Amazon Listing Optimization: Free tools to optimize Amazon listings in 2022

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    Amazon is a crucial marketplace for many brands. This makes it highly competitive. Amazon currently has 9.7 million sellers around the world, with 1.9 million of them actively selling on its platform. Optimizing your listings is essential if you want to be different from the rest.

    You can do simple things to increase your product’s visibility on Amazon. However, it is possible to save a lot of time if you use these Amazon listing optimization tools. These Amazon Listing Optimization tools, or at least their artificial intelligence, can understand Amazon’s complicated algorithm. The Amazon A10 algorithm, which is their algorithm for ranking organic products, is currently in use. It recommends products based on customer searches. These recommendations are based on both search intent and relevancy metrics.

    Amazon listing optimization tips will help you target specific keywords that are most relevant to searchers’ intent.

    1. Helium 10

    Listing optimization
    Helium 10

    Helium 10 is the best tool for serious Amazon sellers. The amazon listing optimization tool includes product research, keyword research, and listing optimization. They also offer finance, analytics, marketing, finance, and marketing. It’s not surprising that Helium 10 is all-in-one Amazon software because it incorporates so many tools.

    It contains five tools that fall under the heading of Listing Optimization: Index Checker (keyword checker), Index Checker, Index Checker (keyword index-checker), Listing Analyzer (Amazon listing insight), Scribbles, and Audience (Amazon splitting testing). Scribbles are the most relevant to Amazon listing optimization.

    All Helium 10’s plans have Scribbles access, but only for 30 days with the Starter and Free plans. To gain full access to Scribbles, you must have at least the Platinum mid-level plan. Frankenstein is subject to the exact requirements. The number of permitted uses for the other tools mentioned above will vary depending on which plan you choose.

    Scribbles is very focused on product listings. It verifies that your product descriptions contain as many relevant keywords and phrases as possible. This makes it easy to create optimized product listings that use the most relevant search terms. Scribbles will ensure that you use the right number of keywords if there are character limits. Amazon allows you to access previous listings drafts and import them from your Amazon account. Adding a keyword to your title or description populates the “used keywords” field.

    Frankenstein can be used to reduce the number of keywords you’ve found to make them more manageable for your Amazon listing optimization efforts.

    2. SellerApp

    Listing optimization

    SellerApp is a platform that can help you grow your Amazon business. It combines marketing, sales, operations, and other tools to ensure growth and success. SellerApp offers assistance with product optimization, PPC campaign optimization, and keyword analysis. It also has a profit dashboard.

    The keyword research tool offers reliable Amazon keyword data to help you create a data-based SEO-optimized list and PPC marketing strategy. It uses a huge 135 million+ keyword list. It can be used to find low-competitive but high-opportunity keywords for shopper marketing. This will increase brand awareness and lead generation.

    After selecting your keywords, SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Tracker can help you determine your listing’s rank in the given keywords. Focus on the keywords that matter to optimize your strategies.

    The Amazon Listing Optimization tool analyzes visibility and converts. The tool analyzes product listings and provides recommendations for optimizing them. You can track your progress and optimize your listing with a detailed breakdown of the Listing Quality Index (LQI).

    3. Viral Launch

    Listing optimization
    Viral Launch

    Viral Launch is an intuitive software suite that provides your brand with the tools to become an Amazon seller. The integrated platform provides tools for Amazon product research, competitor tracking, and keyword research.

    The Pro and Pro Plus plans come with three keyword optimization tools.

    • Listing Analyzer – Use it to find innovative and effective listing improvements that you can make
    • Keyword Manager – Track your most important keywords analytics in one easy-to-use dashboard.
    • Listing Builder – Create a listing that includes your most important keywords

    These three tools work together seamlessly to provide you with the data and insights needed to improve your listing.

    4. Seller.Tools

    Listing optimization

    Seller. Tools provide a complete suite of tools that leverage Amazon data to help you take your business to the next level. There are a variety of plans available, from free to $497/mo Mastery Plans. There are seven different plan tiers, each with its own capabilities and access levels.

    You need to choose the right keywords to optimize your listing. Keyword Manager is a great tool to help you do this. It imports keywords from the Seller. Tools products. The calculations are done, and you can choose the most important keywords to focus on. You can sort keywords by priority, from extremely high to very low.

    Listing Manager will allow you to insert the high-priority keywords that you recommend. This creates the most accurate product description. This automatically links these product listings to the central Amazon Seller account of the user and publishes them there.

    Seller. Tools offer a Chrome extension that acts as a powerful listing analyzer and provides immediate insight into missed sales. This will help you maximize the potential of a product listing.

    5. MerchantWords

    Listing optimization

    MerchantWords provides a variety of services and tools to help you grow your business on Amazon, the largest online marketplace. You can use their keyword data tools to discover product opportunities, understand competition, create successful marketing campaigns and increase traffic to grow your business. MerchantWords can help you optimize, grow, and discover your business.

    MerchantWords’ main focus areas are Market Insights and Digital Shelf (Amazon SEO research), Emerging Trends and Collections (keyword list), Classic Search, Keyword Multiplier, and Page 1 Products. ASIN Plus and Bulk Search are also included.

    6. JungleScout

    Listing optimization

    JungleScout offers all-in-one selling tools for Amazon. You can choose from a variety of plans like the ones in this post. They also offer packages that include access to exclusive educational features as well as historical data.

    The package includes a Listing Builder that allows you to build better Amazon listings, rank higher, and use a proven keyword strategy. You can compete for the top ranking in Amazon search results by using data-driven listings. This allows you to optimize your listings with recommended keywords, and your rankings will improve.

    Jungle Scout’s AI-driven amazon listing optimization tool score measures product title and description, key features, keywords, and images, as well as other factors. You can adjust your listing instantly with live feedback.

    You can either import existing keyword lists or create new ones on the fly. Advanced filters allow you to quickly identify high-ranking keywords or medium-ranked keywords that will temper your ad spending.

    7. ManageByStats by Wordsmith

    Listing optimization

    ManageByStats software is designed for Amazon sellers by actual Amazon sellers. Its tools include Seller Tools and Sellermail as well as Advertising Manager, Catapult, and Product Finder. Multiple tools are available for Seller Tools. These include the Profit Dashboard, Statistics, and Graphs, Customers. Transactions. Feedback. Reviews. Inventory.

    There are three amazon listing optimization tools:

    • Keyword Scout (where you can retrieve target keywords)
    • Distiller (where your keywords are refined)
    • Wordsmith (where you add them to your listings to make them as good as possible)

    These tools will ensure that you don’t miss important keywords and will only include the ones that will help your listing rank higher and convert more people. These tools make it easy for you to identify which keywords you are using in your listing.

    Wordsmith organizes your backend in visually appealing, easy-to-see formats. Wordsmith also allows you to import all keyword data that you need to optimize and outperform your competitors.

    8. Seller SEO: Amazon Listing optimization tool

    Listing optimization
    Seller SEO

    Seller SEO provides a variety of tools to optimize and rank keywords. Listing Lightning is one of these tools that can help you quickly SEO-optimize your listings. The tool allows you to search Amazon keywords and research competitors. It also lets you create lists that target key phrases.

    Seller SEO can be used to automate the optimization of Amazon Advertising. To reduce ACOS and increase sales, you can turn your campaigns on and off throughout the day.

    9. AccelerList

    Listing optimization

    AccelerList allows you to manage your Amazon product listing, repricing, accounting, and more all from one application. AccelerList allows you to manage your entire Amazon business and eliminate the need for multiple applications. Cross-listing your entire Amazon inventory to eBay is possible.

    AccelerList amazon listing optimization tool can help you save hundreds of hours per month by scanning your Merchant Fulfilled and FBA products and listing them directly within AccelerList. By adding custom intelligence buttons to your listing workflow, you can accelerate your pricing research.

    10. SixLeaf Amazon Listing analyzer

    Listing optimization

    SixLeaf provides everything you need for Amazon product launches, dominance in your niche, growth of your audience, and scaling your brand. It offers the expertise and tools to assist brand owners in scaling up their businesses.

    Phoenix is one of their amazon listing optimization tool tools, and it aims to revolutionize product research. By analyzing data and processing it using their proprietary algorithms, Phoenix helps you make crucial decisions. It can identify ASIN Strength, BSR Consistency and Listing Quality, and much other useful information. It is easy to see which ASINs Amazon considers most relevant for a search keyword.

    Once you have identified the terms, ZonBlast Next and ZonBlast Classic can be used to help you grow your Amazon business. SixLeaf claims ZonBlast Next ranks products as quickly as the wild west days on Amazon. It automates Lynx-powered and Rebate-focused campaigns. You can also use their automation for managing transactions, monitoring existing campaign budgets, or funding new campaigns.


    Optimizing your product is not enough to make the most of Amazon’s selling.

    It is essential to provide unique shopping experiences that are trustworthy and credible for shoppers. You can also engage with them via Messenger or SMS to keep things going. You will have a strong customer base that supports your business and generates sales, regardless of algorithm changes or the actions of your competitors.

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