Amazon Veteran Peter Kearns Joins Buy Box Experts Team

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    Buy Box Experts, a leader in brand management for Amazon sellers, welcomes Peter Kearns to the new role of Vice President of Partnerships. Kearns has nine years of leadership experience in business development and client solutions at Amazon and agencies supporting Amazon brands.

    Buy Box Experts features a highly experienced team of Amazon marketing consultants. Through customized consulting and specialized software, they help companies trim overhead, digitize processes, optimize product listings, eliminate counterfeit listings, and run more profitable ad campaigns. To date, their team has managed over $2 billion in revenue for more than 10,000 Amazon sellers.

    Joseph Hansen, Buy Box Experts CEO, said that Kearns brings to the company a strong reputation for elevating brands on the Amazon channel. “He has a proven track record for developing strategies that help companies achieve unprecedented success in the marketplace.”

    Hansen said that Kearns also has a robust network in the industry due to his past leadership experience, not just at Amazon but at companies such as Feedvisor and 180Commerce. “His roles at these companies have made him very well-connected, which puts him in a unique position to secure and develop referral relationships with other firms that support Amazon brands,” said Hansen.

    According to Hansen, one of the things that sets Buy Box Experts apart from other Amazon marketing agencies is its team’s rich experience in the trenches of the industry. As the company’s leader, Hansen has bought and sold five companies, and, along with Buy Box Experts partner James Thomson, PhD, founded Prosper Show, the biggest educational conference for Amazon sellers in the U.S.

    Thomson has extensive insight into Amazon processes, having served as the former head of Amazon Services and Amazon’s first Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) account manager. And Thomson is not alone in his Amazon experience. Of the company’s 120 employees, approximately 20 have worked at Amazon.

    Hansen said that Kearns will complement the company’s culture, not just because he, too, has been an Amazon insider, but because he is known for his energy and innovation.

    “At Buy Box Experts, we pride ourselves in constantly looking for ways to ‘build a better bicycle,'” said Hansen. “Peter brings the energy and enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking that will help us do more of what we do best.”

    Buy Box Experts, LLC serves clients ranging from brand new Amazon sellers to established brands with complex advertising needs and extensive product catalogs. To learn more about their suite of performance marketing services, visit

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