Amazon tracking: Different Ways To Track Your Amazon Shipment

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    Amazon has transformed into a well-oiled parcel delivery machine that routinely delivers more than one million packages per day. As a result, tracking the delivery of those packages has become something of a science.

    It is easy to check the status of your parcel via a mobile or computer device and, in some cases, even find out where your package is located on the map in real-time.

    This is everything you need to be aware of when it comes to keeping track of your Amazon packages as they’re on their way to your doorstep.

    Amazon Tracking

    When Amazon selects, packs, and delivers your order, you are provided with a unique identification number assigned to each parcel delivered. As the parcel travels through its destinations, this number is checked and reported back to you, providing you with an in-depth view of the status of your package always. An Amazon tracking number is provided with every order. It can be emailed or included on the order page.

    Tracking amazon package on PC

    amazon tracking
    logistics tracking amazon

    1. Login to your Amazon account

    2. Click Returns and Orders at the top-right corner of the page.

    Go to “Returns & Orders.” 

    4. On the Your Orders page, locate the order you wish to track, and click track the package.

    5. You’ll see the status of your order along with the estimated date of arrival.

    Amazon shipping tracking on mobile app  

    amazon tracking
    amazon tracking

    To track your order to track orders on your Android as well as iOS device, you’ll be required to install and download the Amazon mobile application and sign in to your account.

    1. Open the Amazon app.

    2. Tap the three-line icon located in the upper-left corner on Android and in the bottom-right of iOS.

    3. Tap Your Orders (if you’re using Android) or Orders(on iPhone).

    Check for your most recent orders on the app’s menu. Dave Johnson

    4. Browse the list of items. You’ll be able to find out which items have been delivered, as well as the expected delivery date for those that haven’t yet been delivered. To find out more, click the item.

    5. You’ll see the status of your order, as well as the estimated date of arrival.

    Amazon tracking order without login

    Since April 2021, Amazon has been in the process of requiring customers to sign into their accounts to receive status updates.

    To keep track of your packages to track your packages, you can use the Amazon import feature inside our app. Be sure you press “keep my signed in” at the time of the Sign-In process to allow future tracking status updates within the app.

    How do I track an Amazon order with no tracking number?

    If your order isn’t equipped with a tracking number, however, there are several methods to keep track of the status of your Amazon order:

    • Find and track the Amazon order number that is formatted as 123-00000000000000, i.e., 701-9923802-8100257
    • Go to the “My Orders” page on Amazon copy and paste order link

    Who does Amazon ship with?

    Amazon utilizes a variety of couriers to deliver its items, such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx, among others. Amazon also has its own internal delivery capability, which is made possible by its extensive transportation network that comprises its own fleet of trucks as well as planes. They fly from more than 20 airports across the US to various locations in order to meet the increasing demand for goods.

    Below is a list of the carriers most often employed by Amazon to deliver packages.

    amazon tracking
    amazon tracking
    • UPS
    • USPS
    • Amazon Logistics
    • FedEx
    • DHL and DHL Express

    But, Amazon also uses a variety of other carriers, including ABF Freight System Inc, CEVA Logistics, Australia Post, Deprisa, DB Schenker, ECMS EXPRESS, i-parcel, Fidelitone, Innovel Solutions, Israel Post (ILP), Landmark Global, Lonestar Overnight, NSD, Parcel Pool, SF Express, WnDirect, XPO Logistics, TForce Final Mile, OnTrac, Pilot, Menlo Worldwide/UPS Supply Chain Solutions and LaserShip.

    Third-party apps for tracking packages

    While you can count on Amazon’s own tracking tools to be up-to-date on delivery details, You might want to consider a third-party app.

    The advantage of apps from third parties is that they are able to combine tracking information for the various delivery companies into one interface, allowing you to quickly check the situation of every one of your outbound (and outbound) packages without having to switch applications. This is especially useful for those who regularly use FedEx, UPS, and other delivery services that aren’t part of Amazon.

    These are some of the more popular app-tracking for packages from third parties:

    • The parcel is available on Both iOS and Android and can monitor packages from over 300 international and domestic delivery companies such as Amazon Logistics. The application is free; however, certain functions (including monitoring more than three parcels at a time) need a three-dollar annual subscription.
    • Deliveries are available for iOS and Android and can support a wide range of delivery options from all the most important US domestic carriers such as Apple and Amazon Logistics. One of the fascinating capabilities is the ability to include estimated delivery dates on your calendar. The app is completely free, but access to all of the features of the app is required to sign up for a subscription. The cost is currently just $5 for the year.
    • ParcelTrack is available for iOS and Android and can support around 60 delivery companies. The app is completely free, but to access all tracking functions in the app, you’ll need to pay three dollars per year. In addition to the standard tracking, the app provides “delivery forecasts” that predict delivery times based upon information supplied by the carriers.

    How long does Amazon take to ship?

    Many sellers on Amazon include Amazon itself; if you’re purchasing an Amazon item, it will deliver your purchase within two business days. The following table shows the typical Amazon shipping times unless stated in the policies of the seller:

    • Standard U.S.: This is typically 4-14 business days following the delivery, but it can take up to 21 business days
    • Express US: This service typically takes 2-6 days from the time of shipping
    • Two-Day U.S.: This service typically requires 2 business days following the delivery
    • 1-Day US: This service typically takes 1 business day from the time of shipping
    • International Standard: This option generally takes 3-6 weeks; however, it can be as long as 12 weeks, depending on customs delays and other variables.
    • Express International: This service normally takes 3-7 business day

    How do I change my shipping address on Amazon?

    When you have placed an order, you can change the shipping address anytime prior to the actual delivery of the order. However, after your order has been delivered, Amazon will not let you alter the address of your Amazon delivery address. Instead, you can change your address directly on the Amazon account’s home page. You can also reach Amazon directly or via their Amazon Customer Service section on their website.

    If you wish to alter the address of your order before it is sent, check the order page.

    From here, click on “Order Details” from here. Select the “Order Details” option for the order you want to alter the delivery address for. Next, select “Change” to modify the delivery address. This will allow you to alter the gift feature or payment method. If you simply need to alter the address, select “Change Delivery Address” and then click the “Change Delivery Address” option only. If the package has not been delivered, yet it will be able to alter the delivery address on your Amazon package to a different location.

    How long does it take for the Amazon package to arrive from China to the US?

    amazon tracking
    amazon china post tracking

    Using China for Amazon delivery within the United States will work by sending the package via the United States Postal Service or through FedEx, UPS, DHL.

    If delivery is via USPS, the delivery time is between 15 and 20 days. On the other hand, Express couriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL can take 7-14 days.

    Amazon Shipping & Delivery Time

    You’ll find an estimated delivery or shipping date for each shipment in the summary of your order right before submitting your order. A date for delivery estimated (or date interval) will also be displayed within Your Orders after you’ve placed your order.

    Estimates of delivery are calculated by considering the estimated delivery date and adding the time to transit (the duration it takes for the package to get from our warehouses to the address you want it to arrive at) by the shipping rate you’ve selected. Transit time calculations are calculated using normal business days, which means that weekends and Saturdays don’t count towards the transit duration (unless Amazon specifically offered a weekend delivery at the checkout). Also, holidays are included in calculating how long it takes to transit.

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