Amazon KDP: How to publish a book on Amazon Kdp in 2022

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    The publishing world has undergone major transformations in the last few years. Since the introduction of self-publishing, anyone who has an idea or determination to carry it out has gained access to readers worldwide. However, for those unfamiliar with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), there are some learning curves before you create your first book on Amazon.

    Amazon’s e-reader Kindle has revolutionized publishing by allowing anyone to become an author with just two clicks. However, there’s more to KDP than what’s apparent. This article will cover everything you should learn about how to get your book published on Amazon’s platform with minimal trouble.

    What is Amazon KDP?

    Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s publishing platform for books that can be used to self-publish books online that readers can buy for purchase as either an eBook or printed-on-demand books. It is among the most reputable self-publishing firms and currently leads the market for self-publishing books.

    Amazon KDP is a significant publisher and currently holds at least 80 percent in all eBook marketplace. With the launch of Amazon KDP in 2007, writers today must make an important choice when deciding the best way to go about becoming an author.

    Indeed, writers from all fields have experienced the most flexibility in their careers in the past ten years due to an increase in remote writing positions ( find out more about this here). In addition, this surge has increased by publishing eBooks, printed books, eBooks, and much more through self-publishing.

    Authors have two options for publishing their books, either through traditional publishing or self-publishing. In weighing traditional publishing and self-publishing alternatives, some authors consider the higher royalty rates offered by KDP. On the other hand, it is easy to self-publish because there aren’t competition-related hurdles to be overcome, similar to traditional publishing.

    Amazon KDP
    KDP Amazon

    How does KDP Publishing work?

    KDP Publishing is a platform that allows creators to create ebooks and Paperback books.

    For eBooks, Authors can directly upload their book’s files, and then it will be displayed on Amazon’s Kindle book store in the form of an ebook that readers can purchase to buy and download instantly.

    To create printing books, Authors upload their book’s files as well. KDP Publishing uses print-on-demand technology to print the book after it’s bought; the cost of printing will be deducted from the royalties you receive from each book you sell.

    Let’s see the way KDP Publishing works:

    First, upload your book’s file into Amazon KDP.

    Then, publish your book through KDP. KDP platform.

    Readers can buy your ebook and immediately download it onto their devices.

    Customers can buy the paperback book, and Amazon’s KDP platform will utilize print-on-demand technology that prints and deliver the book to the purchaser when you purchase it.

    Amazon pays you book royalty for each book that is sold through KDP. KDP platform.

    Why should you publish on Amazon KDP?

    There are numerous advantages to self-publishing your work on KDP. However, the Amazon KDP Publishing platform has transformed the publishing industry by giving authors the ability to be able to publish a book and establish a sustainable book business.

    The benefits of KDP Publishing:

    Broad diffusion. Amazon’s platform is vast, meaning that authors have access to global markets in Europe, the United States, Europe, and Japan.

    Higher royalties. With Amazon, authors can get more than they normally earn through traditional publishing firms. Based on the kind of books you are selling through Amazon, the royalties can be up to 60 percent.

    Author rights. Even if you publish your book through KDP, you still have the rights to the book by Amazon’s non-exclusive contract.

    Lesser publishing time. Typically, books take a long time to reach the market with traditional publishing. However, publishing on the KDP publication process can be extremely rapid on Amazon’s platform.

     No stocks. Long gone are the days of authors buying printed copies of their books in advance to market them. Instead, Print-on-demand technology means that books are printed when they are ordered.

    KDP Publishing Cost & Royalties

    KDP Publishing Cost & Royalties

    What are the expenses for publishing on Amazon? How much do authors make when they sell their books through KDP? What is the payment plan?

    We’ll address all of your questions and more!

    What is the cost to self-publish with Amazon KDP?

    It’s completely free to publish your ebook through Amazon KDP. So it doesn’t cost authors anything in the first place. However, if you’re selling books in paperback on Amazon, The cost of printing the book will be taken by Amazon from the royalties you earn for your book. When you market the paperback version of a book, it is essentially paying for printing the book.

    Apart from the fact that they are completely free to publish on KDP, Self-published authors usually pay for the author’s support to help prepare their books for publication. This covers services such as the design of the book’s cover formatting, editing, and marketing costs.

    How do KDP royalties work?

    Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing pays its authors with royalty fees. There are two fees to be considered to consider: those eBook royalty rates and paperback royalty rates.

    The royalty is between 35% and 70 percent for ebooks, based on the rates your work is qualified for. For more details on the specific requirements for each rate, go to this link.

    The format is an unassailable 60% royalty rate

     for royalty-paying books in the paperback.

    That means you will be paid the percentage royalty rate of the book’s price list in each case.

    To help you compare the royalty rates of your book, you can use the book Royalties Calculator.

    When does KDP pay?

    KDP pay
    When does KDP pay?

    Kindle Direct Publishing will pay your royalties each month, usually 60 days after the close of the month in which the royalties you earned were paid.

    However, one cautionary note is that the payment amount must be at a minimum before it can be paid. You may choose to be paid via a variety of options such as direct payment, wire transfer, or check.

    Amazon Publishing Costs & Royalties

    Cost to PublishFree
    Cost to PrintFixed cost + (page count * per page cost) = printing cost
    eBook Royalties35% or 70%
    Paperback Royalties60%
    Fee PayoutThe minimum threshold must be met before paying out
    Fee ScheduleThe royalties are paid each month and 60 days following the month’s end. royalty was earned
    Source- self-publishing

    What is KDP Select?

    Amazon KDP : The Ultimate Guide to Kindle Direct Publishing
    What is KDP Select?

    KDP Select is a software that allows authors to grant Amazon exclusivity rights for selling their eBook for sale on the Kindle platform exclusively. The writer’s ebook will be only available to purchase through Amazon’s Kindle platform. In addition, the author cannot use a different self-publishing service to publish their eBook.

    As a condition of exclusive permission to sell an ebook by the author, Amazon provides incentives to the author, including promotional tools like Kindle Unlimited and possibly more lucrative royalty rates.

    If you’re thinking of enrolling in KDP Select, your enrollment isn’t permanent, so you can try it for 90 days. KDP Select enrollment lasts for 90 days, allowing users to renew their enrollment process within KDP Select for another 90 days or opt out.

    How do you self-publish your book on Amazon?

    Amazon KDP
    How do you self-publish your book on Amazon?

    Step 1: Create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Account

    Visit and click “amazon kdp sign up .” Since this is your first account, you must fill in all the essential information like your email address, username, and password and agree to the terms and conditions of use.

    After you have completed the process, then go to amazon kdp login; you will be able to see your Amazon Author dashboard.

    Step 2. Create a brand new Kindle E-Book title

    Because you’re publishing your book on Amazon in the first instance, it’s unlikely that you have any titles. So visit “Create a New Title” and select either eBook or paperback.

    After you have started adding details After you have added information, click “Save as Draft” at the end of the page in the event that you want to take a break.

    Step 3. Add the book’s title and subtitle

    You must provide important details about your books, such as Title, Language, Series Author, and Description.

    Step 4: Verify Publishing Rights

    If you are the owner of the copyright for your book, simply click the radio button that says, “I own the copyright, and I hold the necessary publishing rights.”

    Step 5: Add Relevant Keywords

    This is a crucial step that could determine the success or failure of your sales strategy. Use those keywords that are relevant to your audience you believe your target audience will use to locate the type of books you write.

    Use our Amazon Keyword Research tool to look for the most suitable keywords that are compatible with your specific niche.

    Step 6: Choose a category age range and book release options

    Select the genre of the book you plan to publish. This is an important marketing decision since it will determine the category in which your potential readers will locate your book.

    Then, you will be required to enter the number of years your readers are. It is advised not to alter anything in this section unless the book is designed for younger or teens.

    Select your book release choice based on the date you wish to release your book – either in the immediate future or later.

    Note Don’t begin selling your eBook until you have a well-constructed marketing strategy prepared.

    Step 7: Enable DRM Rights

    Click “Yes” under DRM rights.

    Digital Rights Management will not permit any person to duplicate your book and make it available for sale at no cost. If they do, they could be held accountable for copyright violations.

    Step 8: Upload your eBook

    After that, upload your book’s eBook cover, and look over your book. You can also design your own eBook cover using the click the yellow button the Launch Cover.

    Before uploading your ebook, don’t forget to read the KDP Guidelines for Content.

    Now, go through your manuscript to avoid errors.

    Step 9: Kindle eBook ISBN

    The next step is adding a Kindle eBook ISBN. This is a non-needful step since Amazon eBooks do not need an ISBN.

    According to KDP, “An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. It is possible to publish your book without one; however should you possess one, you are able to use it here. But it can only be used for reference and won’t be listed on the details page of your ebook (only your ASIN will). ).

    Step 10: Choose KDP Select, Territories, and Marketplace

    You can either select to use the KDP Select program for your book or leave it out for future use.

    Then, select the countries you would like the book to be sold in. It is recommended to select” Worldwide” unless you have a valid reason not to do so.

    Then, select a primary market based on where you’d like your book to be sold the most.

    Step 11 – Royalty and Pricing

    under “Royalty and Pricing,” you can select the option of 35% royalty and 70 %. Amazon will show the royalty rate in relation to the price of your listing.


    Is KDP Amazon profitable?

    Yes KDP Amazon is very profitable even in 2022, According to Quora ” when you find a book that has a sales rank of 10,000 or lower, that means that book makes at least $10,000 per year.”

    Is the Amazon KDP account free?

    Yes, the Amazon KDP account is totally free, you can use it & publish your for free

    Final Thoughts

    Publishing on Amazon isn’t just for the big players. No matter how large or small, anyone can publish their work through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP lets you design your book’s cover and then publish it directly on Amazon to ensure that customers all over the world can buy the book without going via any retailer that is not a third party. There is no need for an ISBN. All you require to have is an idea as well as a bit of time.

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