4 reasons why Amazon Launchpad is good for small brands

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    If Amazon delivers the advantages promised as a part of the Amazon Launchpad program then this program is worth it. Nonetheless, we hear quite a lot of sellers complaining that the Launchpad support team is horrible they usually don’t get solutions to their problems for weeks.

    Additionally, many sellers say that their gross sales did not increased as they anticipated, even with the unique product placements that Launchpad has to offer. So, like many gross sales packages, Amazon Launchpad is far from excellent.

    In this article, you’re going to learn about the Amazon’s Launchpad program, its pros and cons and what can you expect from this program.

    What is Amazon Launchpad?

    Amazon Launchpad provides you with business insights that will help you identify whitespaces, decide on product benefits and optimize your marketing mix. As part of Amazon Launchpad, you are eligible for: Access to a self-service Business Insights Suite: Comprising reports based on our market intelligence. Think of Amazon Launchpad as a supplemental program designed to jumpstart and accelerate your Amazon business. Our program is designed with startups in mind and to help drive brand awareness.

    Who is eligible to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program?

    We welcome all entrepreneurs and brand owners with unique and innovative products to apply. New or existing sellers with professional accounts who have listed their products on Amazon for less than four years and have generated less than $5 million in gross merchandise sales on Amazon annually qualify. We will evaluate your application and provide a response within 7-10 business days.

    What are the program terms for Amazon Launchpad?

    A 12-month minimum commitment is required from the date of acceptance. After 12 months, you can cancel your participation in the Amazon Launchpad Program after providing 30 days’ written notice. Amazon Launchpad reserves the right to transition brands out of the program at our discretion.

    What type of support can I expect from Amazon after I leave the Amazon Launchpad program?

    After transitioning out of the Amazon Launchpad program, your products will no longer be featured on the Amazon Launchpad family of storefronts. Administrative support will be provided by Amazon’s central teams and via support cases filed in your vendor or seller portal. For continued education and support on Amazon, you can do the following:

    Vendor Central Users:

    Login to your Vendor Central account to access tools and resources for guidance. To learn more about Amazon Advertising, sign up for weekly webinars. To get help with administrative issues, login to your Vendor Central account to access the Vendor Central Contact Us page.

    To modify your A+ (Enhanced Marketing Content):

    Your Amazon Launchpad A+ will remain live on your detail page after the transition occurs. However, if you would like to modify the content, you will have to switch to the standard A+ modules. To make changes to your A+ after you’ve transitioned, you can create new content through Vendor Central. These pages are complimentary to create and will allow you to access the standard A+ modules. Once your new A+ is created, please email us at, so that your new A+ content can go live.

    Seller Central Users:

    Login to your Seller Account to access Seller University resources for guidance. To learn more about Amazon Advertising, sign up for weekly webinars. To get help with administrative issues, access the Seller Central Contact Us page (login required).

    To modify your A+ (Enhanced Brand Content):

    Your Amazon Launchpad A+ will remain live on your detail page after the transition occurs.

    Important things to remember before joining Launchpad:

    1. Amazon Launchpad may not be profitable in 12 months – this is essential to remember, contemplating that some sellers are disenchanted with low profitability within the product launch section. You should be snug with ready for a yr to move earlier than you may depart this system.
    2. Confirm your product concept utilizing crowdfunding platforms – some merchandise simply don’t promote, for a wide range of causes. Possibly clients don’t get what the product is about, or it’s too early for it to be accepted. Possibly they don’t just like the design. Even if you happen to don’t want extra funding, check your product on a crowdfunding website to see what suggestions you obtain.
    3. Have a severe long-term plan earlier than you begin – merchandise on Launchpad should be despatched to Amazon’s warehouses earlier than a single merchandise could be offered. This locations a big monetary danger on the vendor, as you have to to have loads of inventory prepared proper from the beginning and able to go at common intervals for replenishment.
    4. Leverage your crowdfunding supporters – you should use crowdfunding and Amazon collectively. Electronic mail your crowdfunding supporters a hyperlink to your product on Amazon to allow them to order extra objects, producing gross sales and enhancing your search rating. Preserve them updated with new variations, equipment and refills to keep up curiosity.

    Above all, don’t anticipate Launchpad to be a simple ticket to success. The extra placements can present a gross sales enhance, and Amazon’s help is efficacious in the event that they reply rapidly sufficient if you want them. But it surely nonetheless takes quite a lot of work and funding of your personal.

    amazon launchpad

    Maybe the most important profit is Premium A+ Content material. Used properly it may possibly actually assist your product web page stand out, and has the potential to elevate your conversion fee. For some manufacturers, that alone is sufficient to make the 5% charge value paying. Amazon launchpad enables the following:

    Discoverability – Amazon Launchpad is designed to help products get discovered faster

    • Increased exposure for your brand on Amazon through Amazon Launchpad storefront placements, category focused email campaigns and banner ads off Amazon.
    • Discovery opportunities through a video-first storefront that hosts and distributes video content from Amazon Launchpad brands.
    • Waived fees for one Lightning Deal or one 7-day Deal per week. Boost the deal’s discoverability with placement on Amazon Launchpad’s own Deals page.

    Presentation – Publish highly differentiated content on your detail page through Premium A+

    • Highly customized experience on the detail page that includes wide screen formatted content.
    • Incorporate video, carousels, hotspot images, and enhanced comparison tables that help your brand story stand out and differentiate your products through unique content.
    • Access to the Amazon Imaging Services Team for professional, high quality photography.

    Tools & Support – Guidance on pre-launch support, account setup, detail page optimization and more

    • The Brand Portal provides a single destination to discover and stay on top of a growing list of benefits available to Amazon Launchpad brands.
    • Gain access to webinars, quick-start guides, AWS credits and Benefit Support.

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