Best Amazon Sales Estimator for Amazon sellers in 2022

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    FBA sellers need to invest a lot of time and capital to do product research. However, this is an essential business process that can help them grow their business. You can’t afford to compromise on the importance of researching your product ranking, sales volume, and many other factors. Amazon Sales Estimator is the solution to your product research problems.

    What is an Amazon Sales Estimator ?

    Amazon sells millions upon millions of products sold by millions of sellers from all over the world. With so many sellers offering products and high traffic to Amazon, competition is fierce.

    The first step in maximizing your profits and sales volume is determining which Amazon product you want to sell. It is easy to decide whether or not you want to sell a product on Amazon or how you can increase your sales levels in comparison to other sellers.

    The Amazon Sales Estimator can do all of this. There Many free amazon sales estimators are easily accessible online. You simply need to enter the product category and insert the ranking. The average sales volume will be displayed on your screen.

    How is Amazon’s Sales Rank Calculated ?

    It’s safe to say that Amazon’s sales ranking is crucial for both the seller and buyer. It is a key determinant of the impact of many factors and should therefore be carefully studied. If a product ranks first, it has sold more recently than any other product within that category.

    How do you calculate Amazon’s sales rank? The calculation does not consider the Amazon product ratings or reviews that customers have left, but it is based on the Amazon sales rate.

    The algorithms that rank products depend on many factors. It is determined by the product’s ability to achieve higher rankings based on the recent sales and historical data relative to other products in the same category. In the calculation, sales from the most recent years are more important than sales of older products.

    Amazon uses its hourly updated metrics to calculate the bestseller ranking.

    Amazon adds each product’s sales and weights them according to when they were made. Then it compares these values and sorts the products into their respective categories in ascending order.

    Amazon does not reveal the exact ranking of products, so speculations about calculating it is limited.

    What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

    It’s easy to see which rank has a positive or negative effect on your sales. An Amazon sales rank that is higher than your competition is considered a good one.

    Your product should be ranked fifth in its category if it is selling well. If there are 100 other products in the same category, your product will be at a favorable level over those 95 products.

    The rank of your product is a measure of how important it is to the success of sales.

    Why do you need a sales estimator?

    Reseller and Keepa are both on-page estimators that have been around for a while. But why would we use them? When it comes to Amazon sales, the Sales Estimator can be very useful. FBA sellers have many benefits from it.

    • This allows you to estimate the volume of sales for a particular product. It helps you understand the market and makes adjustments in your business accordingly.
    • This tool allows you to monitor the performance of your rivals by showing you how many units they sell on average. These tools will also help you determine how many units to sell to be the market leader.
    • This sales estimator is easy to use and makes it easier for you. It is possible to save time and avoid the headache of managing spreadsheets.
    • The sales estimator gives you an insight into how to increase sales and establish your business on the market. This will give you better chances to plant your roots.

    Best sales estimator for Amazon sellers

    1. Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

    Amazon Sales
     Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

    Jungle Scout is arguably the most popular platform for Amazon Sellers. It can be used to solve your Amazon sales problems with their Jungle Scout Estimator feature.

    The sellers benefit by having instant access to millions of product sales data. It is completely free to everyone and gives you a rough idea of the sales.

    Simply go to their website or mobile application and enter the details about the sales rank you want to collect sales data on, the market or geographic region you wish the sales estimates to be displayed, and the product category. These steps will give you results based on Amazon’s product sales rankings. These steps are quick and easy to calculate the average monthly sales so that you can monitor your competitors and launch such successful launches.

    2. Helium 10

    Amazon Sales
    Helium 10

    Software that provides multiple tools to help you in all aspects of the market is essential in order to gain accurate and reliable information. Helium 10 software includes over 20 tools that will help you save money and make money.

    Helium10 amazon sales estimator is the best choice for you if you’re an Amazon seller and manage the majority of your product listings and want to estimate sales. The all-in-one platform allows you to gain benefits at every stage of selling.

    The software is free to use to learn more about it and choose from the platinum, diamond, or elite plans.

    The keyword tracker tool helps you to track down keywords and their ranks. This will help you to choose keywords that will get your products on the first search page of Amazon, allowing you to attract more buyer attention.

    We can only touch the surface of the many features that Helium 10 offers its users. Helium 10 is time-saving and allows you to spend more time on your business than on datasheets and spreadsheets. It lets you spy on your competitors and provides advice about the number of units you need to sell to dominate the market.

    3. Viral Launch

    Amazon Sales
    Viral Launch

    Viral Launch is a company that provides a wide range of services to assist your business in achieving excellence in the Amazon marketplace. Virtual Launch stands out from the rest because it offers personalization. Virtual Launch offers Amazon sellers a variety of services. They also get a personal consultant who will guide them through the process and help them achieve positive results.

    Virtual Launch offers Amazon seller’s market intelligence as one of its services. This software solution has been created to help you ensure that your product is successful in the marketplace. It makes it easy to understand the market as it gives you information about past sales, current prices, and new trends. This will help you to create a well-thought-out plan for your business.

    You can use the built-in amazon sales estimator to determine how much each Amazon product costs and makes to make more sales. The software claims it can produce more accurate results than their competitors because they use historical and real-time data to calculate monthly sales.

    4. AMZ Scout Sales Estimator

    Amazon Sales
    AMZ Scout

    AMZ Scout Sales Estimator makes it easy and simple for everyone to use. Its Amazon sales rank calculates the Amazon product’s sales. Therefore, it is important to know the rank of the product you want to retrieve the data from.

    You will be asked to choose from various products, including appliances, electronics, and home and kitchen. Once you’re done, enter the rank for the Amazon product to see the average sales estimates.

    The following marketplaces are supported by the AMZ Scouts Sales Estimator: USA, India, and Canada. Monthly sales estimates for the US market are the most reliable of all the other locations.

    5. Unicorn Smasher

    Amazon Sales
    Unicorn Smasher

    Unicorn Smasher offers a cost-free alternative to competitors that can charge up to $20 or $300. This Chrome extension is specifically designed for Amazon FBA sellers. The data-driven sales estimates provide you with all the information you need in order to sell the best products and excel in sales.

    This software is designed to allow users to study all aspects of Amazon through one platform. It also allows them to find information and opportunities that might be useful right on the site. Unicorn Smasher amazon sales estimator provides the information you need in just seconds, right from your browser.

    By combining all the sales estimate features in one place, you can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent creating endless spreadsheets to track the numbers.

    To add the extension to the Chrome browser, simply enter your name and email address.

    6. Sellerapp Amazon sales estimator

    Amazon Sales

    Each product in different categories has different rankings that help the buyer to understand its popularity and reliability. It should also allow sellers to understand the market better and identify opportunities for them. Seller App’s amazon sales estimator helps with that!

    It identifies niches and product categories that offer the most sales opportunities for users. It is crucial to be aware of your competitors when you are in a market. The Seller App Sales Estimator shows you how many units your competition sells and how many you need to sell in order to be a market leader and appear on the first page of Amazon using the correct keywords.

    It is very easy. Select the product base category you wish to work with and then enter the sales rank. After you’ve entered all details, you will see the Amazon product’s orders per day. This will give you an estimate of your sales to help you grow your Amazon business.

    Amazon Rank and BSR explained.

    Amazon Sales Rank allows you to compare the sales of a product with other products in the same category. An Amazon product that ranks first in its category is considered the most popular.

    Your product ranking at 35 is a result of 34 other products that are selling better in the Amazon marketplace for the same category.

    Amazon BSR, or best seller rank, is an Amazon rank that is given to products based on their order history compared to other products in the same category. The BSR for any product can be accessed by clicking on the product description.


    Amazon is a great place to test your business skills. Despite the fact that thousands of products are added to the site every day, the competition can be fierce. However, it is worthwhile to make an effort to increase your business’ potential.

    Similar to Amazon FBA sellers on Shopify, you will need to use an Amazon sales estimator. They can help your business grow and provide better sales opportunities. All this without having to spend your time studying the market.

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