Amazon Marketplace Leaders Buy Box Experts and Nozani Announce Merger

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    Two leaders in the Amazon marketing agency and consulting space, Buy Box Experts (Seattle, WA) and Nozani (Lindon, UT), announce the completion of a merger that will provide an unparalleled level of expertise and experience to brands looking to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace. The new company, which will operate as Buy Box Experts, LLC (Lindon, UT), will have offices in Seattle and Salt Lake City, UT.

    Joseph Hansen, CEO of Buy Box Experts pre-merger, will lead the newly combined company as CEO. Hansen brings years of digital marketing experience and success to this space. Prior to Buy Box Experts, Hansen founded and sold five companies. In 2015, Hansen and Buy Box Experts partner James Thomson, PhD, co-founded the PROSPER Show, where together they grew the business from a two-person startup to the largest US-based educational conference for Amazon Sellers. They successfully sold the company to Emerald Expositions at the end of 2017.

    According to Hansen, “With the merger of Buy Box Experts and Nozani, we are now equipped to provide Amazon sellers of all sizes with the strategic and tactical services brands need to thrive on the Amazon channel. We begin by educating our brand partners, and then we develop and implement a cutting-edge strategy that allows them to grow profitably and navigate the complexity of the Amazon marketplace.”

    The Nozani team will bring a robust sales presence to Buy Box Experts, LLC, as well as additional resources for listing optimization.

    “Since Nozani’s launch in 2017 we’ve experienced significant growth we’ve successfully added over 50 full-time employees, rapidly scaled our product offering and capitalized on a host of opportunities that helped establish Nozani as a leader in the Amazon space,” added Thaddaeus Hay, a Nozani founding partner, who will take over as VP of sales in the new company. “Joining forces with Buy Box Experts is a major value add, and together we’re poised to elevate industry standards and innovate the space in a way that’s never before been done.”

    The new company will have nearly 100 employees including nearly 20 formerly employed at Amazon along with direct experience managing more than 1,000 third-party sellers and first-party brands on Amazon. Buy Box Experts will serve a broad client base of more than 180 brands, from those just getting started selling on Amazon to more sophisticated brands with complicated advertising needs and significant product catalogs.

    buy box experts

    Buy Box Experts, LLC will harness its deep knowledge and experience serving brands through its suite of performance marketing services, which include strategic guidance, growth-based advertising, product listing optimization, and advisory services for senior brand executives.

    Thomson described why these services are crucial for brands to succeed on the increasingly competitive and complex Amazon marketplace. “Brands that actively manage their Amazon channel strategy, including branding, channel governance and advertising, are able to capitalize profitably on the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.” Thomson was also formerly the business head of Amazon Services and the first account manager for the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.

    More information about Buy Box Experts’ suite of Amazon performance marketing services can be found at

    Buy Box Experts specialize in Amazon account management, including A+ content detail pages, Amazon product SEO, and brand equity management. Amazon sales consultants and branding strategy managers at Buy Box Experts help businesses sell more on Amazon and protect their brand equity.

    Buy Box Experts is a marketing agency for medium to large online sellers, as well as investors of businesses selling on Amazon. We provide website owners and Marketplace sellers with strategic and technical expertise to increase sales velocity profitability. By helping management teams develop better models for product acquisition and distribution while also providing ground-level training and technical expertise for their staff, we’ve helped many sellers streamline their businesses and increase their sales volume exponentially.

    Our Marketplace Services Division utilizes a strategy designed to maximize a client’s products exposure, reduce order cancellations and increase positive customer feedback. At the core of the Marketplace Optimization strategy is data collection and analysis. We identify poor performing signals and then correct problems and enhance marketplace visibility to increase marketplace-referred sales. Our BBE Programmatic advertising solutions drive sales velocity and brand exposure for our client brands.

    Developing shopper profiles and exposing unique-to-Buy Box Experts targeting options and media gives our brand campaigns a leg up on the competition. With a laser focus on marketplace sales velocity and profitability, the BBE platform crunches data for optimization, leveraging dozens of signals and performance indicators to fine-tune campaign performance.

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