#112 – Amazon offers $1M Credit Line to Sellers

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    Amazon Partners With Goldman Sachs to offer $1M Credit Lines to Amazon Sellers. Amazon Lending is announcing a new partnership with Marcus by Goldman Sachs which allows them to offer a Marcus Business Line of Credit built specifically for Amazon sellers based in the US. Eligible sellers will receive invitations via Seller Central to apply with Marcus for the Line of Credit. Link

    Amazon announces fashion summer sale event to help brands rebound after COVID19. The June 22 event aims to provide a sales boost to merchants impacted by the pandemic. Discover the details and how to prepare your business. Link

    Amazon is making significant changes to programme policies wef 15th June 2020. Following programs are impacted, Selling Policies and Seller Code of Conduct, EU VAT Services Online Agreement, FBA Subscribe & Save, Amazon Renewed Global Quality Policy, FBA Dangerous Goods programme terms and conditions etc Link

    Looking to source products from China – Canton Fair commences online for first time in 63 years. Fair offers 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, attracting 25K Chinese enterprises, that can present their products in various forms such as images, videos and 3D formats. Link

    Customer searches increased by 30-50% on Amazon. Typically there are 70-90 million keyword searches in the US marketplace every month. In May 2020, there were nearly 118 million unique keyword phrases. This article dig deeper into the entire data set and looked at keywords as ‘clusters’ groups of words that share the same seed terms. It finds out that clusters with more than 1000 terms grew, on average by an additional 1500 terms. Link

    JungleScout’s 2020 Consumer Trends Report explores changes in consumer buying behavior in the US in an increasingly digital era and as the COVID19 pandemic continues. This report reveals, What kinds of products consumers are buying, Changes in consumers spending behaviors, Whether consumers plan to shop in physical stores or online in the future, Consumers loyalty to Amazon and certain brands. Link

    Huge growth in e-commerce shows that now is the perfect time to shift focus to online sales and Amazon marketing. Find suggestions for creating a rock solid ecommerce strategy that can help you stand out in a marketplace as competitive as Amazon. Link

    Everything you need to know about Amazon SEO and ranking. Using the right keywords is critical to ranking on an Amazon search results page. With 70% of Amazon customers never leaving the first page of search results and the first three products in the search results pulling in 64% of all clicks, you want to be on page one. Link

    #112 - Amazon offers $1M Credit Line to Sellers 2

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    List of top searched keywords this week on Amazon. You can use these keywords to grow your revenue. Link

    Get the list of keywords that your competitors are using on Amazon. Link

    Optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns & drive sales with low ACoS. Schedule a Call Today with Experts. Link

    Top Tools for Amazon Sellers

    Accurate and automated Amazon accounting, without the fuss. A2X gives your confidence in your numbers by posting your sales, fees and the rest into tidy summaries that post to QuickBooks or Xero. Try A2X TodayLink

    How to find a manufacturer or supplier for your new product idea. Time and time again, many entrepreneurs find themselves hitting a brick wall and losing momentum when it comes time to actually source products. Whether it be manufacturing your own product or finding suppliers to purchase wholesale from, they aren’t always easy to find. Link

    Need help appealing an Amazon account suspension? Suspended Amazon sellers often need help drafting a Plan of Action as Amazon usually refuses to provide exact details on why a seller’s account was suspended in the first place. Link

    How to leverage TikTok to drive brand awareness and sales on Amazon. Brands are increasingly using TikTok to reach and engage with their customers. Learn how your business can leverage the social platform to drive brand awareness and increase Amazon sales. Link

    Looking to sell your FBA Business? Thrasio is the fastest growing acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses. Choosing the right partner when selling your business can eliminate months, even years of unknowns. Thrasio has the most efficient close process, backed by inhouse general counsel, diligence and finance teams. Link

    Amazon Posts, Amazon’s secret weapon to drive traffic. Amazon Posts is currently limited to brands that are enrolled under Amazon Brand Registry and have a store on the US site. Link

    How to balance Amazon and a DTC site by prioritizing your brand. The strategy you choose for your business should ultimately be the one that prioritizes your brand’s position in the market and its identity with consumers. That strategy, depending on your specific situation, could be an Amazon only approach, a direct to consumer (DTC) site only or a hybrid of Amazon and DTC sales channels. Link

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