#132 – Amazon wants sellers to file fewer cases via Seller Central

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Amazon wants sellers to file fewer cases via Seller Central. Minor changes to the Seller Central dashboard are having major impacts on seller behavior, discouraging support requests and driving prices ever lower. webretailer.com

Amazon Sellers can avail capital advances and accelerated daily payouts to enhance liquidity. Payability is the first and the largest eCommerce funding solution. There are no credit scan and no complicated paperwork, simply connect the platforms you sell on and get an offer within 24 hours. payability.com

Find insights to beat your competitors on Amazon using SmartScout. Explore brands that don’t sell to Amazon Retail, find brands that have few FBA sellers, find brands and sellers that are private label, and also find stockouts across all of Amazon. smartscout

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2020 Amazon Prime Day Report: Product Categories and Amazon Private Label. Analyzing Prime Day data can help your brand plan for Cyber Week. teikametrics.com

Most Amazon sellers forget to add high volume keywords in their listings. Get the list of highly relevant keywords for your Amazon listings to increase the visibility of your ASINs. We track the keywords of your top selling competitors and include their high converting keywords too so that you’re not left behind. amazonrankpro.com

Don’t miss out on Q4 Holiday Sales 2020. Download list of Top Keywords searched by customers during holiday season. You can pick relevant keywords from this list & insert in your Amazon listing to get high traffic & sales during Q4 2020. Download list here. thesellerweekly.com

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How To Grow your Amazon business by leveraging Amazon Live. As a brand that sells on Amazon, there’s zero additional charge to use Amazon Live, making it a great way to enrich your ad funnel and build your brand. teikametrics.com

Amazon’s Vine Program for Sellers: What Is It? And Is It Worth It? If you want your product to succeed on Amazon, you need to explore all possible ways to get product reviews. junglescout.com