Seller Financing: How to get a loan for your Amazon Business in 2022

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    Amazon sellers usually require funding to expand their Amazon business by diversifying and adding new products. You may require additional funds to make it through these difficult times due to the coronavirus epidemic.

    It is important to decide when and how you want to get your Amazon business financing. If you wait too long to get funding, your business could be in serious debt. Waiting too long to get funding can also hurt your business. You may miss out on potential growth opportunities and lose out on vendor deals.

    What is an FBA loan or Seller Financing?

    Fulfillment by Amazon is the most popular business model that many online sellers use when selling through Amazon. Amazon FBA loans are also known as Amazon seller loans. Amazon offers these loans only to qualified sellers. These loans are intended to assist sellers in expanding their business and building their inventory. Below is information about Amazon Lending.

    There are many options for financing your Amazon business

    1. SBA Microloan

    To help small businesses grow and start, the U.S. Small Business Administration offers a microloan. SBA funds are provided to qualified intermediary lenders. Then, applicants can obtain a loan of up to $50,000.


    • You must be a small, for-profit business.
    • Microlenders can lend to small businesses that aren’t eligible for traditional bank loans.
    • In the past one to two years, there have been no foreclosures or bankruptcies.
    • Many microlenders don’t require a minimum credit score

    Each intermediary lender will have its own credit and lending requirements. In general, intermediaries need some form of collateral and the personal guarantee of the business owner.

    • This can be used to purchase inventory, supplies, working capital, furniture, machinery, or equipment or maintenance.
    • Designed for non-profit businesses as well as certain childcare centers.
    • Get up to $50,000 ( the average microloan amount is $13,000).
    • Business owners typically do not need to have a minimum credit score.
    • Many microloans provide mentoring programs for business owners
    • The proceeds of an SBA microloan are not available to pay any existing debts or to buy real estate.
    • Depending on the organization, the application process could take several weeks to months.
    • A written business plan is essential
    • Personal financial statements must be provided
    • You will need to provide permits and business licenses
    • Depending on the lender, collateral or personal guarantees may be required.
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    2. Amazon Lending

    Amazon Lending* (an invitation-only program) is offered by Amazon to assist small and medium-sized business owners with Amazon business financing. Qualified sellers can choose from a variety of short-term financing options that best suit their business needs.


    • Maintain a seller account with positive customer metrics and in good standing
    • Steady sales growth
    • You must be an Amazon seller
    • You will be able to see if you are eligible for a loan in your seller central dashboard.

    Each seller’s experience with Amazon will vary. Amazon doesn’t provide much information on loans until you are approved.

    • They will not check your credit but may look at your business credit history.
    • Approval takes, on average, five days. Some sellers claim they were notified within minutes, and their funds were disbursed the next day.
    • Funds are transferred directly into your seller account balance
    • There are no origination fees, application fees, or prepayment penalties
    • Your metrics and sales history will determine the amount and terms of your funding.
    • Previous sellers of the forums reported low rates.
    • This is a great product for sellers who are looking to increase their sales.
    • Your seller account balance is debited of payments. Even if you have low sales for the month, your payment will still go.
    • Only for Amazon Business Financing
    • These loans are short-term, so the monthly payments can be very high.
    • Qualification doesn’t equal approval.
    • You may have difficulty paying the loan if your sales stagnate or start to decline.
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    Amazon Finance Options in 2021

    3. Amazon Line of Credit

    It’s Different from Amazon Lending Amazon recently partnered with Goldman Sachs to offer qualified sellers a Business Line of Credit*, specifically designed for Amazon sellers for their Amazon business financing. This is not an Amazon Lending loan.

    Amazon sellers have the option to request funds as they become necessary, rather than taking a large lump sum.


    • Marcus by Goldman Sachs and Amazon do not provide much information on the program.
    • This invitation-only program will also be offered.
    • Click on the invitation to be taken to Marcus’ website. There you can verify your eligibility and complete your application.
    • Amazon will exchange your merchant data with Goldman. Goldman will then use your business revenue data to underwrite the line of credit.

    Each seller’s experience with Amazon will vary. Amazon doesn’t provide much information on loans until you are approved.

    • Amazon and Goldman have created another financing option specifically for Amazon sellers.
    • It is more flexible than Amazon Lending loans
    • You can use the funds however you need them
    • Sellers can use the funds to pay staffing and operational costs. Buy more inventory for increased cost-efficiency. Develop and manufacture products. Expand marketing efforts to build and expand their customer base.
    • The entire application process can be completed digitally and takes less than 5 minutes. Most customers will receive an answer within 24 hours.
    • Fixed interest rates
    • Rates of credit may be extremely high
    • If you don’t use 30% or more of your credit line, they charge a maintenance fee
    • Late-payment fees apply
    • This is an invitation-only event
    • Amazon won’t control the underwriting process

    4. Fintech Lenders

    It can be hard to get a loan from a traditional source like a bank or credit union, as more and more business transactions are being done online.

    Fintech lenders offer loans and lines of credit to eCommerce businesses like yours for your Amazon business financing. These lenders offer many benefits, including fast approval and funding, as well as the ability to provide much-needed growth capital for inventory deals.

    Example Vendors Include:

    AccrueMe Amazon Seller Financing

    Seller Financing
    • Unique Fintech Company that offers unique growth capital to Amazon Sellers without any monthly payments
    • They don’t charge any interest to sellers, and they take a small portion of your profits as long as you use the money.
    • There are no credit checks or personal guarantees
    • Your Amazon sales are the basis of funding
    • To help Amazon sellers succeed, they’re backed by $100,000,000
    • They will double your capital, invest $5,000-$5,000,000 in Amazon’s business and invest $5,000-$5,000,000

    Capital Advance Amazon Seller Financing

    Seller Financing
    Capital Advance
    • In just 24 hours, you can receive up to $250,000
    • The fees are usually between 0.5% to 1% per week. There is no origination fee so that you can pay your advance sooner and lower your costs.
    • Payability’s Instant Loan is designed to help you grow your business through marketing and inventory.
    • You must have maintained a seller account for at least nine months with average monthly sales of $10,000
    • Get funds as quickly as one business day by applying online to your marketplace accounts.
    • It’s great for many online marketplaces, including Amazon, Shopify, and Top Hatter.

    Kabbage Amazon Seller Financing

    Seller Financing
    • This is a changing credit line. Use the cash when you need it
    • Get up to $250,000
    • There are many loan types available to all types of businesses
    • It is great for e-commerce businesses
    • Your sales volume determines the amount of your loan.
    • You don’t have to pay anything until the funds are used.
    • Connect your bank account to seller accounts

    Sellers Funding Amazon Seller Financing

    Seller Financing
    • They offer working capital solutions that help e-commerce merchants to run successful businesses.
    • This program provides term loans, revenue advances, and credit lines.
    • In 1-2 business days, funds are transferred to your account
    • Your sales performance is a key factor in your approval
    • At least six months of sales history on Amazon is required. Sales should average at least $5,000 per month. The company must be in good standing with Amazon
    • They will inspect your personal credit.

    5. Personal loans

    Personal loans are often unsecured loans and can be used to fund a wide range of things, including Amazon business financing. Many banks and fintech lenders offer both secured (collateral is required) and unsecured (no collateral required).

    A personal loan may be an option for someone who is just starting out and doesn’t have a sales record.


    • Your personal credit score will determine your debt and income.
    • There will be many vendors that can help you find personal loans. Make sure to compare rates and shop around.
    • Once your application is approved, you will usually receive your funds within one business day.
    • Monthly, you will pay the same amount.
    • It’s very convenient if your company doesn’t have enough capital, but you don’t have any existing debt.
    • It’s great if you don’t have any sales experience
    • Unsecured loans typically have higher interest rates
    • The loan is attached to your name and not to your business
    • Personal loans are typically used to consolidate your debt. If you have trouble managing your finances, a personal mortgage may not be the best option.
    • Do not apply for a personal loan if you are already in debt
    • Rates can be very high because they are based on your credit score

    Which option is best for Amazon Seller financing?

    Money is essential for a business’ growth. Traditional banks often refuse loans due to rigid lending policies that make it difficult for entrepreneurs and small businesses with high-risk appetites. Amazon Lending, Fintech Lenders, and Amazon Line of Credit are alternative lenders in this market. They use data from eCommerce sales to determine your likelihood of repaying your loan.

    These are its advantages:

    • Rapid disbursement
    • Nontraditional lenders may not check your personal credit score.
    • Your online sales history is a key factor in approval
    • Flexible terms allow for more financing options.
    • Not required to have physical collateral
    • This product is specifically designed for eCommerce businesses

    You’ll be able to get a loan faster by using a nontraditional lender.

    What if you are a new seller who doesn’t qualify for a loan.

    Selling on Amazon should be considered a serious business. Selling on Amazon requires careful planning and research, just like any other business. It may not be a smart idea to borrow money if you are just beginning your Amazon selling journey. Bootstrapping was a way for many sellers to get started on Amazon. You can also do it.

    There are many ways to get started, whether you have no money or not. You can also continue to reinvest your profits. Selling used books is one of my favorite ways to sell on Amazon. It requires little, if any, upfront investment. If your business is growing and you need more capital, then you might consider outside financing.


    Strong credit history is essential, but it is not a deal-breaker if your credit score isn’t stellar. This is especially true for online lenders and nontraditional lenders. It will save you time and speed up the approval and funding process by knowing in advance which type of loan is right for your business.

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