What is Apple AirTag? How To Use IT For Tracking Things

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    One of the tiniest and most affordable gadgets from Apple AirTag is among Apple’s smallest and most affordable devices. AirTag is also fascinating because of a variety of reasons. First, the tiny disc-shaped tracking device is designed to function within Apple’s Apple ecosystem, providing an easy method of keeping an eye on small objects such as wallets, key bags, backpacks, and cameras. There are other similar devices, such as the Tile range of trackers and Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag. Still, the AirTag is less bulky, has a better design, and has been designed to work efficiently if you’re an avid user of Apple’s products and services.

    airtag setup

    What is the Apple AirTag

    Apple AirTag is a tracking device that can be connected to a small object like a set of keys or tucked away in a handbag, backpack, or even a suitcase. The gadget utilizes Bluetooth to connect and draw energy from a rechargeable button cell CR2032. The disc-shaped, small tracker can be linked with your Apple ID via an iOS device and managed by the Apple Find My app.

    How does the AirTag work?

    Once you’ve set up AirTag, once you’ve set up AirTag, a process that functions like pairing AirPods, It will appear in the new tab for items in Find My. Find My app. You can also name your items using some suggestions provided by the app or names you have created yourself.

    On the next screen, you’ll be able to view the item’s previous location when you’ve connected the AirTag. If the item falls within Bluetooth range, then you can use the Find My app to signal that the built-in speaker in the AirTag will play audio. AirTags also features Siri support, which means that the iOS assistant can assist you in finding the missing item.

    The tags & their Find My app take advantage of Apple’s U1 chip, which is equipped with Ultra-Wideband technology to use Precision Finding, a feature that relies on camera input, ARKit, accelerometer, and Gyroscope for guidance to your AirTag with haptic, sound or visual feedback. When you use Find My, you can use the Find My app; you’ll get useful information like how far away the AirTag is and in which direction it is. Precision Finding also offers an option for voice-over to assist visually impaired or blind users.

    If you’re outside of Bluetooth range, it’s possible to put your AirTag in Lost mode and receive an alert when it’s within reach of the Find My network. If someone else locates your AirTag, they can utilize an iPhone or any NFC-capable gadget ( even an Android phone) to look up your contact details in case you’ve registered it.

    Benefits of using Airtag

    1. Helps to keep track of your stuff.

    AirTags are an example of such a product. Apple developed these trackers to perform one type of thing: assist you in finding lost items. They do it very well! They do it very well. Connect one of them to your keys and put one into your bag. Then they’re in your sights within your Find My app, where you can also locate the location of your Apple device and stay in touch with family and friends.

    2. NFC Contact Cards


    It’s not necessary to lose your AirTag to be beneficial to strangers. AirTag acts as an NFC phone card and shares information such as your telephone number and any other details you’d like to share with anyone who interacts with it.

    3. AirTags Are Super Secure

    Another advantage that comes with Apple AirTags is the safety measures included in the device. We’re all aware that there are criminals out in the world, and it would be a matter of time before someone attempted to utilize an AirTag to track an intelligent individual. Fortunately, Apple has built-in security controls to stop the AirTag from being used for unintentional and secretive tracking.

    4. Location Trackers for Pets

    If you’re not keen to undergo the hassle of microchipping your pet’s ID, There’s a more non-invasive alternative to track your pet’s location: AirTag. Apple’s Bluetooth trackers are the perfect pet companion because they’re water-resistant and IP67. They’re small enough to fit in a cat’s neck and not visible on dogs.

    How to Set Up an AirTag

    To connect an AirTag, First, pull out the small tab made of plastic to start the battery. After that, place the AirTag close to your iPhone and press connect. Then, you can choose or design the name of your AirTag and then link it to the Apple ID. Finally, tap Done.

    Remove the tab from the battery tab of your AirTag. After you have pulled the tab for battery, the AirTag will play a sound.

    Hold the AirTag close to your iPhone. If your iPhone does not recognize its AirTag immediately, you can lock it by holding the power button on the back of your iPhone one time. Then, you can unlock your iPhone and hold it close to your AirTag again.

    Next, tap Connect.

    Choose a name for the AirTag. You can select an option from the list or design your own using the Custom Name.

    Then, you can continue to create your AirTag using Your Apple ID. If you’re not logged into the Apple Account on the iPhone go through this post from Apple.

    Finally, tap Done.

    Cost of Airtag

    airtag cost

    The price is only $29 per item and $99 for a set of four. In addition, they can be personalized with a design or letters that you like for no cost. Airtag accessories , like keychains & luggage tag loops, can be used to hold the device and are available separately.

    What about privacy

    AirTags, as well as any other digital tracker, naturally raises numerous privacy issues. Apple states that the entire online procedure of using an AirTag is encrypted and anonymous. It’s you alone who knows the location of your AirTag and your location data, and your history isn’t stored within AirTag itself. AirTag itself, which means even Apple does not know the exact whereabouts of your device.

    This raises the worry about unwelcome surveillance. In theory, you can place an AirTag in someone’s backpack or even slip it on someone’s vehicle to monitor it. However, there are some security features in place to prevent unwanted tracking. If you’re in the vicinity of someone else’s AirTag is within your reach and is in your vicinity, the phone will detect it and issue an alert. If you’re unable to find the location where it’s hidden, and you can’t find it, the AirTag will sound like a ring to aid you. These alerts are only issued if the device is disconnected from the owner.

    How do I find my airtag if it gets lost?

    apple airtag tracker

    Start your Find My app on your Apple device to view the location of the tracker on the map. It is possible to use the app to play audio via the AirTag, which will assist you in finding the item when you’re close. If you own one of the iPhone 11 or 12 models, then you can select the Find button and then select the option of Precision Finding. It will display how far away you are from the object and will guide you to it with the on-screen directions.

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