Amazon Post & Amazon Live Help Sellers Earn More in Sales

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    Amazon Posts is quickly emerging as a trusted destination among Amazon sellers looking to explore endless possibilities to build their business. Amazon Posting helps Amazon sellers earn more sales through Amazon Posts and Amazon Live, two new services Amazon offers for vendors on its platform.

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    Amazon Posts is a relatively new image-based browsing experience on Amazon that shoppers can use to browse by product category or explore brand-specific feeds to discover new products. Amazon sellers are keen to make use of this because it produces clicks, highlights the products, and lets the brand tell its story on Amazon. It also allows sellers to share the same content they have already published on social media with shoppers on Amazon.

    Amazon Live, another area of specialization for Amazon Posting, is a live streaming service that allows sellers to promote discovery of their products by hosting live streams for customers on Amazon. Shoppers can watch live or recently live videos by clicking Amazon Live. While watching live videos, customers can also ask questions and chat with the hosts. From the seller’s perspective, Amazon Live provides more clicks and impressions to their listings and the sales velocity to increase ranking.


    “Amazon has been working with sellers to create a seamless process to sell and bring brand awareness to their offerings. Amazon Posts is a great way to repurpose content you already use on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This allows shoppers to buy from your post and they don’t have to leave the platform. This is a perfect shopping eco-system. I’m excited for my clients to try this, along with the new live stream feature,” said an impressed client of Amazon Posting.

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    About Amazon Posting

    We help Amazon Sellers get more traffic in their Amazon listing. We track impressions, clicks and CTR. We believe in the more you give to Amazon, the better Amazon likes your listing by using Amazon Posts and Amazon Live.

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    Amazon Post & Amazon Live Help Sellers Earn More in Sales 2

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