#106 – Amazon sellers now have 14 days to process refunds

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    Amazon offers temporary relief in refund process and Seller Fulfilled Prime refund reimbursement policies: During May 2020, sellers will have 14 days to process returned items and refund customers. The required return processing time will revert to two calendar days after May 31, 2020. Link

    Amazon is ugently looking for these products: Supply these ASINS to grow sales during Covid times: If you are a business supplier with large inventory of critical products, you can help Amazon meet the demand for COVID-19 health and safety supplies. Amazon is waiving all standard referral fees for third-party sellers on products supplied for this effort. If you are responsible for selling COVID-19 health and safety supplies, please fill out the form. Link

    11 Amazon advertising mistakes to avoid in 2020: In 2019, Amazon added a large number of new programs within the Amazon advertising platform including: New targeting options, Increased access to display and video ads, Several new reports and data points. Amazon also significantly reduced the number of organic spots in the Amazon search engine results page (SERP) with the addition of more, Ad slots and placements for paid search, Editorial recommendations, Recommended articles. Link

    How to use Google Search Advertising to grow sales on Amazon: It’s easy for brands competing on the Amazon marketplace to fall into the trap of becoming too Amazon obsessed. Sellers and vendors set out to master the channel from the inside out, and in the process they neglect outside opportunities that can deliver great results, quickly. Link

    8 Ways Direct To Customer brands will evolve during and after the Covid era: DTC brands that sell CPG products are reporting a spike in sales and brands are working together to produce PPE for medical workers. DTC is struggling, but there’s room for innovation. Link

    Shopify offers eCommerce automation to save costs, so that you can focus on what matters!: Thousands of online retailers have put ecommerce automation to work with Shopify Plus. Even more impressive are the hard numbers behind those businesses. 1.1 billion workflows, decisions offloaded, each one eliminating a process that used to be manually operated. In total, that’s 9.2 million hours in time saved (or more than 1000 years). Link

    #106 - Amazon sellers now have 14 days to process refunds 2

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