Guide to Amazon Prime Video: Benefits, Price & Rental in 2022

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    Amazon Prime subscription doesn’t just revolve around shopping. It also comes with a variety of benefits, like access to an array of movies and TV shows via Amazon Prime Video, which is among the most popular streaming options available on Amazon Prime Video. Some original shows you won’t see elsewhere, classics from the past, and a variety of films.

    Although Prime Video is like the other services that stream content, Prime Video comes with some unique and great features. This collection of Prime Video tips and tricks will assist you in finding the content you’re looking to stream to stream, set up the app, and master Amazon’s streaming services to maximize the value of your money.

    What is Prime Video?

    Amazon Prime Video is an on-demand streaming service included in the Amazon Prime membership. If you do not possess Amazon Prime, you can enroll in Prime Video on its own.

    You can view hundreds of films through Prime Video, including many award-winning films, original programming, and critically-acclaimed TV shows.

    The streaming service offers around 24,000 films and over 2100 shows. In addition, you can purchase or rent additional TV episodes not included in your subscription. Add over 100 premium channels on the Prime Video channel.

    Five benefits of Amazon Prime Video

    1. Wealth of Original Content

    It’s impossible to walk without coming across streaming services, as is their prevalence. However, it’s more vital to ensure that streaming platforms provide the top quality new media to be distinguished. Regarding the quality of their content and how many they have, Amazon Prime Video is top of the list.

    It’s because it’s with amazing original series like Jack Ryan, Hanna, The Boys, and Tales from the Loop and films such as The Tomorrow War, Cinderella, and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

    2. Plenty of Licensed Programming

    It’s not just that Amazon Prime Video full of original content and licensed content, but the programming is also rampant. So if you’re looking for a classic crime drama or an up-to-date comedy, there’s something you’ll enjoy on Prime Video.

    Remember that the choices constantly change as contracts end and licenses don’t get renewed. So don’t put it off for too long if you spot something you’d like to check out.

    3. Lots Available to Watch In 4K and HDR

    best amazon prime video

    If your TV is compatible with 4Kor HDR and HDR, you can enjoy many Amazon Prime Video content in high-resolution (including almost all of their original content). Contrary to other streaming services, which charge additional fees for this and more, this is all included in the Prime Video plan.

    You’ll require an internet connection that has at least 15Mbps download speed. Ensure that your connection is up to par.

    4. Supports Plenty of Devices

    amazon prime video
    Guide to Amazon Prime Video: Benefits, Price & Rental in 2022 5

    What’s the purpose of streaming services even if you’re unable to view them on one of your gadgets? Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video supports many different devices.

    This covers Amazon products such as Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo, Blu-ray players, games consoles mobiles, set-top boxes, smart TVs, etc. You can find a complete list of supported devices on Amazon’s devices supported website.

    5. Rent & Buy Additional Content

    Although it would be wonderful for all the content you’d like to see to be accessible through Amazon Prime Video, due to the Amazon Prime Video subscription, this isn’t possible due to licensing reasons. Yet, Amazon offers additional content that you can rent out or purchase. This typically includes new movie releases.

    How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

    amazon prime video
    prime video amazon cost

    There are two options to access the Amazon video library: either a stand-alone Prime Video subscription or an Amazon Prime subscription. The Prime Video subscription costs $8.99 per month and offers a streaming library. Alternately, you can cost $14.99 each month (or $139 for the year) for the Amazon Prime package that comes with Prime Video and along with other perks like the free 2-day (and same-day delivery, when it’s there’s availability) delivery, music streaming and the Twitch Prime membership as well as special discounts from Whole Foods. 

    Both levels give you access to similar content and are free of ads, except for Amazon’s in-house pre-roll advertisements that you can completely skip. The Amazon Prime Day event is quickly approaching, and it will include special offers for Prime customers, too. Go through the Prime Day coverage to stay informed.

    How do I get Amazon Prime Video for free?

    Amazon Prime, particularly the annual subscription, is quite a good investment for families with a limited budget. However, if you’re not certain whether it’s worth spending money on, you’ll be pleased to find out that there’s an offer of a 30-day trial period for free for new accounts. Thirty days is more than enough to enjoy a couple of Amazon Originals (and benefit from other benefits).

    The offer is sweeter for those who are students. If you can prove that they’re students with a .edu account or any other documents that prove it, the free trial can be extended for six months. Then, you’ll enjoy 50% off of an annual subscription, which is more affordable than different streaming services and none of which offers the same benefits.

    If you’re only seeking to stream videos, it’s also possible to think about sharing your Amazon Prime Video account with family and friends. The service has recently added the ability to create profiles that allows you to keep your viewing history private from other users. Furthermore, it allows three simultaneous streams, which means sharing isn’t a problem.

    Another method to access Amazon Prime Video for free is to subscribe to other subscriptions. Many mobile and cable subscriptions come with a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime and other services, so be sure to take a look at the most recent deals and specials on the following link.

    How to cancel amazon prime video

    Sign Into Amazon

    Sign in to the Amazon website using an account username and password. This is done by clicking on the Account and Lists section in the upper-right corner and then clicking Sign In.

    Access Amazon Prime

    Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll be able to start the cancellation process by using one of two methods. First, click Account & Lists and choose Prime to see your payment options and benefits.

    Alternative 2: Hover on the Account & Lists button and select Prime Membership.

    End Membership

    In the “Manage Membership” section on the right-hand side, select update, cancel, or other options. The dropdown menu for canceling membership will be displayed. Click Stop membership.

    Amazon will then display a message to ask if you’re confident you’d like to terminate your membership. If you’re unsure about whether you’re ready to end your membership and would like some time to contemplate the possibility, you may choose to be notified before the renewal date. If you’re sure, you’re ready, select to end my membership.

    Amazon will then make one last attempt to keep you on board by directing you to think about making the switch to the monthly payment. If you’re not yet convinced in your desire to cancel, then click the end Membership button, and you’ll be able to cut the cord from your Prime account.

    Does Prime Video support 4K and HDR?

    Prime Video supports a range of audio and video formats, including HDR (HDR) and 4K Ultra HD, and Dolby Atmos.

    All HDR titles support HDR10 or HDR10+ formats. A different HDR version, Dolby Vision, is also supported by a small selection of titles.

    In terms of high-quality audio, Prime Video can support Dolby Atmos on some shows and films; however, the options aren’t as extensive as the ones on Netflix and Disney Plus. The information page for each movie will typically reveal whether the video supports audio formats such as Dolby Atmos.

    Check your devices first to determine whether your video or audio equipment will be able to handle Prime Video content in these advanced formats.

    Renting and Buying Videos From Amazon

    Amazon Prime Video offers an advantage over competitors such as Netflix or Hulu by offering the ability to purchase or rent movies and TV shows for sale, similar to iTunes, Google Play Movies and TV Shows, and the Microsoft Movies & TV section for Windows and Xbox. In the case of certain types of content, buying or renting are the only options. Be aware that renting and purchases come with limitations. When you purchase a video through Prime Video, you can stream it as often as you like and download it onto up to four devices compatible with it. 

    If you rent the video, the limit of three videos per stream is still in place; however, Amazon will not allow you to stream the same rental on multiple devices at once. If you stream a downloaded rental from one platform, you are able to continue to watch it on a different device (though it’s not simultaneously). It typically takes the option of 30 days before you download or begin streaming the rental; however, after that normally have 48 hours to complete watching the video. You can get all the details specific to your rental on the Amazon Video Usage Rules to support page(Which opens in a new tab).

    Amazon prefers the TV and movies that are part of Prime and Prime TV, so the best way to go about it is to search specifically for the type of content you wish to stream or head right to the Buy or Rent Buy section. Renting a movie usually costs between $2.99 to $5.99; however, purchasing it costs anywhere between $7.99 to $19.99, depending on how old it is and the high-quality (SD or HD). Sometimes, however, SD and HD alternatives are identical.

    Amazon Prime Video vs. Netflix

    amazon prime video
    amazon prime instant video

    Netflix vs Amazon prime video

    Netflix is the main big elephant when it comes to streaming platforms, and with the right reason. Netflix is home to an enormous quantity of content, including the most hit-oriented original series than any other service.

    Netflix’s basic plan is limited to HD 480p; however, it’s more expensive than the standard Prime Video subscription at $9.99 per month. If you’re looking for higher quality (which we’ll admit is the case, you must), the 1080p plan costs $15.49 per month, while the 4K plan costs $19.99 monthly.

    An Amazon Prime subscription offers more advantages for less for a limited time, but if you’re browsing for streaming content, Netflix is the better service. There isn’t much overlap between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, so it’s worth signing up for both.

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