AMZAlert Announces New Pricing Structure for Monitoring Software

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    AMZAlert, the leading Amazon seller software for monitoring Amazon stores, updated their pricing to make it more affordable than ever for all Amazon sellers. The announcement of the new pricing comes a few months after the launch of their updated software.

    The new pricing structure allows users to choose their price point based on how many ASINs they want to have monitored with the software. Previously, AMZAlert featured three packages and price-points with different feature, regardless of the number of ASINs being monitored.

    “We at AMZ Alert are pleased to announce the new pricing page that we have finally launched,” said Steve Eilers, founder and CEO of AMZAlert. “No matter if you are a big or small seller on Amazon, we will be able to accommodate you with our new pricing! We know that starting out on Amazon can be expensive and that is why we decided to make some changes with our pricing, to better suit sellers. We hope that you enjoy the new pricing and of course the software!”

    Packages now start as low as $20/month to monitor 1-25 ASINs and go up to $230/month for up to 500 ASINs. AMZAlert can also create custom plans for Amazon sellers who need to monitor more than 500 ASINs.


    All packages have access to all of the features AMZAlert has to offer

    • Amazon product listing alerts such as product title changes, product image changes and when products are marked as add-ons.
    • Amazon review alerts for negative reviews, star rating changes and deleted reviews.
    • Amazon sales/marketing alerts such as product suppression, hijackers and piggybackers, best seller badge and rank changes, MAP pricing alerts and more.
    • Business automation such as automatic cease and desist letters, comments on negative reviews, and assigning alerts to specific people.
    • AMZAlert does not require connecting to seller central or vendor accounts and is very easy and fast to set up. When you sign up for AMZAlert, you get a 10-day free trial and because there are no contracts, Amazon sellers can cancel at any time.

    Use the new pricing calculator to find the package that is right for you and start your 10-day free trial today.

    AMZAlert is a top-rated Amazon monitoring software that monitors ASINS for buy box hijackers, product suppressions, bad reviews, deleted reviews, and more. AMZAlert is known for their Automatic Cease and Desist messages to Amazon hijackers. Having an Amazon selling software tool is crucial for Amazon sellers to turn parts of their business on autopilot to save time and focus on other areas of the Amazon store. To start your free trial or learn more about AMZAlert, visit

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