in the dashboard as well as in customizable reports that you can download.

    Trial Period

    14-day free trial

    Why should you choose BidX

    The BidX tool’s advanced features will please both Amazon agencies and sellers.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 15


    Perpetua, a multichannel eCommerce tool, allows you to manage your advertising campaigns on Amazon and other marketplaces like instacart and Walmart. It is an AI-powered platform that automates sponsored product and brand ads.

    Key features:

    • Algorithmic bidding – This algorithm analyses which keywords and keyword matches are most likely to convert to generate the best bids and then automatically places them in accordance with your campaign goals.
    • Keyword and ASIN Discovery The tool will automatically search keywords and target ASINs to help you use them in your campaigns.
    • Multichannel Advertising Management – Perpetua can be used to manage advertising on other marketplaces like Amazon, Target, and Instacart.
    • Targeted Ad spend Allocation – With Perpetua, you can target specific brands, competitors, or categories to increase your customer base.

    Trial Period

    You cannot get a free trial, but you can contact the sales team to discuss pricing plans for pilots.

    Who should you consider this

    This tool is particularly useful for large brands and agencies that sell on multiple markets or are planning to do so in the future.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 16

    Seller Labs Pro

    Seller Labs Pro provides a complete tool suite that allows you to manage your PPC and almost all aspects of your Amazon business. This tool uses an AI-driven algorithm to optimize your campaigns. It can also help you with keyword selection and bid management.

    Key features:

    • Automated Campaign Creation You can choose a strategy that suits your goals and set a budget and target. Seller Labs will then create campaigns for you based on these parameters.
    • AI-Driven campaign Optimization – The AI algorithm constantly evaluates campaigns. Based on the analysis results, your budget is allocated. Your bids are increased/ decreased, and keywords are adjusted.
    • Recommended Actions If you don’t have full AI automation enabled, Seller Labs can still suggest intelligent actions based on your target ACoS. For example, increasing your maximum bid or changing your match type for keywords.
    • Full Tool Suite With the Seller Labs Pro Subscription, you get many additional tools like a product review manager and an inventory management system.

    Trial Period

    Trial for 30 days free

    Why Should You Choose Seller Labs

    Seller Labs Pro, a powerful and all-in-one solution for Amazon merchants that do not work with other tools, is especially useful. This tool is excellent for both sellers just starting to sell on Amazon and those who have worked with big sellers and brands.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 17


    Trendle isn’t the sole Amazon PPC software tool. It also includes nine valuable features that will help you manage your Amazon business.

    Key features:

    • Rules-Based Automation – Just set the parameters and rules you prefer, and Trendle will adjust your campaign structure and bids to match your criteria.
    • Negative Keyword Targeting Poorly performing keywords will automatically be set to negative targeting to protect your advertising budget.
    • Lifetime data – You can view all your historical PPC performance data in your customized dashboard, even up to 60 years before you became a Trendle customer.
    • Value for Money – As low as $10 per month, you can get unlimited, full access to all ten software features. This is a very affordable option compared to other tools.

    Trial Period

    Try it free for 14 days.

    Who Should Consider Trendle

    Trendle is an excellent choice for beginners who don’t have the budget to purchase software tools. It offers an outstanding price-performance ratio, so both novice and experienced sellers can use the suite to manage their businesses.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 18


    SellerApp is a software suite that includes an Amazon PPC feature as well as other useful tools for product research and listing optimization.

    The suite uses machine-learning algorithms for the optimization of advertising campaigns.

    Key features:

    • Target-Based Automation – Simply specify your campaign and profit goals, and the machine learning algorithm will automatically adjust keyword and bid prices for you.
    • Negative Keyword Targeting The tool warns you about keywords that are not performing well and can cause a decline in campaign profitability. You can remove them with one click.
    • Auto–To-Manual Management – the Auto–To-Manual feature analyses top-converting keywords from your campaign so you can transfer them to your manual campaigns.
    • Well-Structured Dashboard -The PPC dashboard provides a summary of all your key performance metrics so that you can quickly see the most important information.

    Trial Period

    Try it free for 7 Days.

    Why Should You Consider this

    SellerApp is ideal for small and large sellers. Although it is not a 360-degree suite of tools, its functions cover all areas of sales and marketing and provide a clear view of your profitability.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 19


    Sellozo is an Amazon PPC tool that only offers ad features. The software solution is powered by AI and can automate large portions of your campaign management.

    Key features:

    • Ad Dayparting– You can set when your ads should run and when they should not. This will allow you to save money on low-performing times while still maximizing the benefits of high-performing times.
    • AI-Driven Bid management – The algorithm analyses which keywords converts the best and then adjust the bids accordingly.
    • Drag and Drop Keyword Discovery A drag-and-drop interface that facilitates keyword selection and management.
    • Machine Learning-Based Keyword Research, The AI algorithm, evaluates the keyword suggestions and then harvest according to profitability criteria.

    Trial Period

    Try it free for 14 days.

    Why should you consider it?

    Sellozo is a user-friendly and efficient tool that can be used by all sellers, no matter how experienced or novice. It is a powerful automation engine, thanks to its unique features.

    What You Should Know About Amazon Advertising Software In 2022 20


    This list should have given you an overview of the various Amazon advertising tools. Many new software products offer exciting features in this market.

    Automating your Amazon pay-per-click advertising is a sure way to make money. Automation can not only save you time but also do a better job than human beings. You can make your decision easier with tools that help you find search terms and optimize your conversion rate.

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