10 Best AI Chatbot To Increase Interaction with Customers

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    If you are a company that has a website or social media accounts, Chatbots can be an exciting and creative approach to enhance your customer experience. For example, customers can log on to your site or social media accounts and receive answers to questions without humans needing to answer.

    The chatbot experience lets customers find answers from your business without the expense of hiring a new customer service team member. A chatbot application can create an answer set responsive to common questions without experience with code or the cost of hiring developers.  Read on to find out more about selecting the most suitable AI chatbot software and some of the top apps to help you get started.

    What is an AI chatbot?

    Artificial intelligence chatbots are trained to engage in human-like conversations through a process called natural processing of language (NLP). With NLP, the AI chatbot can understand human language in the way it’s written, allowing chatbots to work in a way that is more or less their own.

    Also, AI chatbot software can comprehend language not part of pre-programmed commands and give an answer based on the existing information. It allows users to take the lead in conversations, speaking their thoughts in their language.

    Additionally, AI chatbots are constantly learning from their conversations; as time passes, they will adjust their responses to various situations and patterns. This means that they can be used for a wide variety of applications, including studying the mood of customers or making predictions on what your site visitors are searching for on your site.

    How can an AI chatbot help your business?

    An AI chatbot will help your company increase customer support, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver a more pleasant user experience. Here are some ways your company can improve its customer service by using an AI chatbot.

    Help more clients in less time and improve customer satisfaction.

    Following Gartner’s research, organizations experience an increase of up to 70% in call or chat inquiries when they implement a virtual assistant. Many companies have a tiny variety of questions that make up an enormous portion of the total support volume, which means costs. These questions that are frequently asked tend to be of low importance and easy to resolve with no human intervention, which makes them ideal questions for bots.

    In taking on these simple and repetitive queries, chatbots allow support teams to assist more customers in a shorter amount of time. They also allow agents time to focus on issues that are more important to them. As a result, customers enjoy reduced waiting times, which improves satisfaction. An MIT technology review found that 90% of companies had reported significant increases in the speed at which complaints are resolved following the introduction of a chatbot. In addition, it does not just support teams that profit from chatbots but also sales and marketing teams. According to Gartner 2025, “75% of B2B sales organizations will augment traditional sales playbooks with artificial intelligence (AI) guided selling solutions.”

    Help is available as soon as customers require it and anticipate their requirements.

    Support always available is no longer a unique option; it’s something that consumers have grown accustomed to. In reality, 43 percent of customers expect 24/7 customer support, according to an e-commerce research study. Moreover, as customer expectations increase, this number is likely to rise.

    Customers aren’t always willing to make the additional step of calling or keeping track of the back and forth of an email thread. Flexible businesses are moving with their customers and are introducing new channels to make it easier for customers to receive assistance as quickly as they require.

    Through the machine-learning that powers chatbots, AI can assist you in anticipating your customers’ needs and provide specific answers to their needs before asking. In addition, as per Gartner, active customer service leads to an increase of 100% in scores like the Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction scores, customer effort scores, and the value improvement score.

    Enhance the bottom line

    Juniper Research predicts that in 2023, chatbots could be able to save the healthcare, banking, and retail businesses around $11 billion per year. This is the difference between operating in the red and. those in black. Also, chatbots can be the difference between making profits and needing to explain to people who are involved why the company did not meet its goals.

    Furthermore, solving support issues through social media is as much as six times less expensive than calling. It’s because messaging and chat channels enable agents to assist more customers in one go, increasing their service’s overall efficiency. Additionally, AI chatbots can automate and solve most of the repetitive mundane services, for example, responding to frequently asked questions. Instead, agents can focus on more intricate and valuable conversations.

    10 Best AI chatbot for ecommerce business

    1. ProProfs ChatBot

    ai chatbot
    ai powered chatbot

    Ideal for collecting leads, easing the prospecting process for sales, and improving customer support by providing instant responses to customer questions.

    ProProfs ChatBot can help your company streamline customer support and marketing activities simultaneously. This tool allows you to capture leads and then engage the leads in a natural-looking conversation seeking the information and answering frequently asked questions. Knowing how to set up and configure this chatbot program is not necessary.

    2. Lobster by EBI.AI

    ai chatbot
    most advanced ai chatbot

    Lobster, developed by EBI AI, is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot platform designed for B2C businesses to provide quick, enjoyable, and personalized customer experiences. Through the platform, you can connect your chatbot to various channels, such as mobile web applications, messenger apps, and even smart home devices.

    3. Tidio

    ai chatbot
    ai chatbot platforms

    Tidio Ideal for business who need with custom-designed chatbots, without the need for coding.

    It’s clear from the start that it stands out from its peers by providing the ability to design chatbots that you design yourself and with no programming skills needed. You can choose from various templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor, making the creation of chatbots as simple as walking on the beach. Chatbots can be prepared with automated responses to instantly respond to customer queries.

    These chatbots are a great way to increase your upselling strategies. Chatbots automatically suggest products and offer customized discounts that will turn potential customers into real ones. You can also let your customers place an order through your chatbox.

    4. Drift

    The best choice for B2B companies

    Drift AI-powered chatbots assist B2B businesses in initiating conversations with other companies. In addition, they offer a customized customer service experience and live interaction with buyers.

    You can gather customer data to better understand their habits and to be able to better connect with buyers you want to reach. It is also possible to focus your energy and resources on how you can grow your business by using this AI chatbot on the internet.

    5. Replika

    With more than 10 million users, Replika is one of the most well-known and sophisticated AI chatbots. However, in contrast to typically used chatbots, Replika can identify images and continue conversations by using images.

    Additionally, it supports voice calls, meaning you can talk to your friends. In addition, its Augmented Reality mode makes the experience more real.

    Replika allows you to choose the name of your AI companion. Then, while you talk to it, you will gain points. These points can be used to unlock your interests, traits, and even the clothes of your AI companion.

    6. Botsify

    ai chatbot
    ai chatbot maker

    Botsify is a well-known chatbot platform that is a popular AI chatbot platform that lets users create intelligent chatbots for your site as well as popular messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger and Slack, without spending your time and energy on coding.

    7. Itsuku Pandorabot

    ai chatbot
    ai and chatbot

    Ideal option for creating “AI-driven virtual agents” making use of the Pandorabot platform for e-learning, advertising, entertainment, virtual assistance, and even education.

    Mitsuku is believed as the best human chatbot on the planet. Mitsuku has been awarded the Loenber price numerous times for the most human-like chat. Mitsuku was built by using Pandorabot. Pandorabot platform. Using the AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) language to build your own chatbot like Mitsuku with this Pandorabot platform is possible.

    8. Ada

    The best option for international companies

    Ada is an online agent that assists in creating customized as well as automatized client experiences using the most effective AI software. It offers a simple-to-use Chatbot Builder and provides a great user experience.

    The “Questions” tab provides real-world scenarios. The “Questions” tab provides real-life scenarios as well as how the bot responds to questions from customers that it’s not been trained to handle. If you’d like your chatbot’s AI chatbot to carry out more powerful tasks, then the Ada team will assist you in the task.

    9. ProProfs Chat

    ProProfs Chat brings humans and machines together. As a support tool for customers, it allows you to create and set up chatbots on your site without coding experience.

    This chatbot builder lets you determine how a user’s conversational flow will be. It’s also great for the ability to test. You can check how quickly your chatbot responds to inputs before deciding to go live on your site.

    10. Chai

    ai chatbot
    10 Best AI Chatbot To Increase Interaction with Customers 7

    Utilizing Chai, it is possible to build and run Chatbots that you create. Chai utilizes the GPT-J model of language, which allows it to mimic natural conversation.

    Chai offers five bots that you can begin talking to from the moment you sign up and without registering. Chatbots are classified into different categories such as romantic, scary, friendly well-being, roleplay, and well-being.

    Once you’ve created your chatbot, you are able to invite your friends to join it or open it to others. The Chai leaderboard lists the chatbots with the highest popularity and their creators.

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