Amazon Holiday Selling Strategy 2022 – What do experts say?

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    Amazon Holiday Selling Strategy is key to success on Amazon. Amazon has been an eCommerce giant long before COVID-19. However, online orders have grown significantly as more people shop online. The fourth quarter (October through December) is the most important when it comes to driving Amazon seller sales. This quarter is where sellers make the most money, thanks to the high traffic from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season.

    This is a significant shift for Amazon sellers. It’s why it’s important to prepare your inventory, optimize your product listings, and reap the Q4 sales rewards. In this article, we will cover top Amazon experts and their advice on Amazon Holiday Selling Strategy.

    How to Crush Amazon Holiday Selling! (PREPARE NOW!)

    Trevin Peterson – 42.5K subscribers – 1,725 views

    Today you will see Trevin discusses with one of his students about different ways to destroy Amazon FBA this Q4; he will be breaking down Q4 strategies to help boost Amazon Sales. It’s a more raw form of plans actually made.

    How to Prepare and Plan for Q4 Amazon FBA (Actionable Tips!)

    Sourcing Monster – 2.72K subscribers – 193 views

    In this video, Sourcing Monster will cover 8 points that will prepare your amazon Q4; he will discuss more how to use external traffic, how to leverage amazons PPC, price strategy for the period

    Amazon FBA Q4 Strategy! How to Prepare & Skyrocket Sales!!

    Trevin Peterson – 42.5K subscribers – 4,312 views

    Treven Peterson is a full-time amazon 7 figure seller. In this video, he is breaking Amazon FBA Q4, how to prepare, what to look for, what to do, what not to do while you are preparing for the holiday sale, setting up buy boxes, all this.

    Selling on Amazon Black Friday | 3 Amazon Q4 Tips to Help you Crush your FBA Goals

    Jungle Scout – 179K subscribers – 6,565 views

    Jungle Scout is one of the bestselling all-in-one platform for selling on amazon. In this video, Jungle Scout’s Amazon FBA expert Lenny Smith covers these 3 must-do strategies for success: Inventory Preparation – learn how to estimate how much inventory you’ll need, Power up your listing – what you need to do to rank on Page 1, Monitor your Performance – watch ad spend & inventory levels, and get ready for next quarter.

    Amazon FBA Q4 – When to begin stocking up inventory

    Full-Time FBA – 34.7K subscribers – 5,478 views

    In this video, you will learn about when to start stocking up your Amazon FBA inventory for Q4 or the holiday season, how they will charge for their inventory when they will charge, what type of products should be prepped in advance.

    Amazon Holiday Selling | 8 Mistakes Sellers Need To Avoid

    SellerApp – 9.84K subscribers – 4,869 views

    This is the official sellerapp YouTube channel. SellerApp is a system that makes eCommerce selling seamless. Ankitha Nagaraj, the Customer Success Head at SellerApp, lists down 8 reasons why sellers fail in Q4 and also gives handy tips and tricks on setting up a good Amazon sales strategy for the holidays.

    Merch by Amazon Price Hack Q4 Secret Strategy Tutorial

    Merch Campus – 12.1K subscribers – 4,176 views

    This is a quick video tutorial, specifically who are dealing in the clothing sector on Amazon, and the video will teach you how to target Q4, how to get into ranking, how to sell products that are not getting any sales, price strategies, you can also try these things in your category.

    Amazon Q4 Strategy | How To Prepare & Capture Increased Sales

    Viral Launch – 19.2K subscribers – 3,529 views

    Viral Launch is an automation tool for amazon sellers that will help to scale their business.

    When is Q4, how should you prepare for Q4 to get the most sales, this video will go over Important Q4 dates, essential revisions to put into place for your listing, and how to plan for a launch to make SURE you’re on page 1 for the Q4 busy-season.

    My Strategy Revealed: The Q4 Plan For Maximum Profit On Amazon KDP (START PUBLISHING FOR Q4 NOW)

    BEN CHINNOCK – 7.27K subscribers – 8,186 views

    He is Ben; in 2019, as a university student, he discovered KDP and self-publishing as a means to supplement my income. It took me 7 LONG months to get to $1000 per month. In this video, Ben has discussed Q4 plan, what to expect from, his strategies; he is sharing his results, ad strategies, and some tips

    My Amazon KDP Q4 Niches, Strategy & Downfalls

    Chris Raydog – 8.25K subscribers – 4,025 views

    In this video, you will look at some ways to make the most of Q4 with flash niche reveals, budget options for driving sales, and the type of books I will be pursuing for the remainder of the year.


    If merchants want to be competitive on Amazon during the holiday season, they need to act now. There are many things to do, including keyword research, mining past campaigns, and using Stores to enhance brand content. To get the best results, make sure you incorporate these Amazon marketing elements in your Q4 blueprint.

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