Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads: Complete Guide for 2022

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    Amazon’s latest innovation in advertising is Sponsored Brands video ads, and the company claims it is the most effective advertisement style to date. The new creative mixes the product’s ads with video to grab customers’ attention on mobile and desktop shopping sites where the intent to buy is the highest. Here’s a recap of everything we’ve learned since they first were released in the last year.

    What are Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads?

    A Guide of Using Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads
    What are Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads?

    A-Brands Video Ad is a Sponsored Brands Video ad is a kind of sponsored Brand advertisement that is only available to companies that are part of the Brand Registry program. Video ads first came out in early 2020. This relative newness makes them an ideal opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd. For one thing, many of your competitors might not be registered as a brand.

    Advertisement sponsored Brands Video ads usually appear on the top of the initial page in Amazon result pages. Contrary to traditional Sponsored Product advertisements that look like organic results from search videos make up a substantial page area. As a result, users are unable to miss them.

    The two-part ads show the brand’s video alongside an image of the product that contains the primary image of the item, including the title, reviews pricing, and shipping details.

    Who Can Use Sponsored Brands Video Ads?

    When you’re an active participant in the Amazon Brand Registry, you can make video advertisements. You’ll also have to have an active Amazon seller with an active Seller Central account.

    Amazon sellers can access an equal amount of assistance. As the lines are blurring between Amazon sellers and vendors, We are likely to be seeing improvements to this kind of advertisement using video.

    Why Should You Use amazon video ads for Your Products?

    The majority of marketers agree that videos can be a great way to explain the benefits of a product quickly. However, letting your customers know about the product isn’t an attractive enough reason to pay for videos.

    Here are some additional reasons to consider using videos for your advertising checklist:

    Video is 7x more likely to get clicks than digital ads

    A typical Click-Through Ratio (CTR) in video advertisements is 7.5X more than display ads. This is because videos are more interesting and draw more attention than static images. If something moves on a typically static screen, it’ll always make an impression.

    Videos allow you to show the product in use.

    If you’re selling something that needs to be used regularly and is not a product that can be used in a way, consumers are less likely to purchase it if they’re not sure how to utilize it. Here are some examples:

    • A demonstration of the coffee maker shows how simple it is to make use of
    • A pool for the family can demonstrate how much fun and how sturdy it can be
    • It is possible to display it as an attractive accessory an interior design
    • The clothes are displayed in the way it looks on someone in real life from various perspectives

    No matter how you go about it, videos allow users to see how it would work when employing your solution.

    It’s still relatively new to Amazon sellers.

    Amazon launched videos last year, which means that many sellers are still used to the technology. Many sellers remain stuck in their old ways, which allows beating them with captivating ads. The extra effort will be rewarded with more CTR, which will result in greater conversion rates.

    The majority of people are visual learners.

    Many platforms are shifting to video since most people tend to be visual (estimated 65%). In this regard, visually-oriented people are more likely to motion ads. If you’ve seen an article gain more popularity thanks to an impressive infographic, you’ve seen it in motion.

    How to Set Up a Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ad (Step-by-Step)

    Step 1: Get inspiration

    The initial step in every marketing strategy is planning your strategy. Because this is a brand new area, looking at what your competitors are doing is a good way to begin. Every successful campaign starts by establishing a solid foundation of the things already working.

    The goal isn’t to imitate the work but rather to consider ways to enhance the pieceā€”one of the best ways to demonstrate how users can benefit from your product. For instance, if, for example, you are selling a grill, demonstrate how easy it is to build and use. If you are selling footballs, show them using them and how it flies in the air.

    Step 2: Make the video.

    The next step is to create the video. It’s possible that you’re not able to make an effective video because there’s no expertise. It’s not a problem since most people don’t have enough time to attend an online videography class.

    Sponsored Brands Video Ads
    Source- Outbrain

    Fortunately, Amazon makes this easy by providing Amazon’s YouTube Creative Builder. Amazon offers many different templates based on your brand’s existing assets. It is also possible to enhance existing videos by adding frames or other templates.

    If you’re still looking for professional-quality video editing before editing, there are alternatives:

    • Find a videographer who is a freelancer through websites such as Upwork or Fiverr
    • DIY using a white/black clean sheet and a camera mounted on a tripod
    • Make use of other online video services provided by third-party companies. These are tips regarding video-related tools that can help you make advertisements of all kinds, including Amazon ads.

    No matter how you create the video, you must make sure that the video isn’t blurry and that it is in compliance with dimensions and resolution requirements. Amazon will take down videos that aren’t in conformity.

    Step 3. Campaign creation

    The process for creating ads is easy. Follow these guidelines:

    1. Log in to Seller Central.

    2. Select the Campaign Manager under the advertising tab and select to create a campaign.

    Sponsored Brands Video Ads
    Source- Outbrain

    3. Select Brands that are sponsored under the type of campaign choice screen.

    Sponsored Brands Video Ads
    Source- Outbrain

    4. Select the campaign’s name budget, portfolio, brand starting date, as well as ending date.

    5. Select video under the format choice screen.

    Sponsored Brands Video Ads
    Source- Outbrain

    6. Select the product you want to target to promote.

    7. Send us your videos (making sure you meet the requirements for your file listed).

    8. Select your keywords of choice and bid amount, and the filtering style you want to use for the keywords.

    Sponsored Brands Video Ads
    Source- Outbrain

    Best practices for Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads campaigns  

    We are one of the Amazon Advertising affiliate agencies; we are provided with special insights and tips from Amazon regarding how to get the most value from every advertisement format. Here’s a brief summary of the most effective techniques:

    • Products ratings: Start with products with the rating that are 3.5 stars or more.
    • Tell the story of your product: Use aesthetic product-focused video content to stand out in search results.
    • Highlight the key characteristics: Feature specific uses and styles, or even specifications for your product.
    • Increase Awareness: Target broad keywords and categories that will help you introduce new products to appropriate audiences.
    • Increase sales speed: Target branded keywords to aid in early conversions.
    • Know your target audience: Amazon customers are looking for brands and products. Your content should be informative, focused, demonstrative, and oriented towards products.
    • Display the product you sell: Videos featuring the product prominently in the first two seconds typically are more effective. Don’t miss the chance to entice viewers by fading into black or beginning with a blank frame.
    • Keep it short and clear: Amazon recommends an ideal length of video between 15 and 30 seconds to convey your message to keep your customers’ attention. In addition, make sure to limit your content to a few key selling points to make sure your message is heard.
    • Optimize for the formats: This video unit plays automatically without sound and is displayed within the results of a search, with no option to switch to full screen. Your videos must work without sound. You’ll have to make sure that the on-screen text is easily read on mobile devices and isn’t blocked by the interface for the user that is placed in the video area (See the safe zone template).
    • Consider loop: Once this video closes, it will immediately repeat. You might want to consider adding a final card to give you some breathing room or be imaginative and make your loop as seamless as possible.

    What are The Best Ways to Create an Effective Amazon Video Advertising Campaign?

    Know your Customers

    Read reviews from customers about your product and other similar ones to find out what your market is looking for. Take the time to understand the problems that potential customers might be facing, and then utilize your video to offer solutions and benefits for all of them.

    Create an Informative Video of Your Product

    Sponsored Brands Video Ads
    Create an Informative Video of Your Product

    Don’t lose sight of the goal you are aiming for. Keep your focus on the product throughout the entire time. The customers should be informed about the product as well as the brand. Explain how the product works, what it can provide them with, and why they should purchase it. The content that is flimsy could divert your customers’ attention from the main issue, which could cause them to go elsewhere.

    High-Quality Video

    There’s a lot of rivalry on Amazon, So ensure that your videos are of top quality to make sure it stands out. Your brand’s story should be told in the most innovative manner you can.

    Videos Need to be Short

    According to Amazon, your video’s duration must be between 15 to 30 seconds. Be sure to include all of your product’s selling points throughout the duration. The longer videos aren’t as effective in capturing your viewers’ focus.

    Usage of Target Keywords

    Conduct a thorough keyword search and select the one that has the most conversion rates. Ensure these SEO-friendly keywords in your video advert to ensure that Amazon might rank your page more highly in its search results.

    Personalize Your Video by Adding On-Screen Text

    Since your Amazon video ad will play with a muted tone, it’s crucial to include informational text and graphics in your video that offer details about your product to attract your intended audience’s attention. Texts should be easy to read and include the necessary information for customers to make a purchase.

    Create a Loop Video

    Since your Amazon video advertisement will continue to play in a loop, make sure you create an excellent and engaging looping video that keeps your viewers interested. Your customers will be enticed to view your loop video over and over repeatedly if it’s great. It’s the same when watching the video transition Tik Tok video that entices you and makes it difficult to leave.

    Connect your Sources

    Everyone thinks they are the best; however before you make such assertions, make sure you prove it by citing credible sources. Social proof and statistics can help build trust with customers and help keep your brand from getting into trouble.

    Create a Captivating Landing Page

    After viewing your video advertisement, the viewers will be directed to the landing page for your product. All transactions are transferred to one site, and that’s the reason it’s crucial to ensure it is seamless and matches what you are promoting in your advertisement so that they can make an order.

    What Are The Amazing Advantages of Video Advertising ?

    About 90% – 95% of marketers think that video advertisements are an effective marketing strategy that entices viewers to find out more about your business. Additionally, videos for brands are loved by 80% of viewers. Therefore investing in video advertising is always a great option. Below are some advantages that video advertisements can bring to your business:

    Videos have a greater CTR. (CTR)

    The CTR for videos is 7.5X More than the display advertisements. Videos are a more engaging way of communicating with your public. People are more likely to be drawn by moving images rather than static images on the screen.

    Videos Help You to Demonstrate How Your Product Works

    Videos are a great way to convince the people who view your product that it is beneficial to them. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to explain how your product functions.

    Videos Help You Reach a Larger Audience

    People from all over the world love sharing videos with relatives, friends, and acquaintances. In the end, video marketing can reach an even larger audience and increase brand recognition. Additionally, it’s an effective way to get your company’s name placed in front of many potential customers.

    SEO Friendly

    Many search engines, including Google, are known to prioritize videos over other kinds of content that they offer on their sites. In turn, your business will gain an increase in website traffic and lead conversion because of this.

    Videos are a Cost-Effective Way to Gain Attention

    In contrast to traditional media, platforms on the internet like YouTube as well as Google are considerably less costly, and it’s difficult to remove the content of a brand after it’s posted. Even in the case that you can’t pay rent due to unforeseeable circumstances, these advertisements will be in place for a long time.

    Videos are Sharable on Several Platforms

    By giving your company global exposure, videos can help you beat your competition. Videos can be shared on virtually every platform from Instagram to Google and even are available on every device, including mobile phones and connected televisions. In the end, your brand’s reach extends to every person on earth beyond your local audience.

    Videos can help your brand launch new Products.

    Videos on your homepage that explain your product could be a great way to advertise your latest product. If you’re hoping to take your company to the next level, you’ll require an authentic video, one that provides details regarding the item.

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