Amazon Music Expansion to LATAM

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    The recent launch of Amazon Music in Argentina marks the furthering of the company’s expansion into the Latin American market. Users in Argentina are now able to access the platform’s Amazon Music Unlimited service, allowing them to listen to Amazon’s complete catalog of ninety million tracks.

    Amazon Music in Colombia and Chile was launched in November 2021, and more countries in Latin America are set to get access to the platform in the near future. This also follows the introduction of Alexa, the voice of Amazon Echo, in 2019: native Brazilians helped to create the voice for the country’s Alexa, ensuring the use of authentic Portuguese dialect, which offers a plethora of local and regional information for users to access.

    Amazon in Argentina

    As well as getting access to Amazon Music Unlimited, customers in Argentina can now listen to a selection of ad-supported radio stations and playlists for free, including locally curated playlists like Cumbia al Sur and Flow Argento, which showcase regional artists and shines a spotlight on up-and-coming Argentiain bands – as well as playing a selection of classic Latin tracks and contemporary hits.

    Amazon will be offering users a number of tiers, including paid options, and listeners will be able to access podcasts for free, too. This will no doubt be great news to Argentina’s legions of music fans and content creators – although those looking for music for their video should be careful regarding ownership so as not to be at risk of copyright infringement. Creators might want to consider using royalty-free music, which is an affordable way of getting a great soundtrack for videos; usually, a single, affordable fee is paid, which gives the user the legal right to incorporate the track into their content. 

    When Amazon Music initially launched in Argentina, it offered new customers a three-month free trial period of its Unlimited package. Following this, the cost of the Individual Plan was ARS 279 a month (approximately USD 2.38), or the Family Plan could be purchased for ARS 489 a month (around USD 4.18), which allowed up to six family members to use the same subscription.

    Key members of the executive team were taken on as part of the expansion, including a Head of Music for the new territory, as well as a Music Curator and a Senior Label Relations/Artists Relations Manager based in Buenos Aires.

    The Growth of Digital Shopping in Latin America

    In 2020, Argentina was the country that was experiencing the fastest growth in e-Commerce in the world, and Brazil featured in the top five, too, seeing annual growth of a staggering 35%, putting its rate above that of the UK in the same year.

    Amazon’s determination to expand into the Latin American market in recent years, therefore, comes as no surprise – although it’s proved to be no picnic for the American mega-company. Amazon has faced (and faces) fierce competition from deeply entrenched local platforms and sites, and this includes the music sector.

    The Music Streaming Market

    Brazil, particularly, has a robust music streaming market, which Amazon is keen to dominate. In 2019, this market generated around $11 billion in revenue. And it’s not just all about boosting global presence and expanding media services: analysts have pointed to the fact that Amazon’s expansion will allow it to capture vastly more user data that it can put to use in developing additional services and products, as well as use in future marketing campaigns.

    Expansion of Cloud Computing Operations

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) handles computing and data for large enterprises via cloud-based tech, and its team in Argentina has been tasked to promote and expand this initiative. This side of the company’s affairs will no doubt go hand-in-hand with its music streaming services, as AWS is committed to globally expanding all of Amazon’s platforms.

    Launch of Amazon Music Latin

    Amazon Music has also launched Amazon Music Latin, a platform dedicated to all forms of Latin American music. From carefully curated playlists to new releases and fan picks, Amazon Music Latin is designed to allow users to explore the authentic sounds, voices, and videos of Latin America and find their new favorite tracks.

    The platform is designed to serve as a hub for Latin music and features billboard charts, and showcases emerging talent. Last year, Amazon Music Latin celebrated its first anniversary and marked twelve months of growth with several new playlists as well as exclusive new tracks that were only available via the platform.

    Expanding Reach

    Upon its launch in Argentina, Federico Pedersen, the Director of Latin America for Amazon Music, spoke of the country’s ‘rich and diverse cultural heritage that is reflected in its musical talent’ and the platform’s excitement to ‘bring fans more ways of engaging with their favorite artists.’ 

    What’s certain is that Amazon Music’s expansion into LATAM is only in its earliest days: expect the platform to make major inroads into the streaming markets of more countries in South America in the near future and to use the insights generated from this wider reach to tailor content, services, and new products to audiences old and new.

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