Amazon Jobs: How to get a job at Amazon in 2022

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    Can you guess the number of Amazon Jobs available today? Do you know an Amazon applicant looking to succeed in the hiring process? Amazon is a major player in technology and is a business that is recognized for its distinctive style of leadership, which is based on principles. This is the basis of every Amazon business and plays a major aspect in hiring processes.

    Benefits of having a job at Amazon

    Health Facilities

    amazon jobs
    amazon jobs
    • Healthcare: Dental, medical vision, prescription medications
    • Health: Neighborhood Health Centers in certain cities and regions. Get more information
    • Healthcare: Schedule your virtual primary or urgent visit from your home using Amazon Care. 
    • A maximum of 20 weeks of fully-paid parental leave. 
    • Health Savings Account (with employer contributions)
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Medical Advice Line
    • Adoption Assistance for eligible costs for adoption in the United States and internationally


    • Vacation, Sick, and Personal Days
    • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    • Short Work Break – Make sure to take your time off whenever you need it.

    Your Finances

    amazon jobs
    amazon jobs
    • Weekly pay at a competitive rate.
    • Overtime that exceeds 40 hours
    • Time and a half working any Amazon holiday: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day
    • 401(k) saving plan
    • Financial counseling
    • Estate planning
    • You can access up to 70 % of your earnings faster than the next week’s earnings statement.

    Your Network of Support

    • Health benefits at no cost for your health and well-being.
    • Employment Assistance Program. 24 hours a day assistance
    • Parents who have children who have developmental disabilities
    • Information on how to find children and elder care as well as help

    How to get a job at amazon

    1. Find the Amazon Jobs site. Amazon hires throughout the year. Visit to find open positions in many different areas of the company.[4]

    Find jobs by title or keyword in the bar ‘Find Jobs. You can choose your preferred place of work as well.

    Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘View jobs to find opportunities available across various areas of the business, including Student Programs, fulfillment centers, remote positions, and remote jobs in Amazon and its affiliates.

    It is also possible to view full lists of Amazon’s teams, job categories, and office locations across the globe to get an idea of the variety of available jobs on Amazon.

    Certain technical jobs like software development engineers are required to have engineering or technical degrees; however, there aren’t any specific requirements for education. For instance, you don’t need to have a degree in business to be a successful business professional when you have excellent analytical skills and the ability to think critically.

    2. Find out about Amazon’s recruiting programs. Amazon actively recruits candidates from the military and universities. Connect with Amazon on LinkedIn to learn more about its recruitment plans and places. Join conferences and events within your particular field to have the opportunity to meet Amazon’s recruiters.

    Amazon has recruiters who go to events like the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing annual conference to meet women from the tech sector.

    Amazon offers a physical presence on numerous campuses of universities and colleges worldwide, including career fairs, presenting technical talks in classes, or hosting hack-a-thons. They also offer webinars to students from universities.

    Amazon is a great way to connect with potential candidates at military-related events, including those at the Service Academy Career Conference and Military Officers Job Opportunities. If you’re a military member and are interested in joining the military, you must attend these events. In addition, you will get a chance to meet with Amazon recruiters.

    amazon jobs
    amazon jobs

    Go to for more information about military recruitment.

    3. Request a recommendation from an Amazonian. If you are friends with someone who works for Amazon, ask them for suggestions on what positions within the company are suitable for you. You can ask them to make your name as a reference to their supervisors if they are confident.

    If you don’t have any acquaintances working at Amazon, Try going to LinkedIn and find an Amazonian in your local area. Send them your resume and job preferences and ask them to refer you to someone.

    4. Participate in an internship program for Amazon. Amazon actively hires full-time employees from its pool of interns. Visit to see available internships and student programs in different company areas, including tech, non-tech, and graduate research internships.

    Amazon offers internships designed for undergraduate students, MBAs, and Ph.D. applicants. The typical duration is 12 weeks in the summer.

    Internships can be found in various fields according to your area of expertise, such as business analysis, software engineering retail, managerial roles, and applied research.

    These internships pay, and Amazon often assists with the cost of relocation.

    Make an application online for internships on the Student Program/Internship page which lists available internships.

    How to apply for amazon jobs

    Amazon Application Process

    Each Amazon team is run in its manner and will approach the hiring process differently.

    But, there are several ways utilized across the board. If you are an applicant, you must be aware of these as part of the Amazon application. These include:

    Online applications & Include relevant keywords in it

    The first step you’d imagine is applying for your dream job online. To begin, you’ll have to set up the amazon. Job account and fill out your profile. Next, you will be required to upload your CV while applicants are permitted to use your LinkedIn profiles.

    On your resume or LinkedIn profile, you will, most importantly, must include keywords that are relevant to the position and the job you’re hoping to get! Professionals will scrutinize your resume for keywords and relevant experiences.

    To improve your chances of passing this hurdle to be more successful, you should use relevant keywords on your cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Of course, nobody is certain which terms the AI is searching for, but Amazon provides clues to the 14 guidelines for leadership.

    It is essential to link these concepts to your skills and experience and the position you’re applying to. Adding specific keywords to your resume could aid you in getting past the software that screens applicants.

    amazon jobs
    amazon jobs

    Within Amazon’s application portal, in the Amazon Application Portal, there are three choices regarding Amazon app status:

    #1. Applications received. This is the Amazon applicant status. Amazon is receiving your request but hasn’t looked over it.

    #2. Being considered. The company is reviewing your application. In the current Amazon applicant status, the company could advance you to the next step or send your resume to a more appropriate team that could employ you.

    #3. No longer under consideration. This is exactly what it says.

    Candidates who aren’t qualified will not be contacted and will have the message “no longer under consideration,” and the application is deleted. This signifies that the hiring manager didn’t think you were qualified to proceed to an interview. If you encounter the “no longer under consideration” line yet have relevant experiences, it could be time to update your resume.

    If your Amazon application status is ‘Amazon Application Under Consideration, ‘ there’s a chance you’re being considered through being evaluated. But don’t be too optimistic as the evaluation process and application status could be changed at any moment.

    Amazon HR managers are searching for candidates with the required functional abilities and a dedication to the company’s core values. Therefore you’ll have to complete an Amazon assessment online and your application.

    The type of test you take will differ based on the position you’re seeking. You’ll need to answer a variety of questions specific to the job, including verbal or numerical tests and logical reasoning tests, in addition to the tests for situational judgment are all the same.

    The job descriptions and requirements on Amazon’s job listings are extremely thorough, So make sure you read them thoroughly. It should give you an understanding of the types of tests you’ll be taking.

    Furthermore, you should know that your Amazon application is likely to contain any or all of the following:

    • Assessment of workstyle.
    • Work samples of simulations.

    Work Style Assessment

    This Amazon online test was designed to assess your professional style and how it is aligned in line with your company’s leadership principles. You’ll be provided with a list of statements and asked to choose those that best reflect your work style.

    Keep in mind that Amazon’s Leadership Principles guide the company’s whole culture, so be honest. They’re seeking the perfect person, and if it’s not you, you’ll never be happy working at Amazon. This test session typically will take between 10 and 20 minutes to finish.

    Work Sample Simulations

    These are assessments that are specific to the role. First, you’ll be assigned to complete a virtual simulation that’s relevant to your job. Then they’ll evaluate whether you’ve completed it.

    These simulations test your interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and processing of data. The Leadership principles will have an enormous influence on your results. The task’s difficulty can be any time, from 20 minutes to an hour.

    If your online application has been accepted and passed your Amazon assessments, You’ll be invited for a telephone meeting.

    The Amazon Hiring Process.

    The Amazon process of hiring for positions is lengthy and difficult. It starts with an initial screening call with HR, through an interview series and writing tests, hiring meetings, and offering reference checks.

    The best part is that it’s fairly stable. It’s much easier to plan since you’ve figured out the format beforehand, and there are fewer surprises. But this does not mean your interview is easy (far from it! ). However, it’s a good indication that you won’t go into it completely blind. So what should you be expecting?

    Does Amazon Have Work-From-Home Jobs?

    amazon jobs
    amazon jobs in Chicago

    It’s true; Amazon has work-from-home jobs, which you can apply for on their website. I recently checked their location page on the internet and found over 400 job openings for the USA only. If you’re interested in working for Amazon, it’s a great way to begin. If you’re not certain what kinds of jobs they might offer on their website, go through the remainder of this article to learn more about the company.

    What Jobs Are Available At Amazon? : Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs

    • Human Resources
    • Amazon Flex
    • Editorial & Content Management
    • IT Support Engineering
    • Amazon Marketing
    • Amazon Design
    • Administrative Support
    • Amazon Stylist
    • Customer Service Associate
    • Amazon Associate Affiliate
    • Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Where to apply for amazon jobs

    To begin your journey on the path to success at Amazon, you’ll need to apply via amazon job. This requires that you submit your resume. However, applicants can upload LinkedIn profiles.

    How to quit a job at Amazon

    You can quit your job informally or formally. Formal methods are preferred because it makes a good impression on your boss. For example, you could quit your job using one of two methods:

    Resigning in a letter. Resigning can be done by emailing your manager and human resource department. It is necessary to state the reason behind your resignation professionally and express your appreciation towards your boss.

    This technique is as follows:  

    • Before you begin, contact your employer.
    • Sending a formal letter and then delivering it to your supervisor or human resources
    • Before your last day at work, you must complete any tasks or formalities that remain unfinished.
    • Make a positive impression and express your appreciation to the people you collaborated with.

    Provide a notice period

    The notice is that you as an employee must inform the management about your decision to resign and the date that you will quit. You can submit your notice of resignation in three distinct formats: email, letter, or a company app.

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