Email Marketing – How to do autopilot strategies in 2022

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    One of the best methods to promote your business is email marketing. Marketing through email is often overlooked and the untapped method that could provide you with an advantage over your competition. It is essential to remain current and stay in touch with your customers. There are many elements that an email campaign must be included. One of those is what is email marketing, types of emails will yield the greatest outcomes? This blog will provide answers to every question you have about marketing.

    When to Use Email Marketing

    There are numerous methods to make use of email marketing. Some of the most well-known include making use of the strategy to:

    Establish relationships: Make connections by engaging in a personal way.

    Increase brand recognition: Keep your business and your products prominently in the minds of potential customers. Then, your potential customers are ready to get involved.

    Promote your blog’s content Make use of email to share blog posts or other useful resources with your potential customers.

    Generate leads: entice customers to give their details to acquire an asset that they’d value.

    Sell your products: Market your services and products.

    Nurture leads: Reward your customers by providing content that can aid them in achieving their objectives.

    Email Marketing Benefits

    It is estimated that there are 3.8 billion users of email worldwide, So if you’re searching for a way to communicate with your customers, then email is the best way to look them up.

    On average, email earns $38 per dollar, a 3800 percent ROI.

    Two-thirds of customers have purchased indirect results of an email marketing campaign.

    Only 20 %of leads directly to the sales department are considered qualified, which means they must be nurtured through email and good content.

    In terms of the acquisition of customers, email is 40% more efficient in acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter together.

    One of the main reasons to utilize email marketing is the fact that you are the owner of the channel. In addition to regulations for compliance, There is no other entity outside of your company that could influence the way and when you communicate with your customers.

    How to Send Marketing Emails

    1. Select an email marketing company.

    An email marketing service (ESP) is an excellent option if you’re seeking any kind of assistance while improving your email marketing strategies.

    Here are a few examples that you should consider when selecting an email supplier:

    • CRM platform that has the ability to segment
    • Good standing with Internet Service Providers.
    • An excellent image as an email service provider (ESP)
    • Simple to create forms as well as landing pages and CTAs
    • Automation
    • Easy ways to be compliant with the regulations governing email
    • Ability to test split testing your email
    • Built-in analytics
    • Reports that can be downloaded

    2. Use email marketing tips.

    While you might not be concerned about the formatting or the subject line of an email that you send to someone else, marketing via email requires more thought. Everything that happens from the time you transmit your email to the devices that can be read.

    The goal of every mailer should be to increase leads; that’s why the process of creating a marketing email is an even more complex process, unlike other emails that you’ve written.

    Let’s discuss the elements of a marketing email that will be successful:

    copy the content of the email must be in line with your voice and should be limited to one issue.

    Images: Choose images that are optimized for every device, appealing and useful.

    CTA Your Call-to-Action should provide an offer that is relevant and distinguish itself from the other emails.

    Timing: Based on a study that observed the response rate of 20 million emails on Tuesdays at 11 am ET is the ideal day and time to send an email.

    Response: 55 % of emails are read by mobile devices. Therefore, your email must be designed to work on this and any other device.

    Personalization Create every mail as if you’re sending it to someone you know. Be friendly and address your recipient the same way you would with a friend.

    Subject line Use an easy-to-follow, directive, and enticing language that’s specific and in line with the content of your email.

    3. Implement email segmentation.

    Segmentation allows you to break down your massive email list into subcategories that are relevant to the subscribers’ specific traits, interests, and preferences.

    In the end, our customers are human beings, so we must try to treat them accordingly. That means that we should not send generic emails.

    We touched briefly on segmentation earlier. This topic is so important to bring up repeatedly because without it, you are in danger of sending incorrect content to the wrong audience and losing customers.

    Why is it important to separate an email address?

    Every person who opts in to receive your newsletters will be at an individual stage of readiness to turn into an actual customer (which is the end goal).

    If you offer coupons with discounts for your product to customers who do not know how to determine the cause of their issue, they’re likely to lose the subscribers. This is because you’re ignoring the step of building trust and establishing the relationship.

    Every email you send must treat your recipients as human beings whom you’d like to establish a connection with, not the hordes of leads you’re trying to put into a one-size-fits-all box.

    The more you break down your leads, the greater trust you establish with your leads. The more trust you build, it’s easier to convert them in the future.

    Additionally, segmented emails make up 58% of revenues.

    4. Personalize your email marketing.

    If you now know whom you’re emailing as well as what’s most important for them, it’ll be much simpler to send emails with personalization.

    To emphasize this point, take a look at the following: Personalized emails have 26 %more opening rates and a higher percentage of clicks through, which is 14 percent compared with other emails.

    You’ve gathered this amazing information. Your marketing software for email permits personalized tokens. There’s no reason to keep sending standard emails that do not make your subscribers feel unique.

    Here are a few options to personalize your email:

    • Include a first name field to your subject line and/or greeting
    • Include information specific to the region when needed.
    • Send relevant content to the lifecycle stage of your lead
    • Make sure you only send emails related to the last interaction that a lead been involved with your brand
    • Write about personal and relevant occasions, such as regional holidays or birthdays
    • Send your emails out with the signature of someone who is human (not the company)
    • Make sure to include a pertinent call-to-action make an offer that your reader will find helpful

    5. Incorporate email marketing automation.

    Automation allows you to put your list segmentation into. After you’ve set up specific subgroups that you can use to send targeted emails using automated technology that is specific. There are several ways to accomplish this.


    An autoresponder also referred to as a drip campaign, is a sequence of emails that are automatically sent out when initiated by a specific activity, for example, when someone downloads your book.

    Follow the same rules to write your emails as we have discussed before to ensure that recipients find your messages useful and engaging. It’s up to you to decide how apart the emails you’d like to be sent out, for instance, every couple of days, weeks as well as months.


    Workflows can take autoresponders one step further. Imagine workflows as a flow tree, with either branch that executes actions in accordance with the criteria you define.

    Workflows are comprised of two main components. They are 1. Criteria for enrollment or the act which qualifies an individual to use the workflow. 2. Goal or the step that takes an individual from the workflow.

    6. Utilize templates for email marketing.

    Templates for email marketing like these by HubSpot HubSpotare another fantastic source to assist you in sending out emails.

    If you’re not a designer or developer, in addition to being an expert marketer, templates can make it easier for you to save time. They remove the design, coding, and UX-definition tasks from creating your email.

    How to Automate Your Email Marketing

    MacBook Pro
    Email Marketing - How to do autopilot strategies in 2022 8

    The process for automating your email marketing is different from ESP to the next; however, there are a few common methods to automate your marketing emails.

    Define Your Segments

    Successful email campaigns for marketing begin with the segmentation of your list. Utilize the information that you collect about your subscribers to classify them into groups. This will allow you to design more customized campaigns.

    Design an Efficient Workflow

    After you’ve segmented your list of email addresses After that, you need to develop an email process. This is the sequence of emails needed to achieve the marketing campaign’s purpose.

    Best Email marketing strategy you should use

    For success in email marketing, you need to be smart when creating your campaigns. Here are a few of the most effective strategies for email marketing that you can use.

    Use the Right List Building Strategies

    The effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is contingent on the strength of the email lists you have. To create an email list, you need to implement list-building strategies to target your intended people. For instance, the case study that is promoted via LinkedIn could assist a B2B brand in creating an active list of customers, but it will not work for the B2C company.

    Practice Good Email List Hygiene

    A second important strategy for marketing via email is to practice effective email list hygiene. Eliminating subscribers who are not active and email addresses that are no longer being used will ensure that you maintain an established reputation as a sender.

    Keep Your List Warm

    Send regular emails to your subscribers to keep your list members interested (warm). But, intermittent emailing may cause subscribers to forget who you are, which could cause low conversion rates.

    If your subscribers lose interest, you can launch a re-engagement campaign.

    Focus on one objective

    Create each email and campaign to be focused on a single goal. The idea of killing more than two (or several) birds in one shot isn’t a good idea in the world of marketing via email. It confuses your customers and decreases the conversion rate.

    Define and Track the Right KPIs

    Marketing via email is more than sending your subscribers a few emails. It also requires monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. To accomplish this, it is necessary to identify and monitor the proper KPIs or key indicators of performance (KPIs).

    Top 7 Email Marketing Software Every Marketer Should Know

    For an effective campaign, you must USE best email marketing services to improve your process. The top 7 things you should be aware of:

    Email Service Providers (ESP)

    The most important tools for marketing via email are an ESP. The top ESPs includes:

    Constant Contact The best choice for email marketing campaigns aimed at e-commerce with features like automated product recommendations and shopping emails. Plans start at only $20 per month.

    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing - How to do autopilot strategies in 2022 9

    Sendinblue: Sendinblue is ideal for small companies that run simple email campaigns. It comes with a robust feature set that includes CRM as well as live chat and SMS, among other features. Plans start at $24/month.

    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing - How to do autopilot strategies in 2022 10

    Pardot For B2B emails, you need a system made for B2B buyers’ journey. Pardot is the perfect solution. To create successful email campaigns that grow with Pardot, you must be ready to invest at least $1250 per month.

    Deliverability Tools

    Deliverability of emails refers to the capability of an ESP to deliver emails into the inboxes of recipients efficiently. A smart email marketer will possess an email deliverability test within their toolbox. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing - How to do autopilot strategies in 2022 11

    MailGenius: MailGenius inspects your emails for possible spam triggers. You can utilize it for testing deliverability to ensure that your emails get into the intended recipients’ inboxes. MailGenius is a tool that is free.

    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing - How to do autopilot strategies in 2022 12

    GlockApps: GlockApps displays your delivery results in real-time, such as whether the email was placed in your Inbox, Spam folder, Gmail’s Social or Promotional tabs, or wasn’t delivered in any way. Accounts for personal use are free, and prices increase after that.

    Testing and Tracking

    Monitoring and testing the campaign’s performance can help you develop efficient iterations of your campaign. What tools for email marketing can you use to test and track?

    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing - How to do autopilot strategies in 2022 13

    Litmus: Litmus can be use to track and test your email in traditional web browsers as well as popular mobile devices.

    Email Personalization Tools

    Email Marketing
    Email Marketing - How to do autopilot strategies in 2022 14

    Make your personalization more than just using your recipient’s name using a personalized tool.

    Hyperise is when you want to personalize your email marketing campaigns, no software can do it more effectively than Hyperise. It allows you to include dynamic, customized images to your emails, which includes profiles taken from various social networks.


    In many ways, email marketing is among the most effective and direct types of marketing. It does not matter if your company is small or large. Email marketing is the most efficient method to connect with people who have shown interest in the company. 

    That’s why it’s essential to develop an email marketing plan to help you thrive in the age of digital. We hope you’ve gained fresh concepts from our blog article. We’d be delighted to hear from you. If you have any additional concerns or questions about emails marketing techniques. You are welcome to leave your concerns below. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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