A Detailed Review of the Amazon Launchpad Platform in 2022

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    Amazon Launchpad is specifically engineered to aid small businesses in establishing their niche in the marketplace. It offers small-scale entrepreneurs the necessary marketing tools they require to market their businesses and grow in the business world. Let’s look at the basic features of Amazon Launchpad to get a full picture of how it functions.

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    What is Amazon launchpad?

    amazon launchpad
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    Amazon Launchpad is a dedicated segment within that sells only products funded by crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter accelerators, accelerators, or other incubators. The products are delivered by Amazon and allow customers to test new and exciting products by shopping at a retailer they are familiar with and confident in.

    Why would a brand should join launchpad ?

    Amazon’s marketplace is huge and includes over 200 million items available by thousands of sellers of all sizes. As a result, it’s easy for new brands and small businesses with specific products to be lost among competitors.

    Smaller businesses might be unable to benefit from all the marketing options Amazon offers, including Amazon Advertisement and deal scheduling or the global expansion of its business to different countries. Amazon Launchpad offers an approach that allows interested sellers to receive some assistance in exchange for an additional portion of their sales.

    The Benefits your Brand can reap from Amazon Launchpad.

    A small or startup business with innovative products should look into joining the program. If a brand can join will reap these attractive advantages:

    Increased Visibility

    With Amazon with you, the visibility of your products is increased. Members can advertise their products through banner ads, specific mailers, storefront placements, and a seven-day or Lightning Deal every week for free. It is also possible to be placed on your Amazon Launchpad category page’s front page.

    Email Newsletter Marketing

    The Amazon launchpad membership has access to this feature. It permits Amazon to list the seller’s product on the mailing list. This assists in promoting the products to the intended market in a bigger size.

    Instant Access to Premium A+ Content

    Users can increase their brand’s image and differentiate themselves through hotspot images, video carousels, and comparators in wide-screen formats. You can also use additional modules such as those offered by Amazon Imaging Services, resulting in top-quality photography of products.

    Unique Tools & Personalized Support

    Members get personal onboarding experiences and insight that isn’t available to non-Launchpad sellers. Support services include advice on how best to enhance the detail pages and improve your listings for your products and your account. Additional benefits include a quick-start guide, Benefit Support AWS credits, and webinars.

    Self-service Business Insights Report

    Amazon Launchpad Provides you with analytic tools to analyze your product’s metrics. In addition, the market research reports can help you gain a deeper understanding of how your product is doing.

    Sell Products in Foreign Marketplaces

    Expanding into other markets is a goal that major companies and big-time sellers often are interested in. No matter your status as a startup and your current status, you can market your products to nine other Launchpad locations with Amazon Launchpad. Members enjoy benefits and launch assistance in each region, including free translation.

    Who Can Apply for Amazon Launchpad?

    amazon launchpad
    A Detailed Review of the Amazon Launchpad Platform in 2022 3

    Amazon is open to “entrepreneurs and brand owners with unique and innovative products” to apply to Amazon’s program. They encourage businesses that have Climate Pledge Friendly certified products and Black-Owned Certified businesses to sign up. Launchpad’s Launchpad program welcomes brands of all types, with a particular emphasis on “innovative” products. Think of brands that have gained traction through Kickstarter as well as Indiegogo.

    To be eligible, the applicant must have an account for a professional seller that has been in use for less than 4 years and has not generated under $5 million of gross year-round sales through Amazon.

    How Much Does Amazon Launchpad Cost?

    Although the Amazon Launchpad program features are appealing, membership in this program is a significant price.

    In addition to the 15 % Amazon refer-along fee, Amazon will charge an extra 5% for being part of the program. At “Amazon’s discretion,” they could reduce your referral fees to 3 % after your sales surpass $1 million. However, it’s not 100% guaranteed.

    Additionally, Amazon forces you to sign up for Amazon Launchpad for 12 months.

    While there’s no specific reason for the change, Amazon states that a 12-month time frame will permit companies and startups to participate in every important Amazon event sales like Prime Day and the holiday season.

    In the end, you’ll generally be spending an average of 18-20 percent commission for Amazon as well as your regular Amazon FBA costs.


    If you’re a first-time business proprietor on Amazon and are looking for ways to boost the visibility of your business, Amazon Launchpad might be the answer. However, it is important to be aware of the negatives of a particular model prior to investing in it. Conduct your own research, weigh both the advantages and disadvantages, and decide.

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