Amazon FBA Holiday Calendar 2022 – Accurate Reference for Every Amazon Seller

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    Sellers understand that a large aspect of thriving in Amazon can be found in the capacity to implement an organized strategy to ensure that they have stock available on days when shoppers are most active. For many FBA sellers, the most frequent question is “When should I send in my inventory to ensure it’s received on time?” It’s not easy to anticipate-and, particularly in the event of an outbreak–but making sure you have a plan for your logistical calendar is something all Amazon sellers must keep an eye on. The ability to keep track of important dates and times is essential to maximize the efficiency of their advertising and marketing strategy.

    To assist you in preparing we’ve created this Amazon FBA holiday calendar which outlines the most crucial dates you need to be aware of and the best time to ship your stock to Amazon. It will ensure that you don’t run out of stock and increase sales throughout the year.

    January 2022

    Amazon FBA holiday calendar. This is the New Year’s New Year’s Day month.

    Amazon companies that sell products that fall in the health and fitness areas should be prepared to offer coupons or discounts on their products in order to meet the huge number of resolution shoppers looking to improve their fitness and boost their health through 2022.

    • January 1: New Year’s Day
    • January 16-18: NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show & Expo
    • January 17: Martin Luther King (MLK) Day
    • January 26-28: The Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

    February 2022

    brown and white love lighted signage
    Amazon FBA Holiday Calendar 2022 - Accurate Reference for Every Amazon Seller 4

    A month filled with love

    If you are selling gift-worthy items, make sure that your listing is optimized and that you have an inventory of Valentine’s Day-related keywords for your marketing campaigns.

    In addition to February being The Day of Love, the next day preceding the day of love is Super Bowl LVI (I’d like to speak to members of the Super Bowl planning committee on the subject). Online retailers that sell sporting memorabilia or items that are perfect to be used for Super Bowl parties should also create their listings and campaigns to stand out from the chaos.

    • February 1: Lunar New Year
    • February 1: Start of Black History Month
    • Feb 1: Ends on February 1. Deadline for sending W-2 tax form the employees, and IRS
    • February 2: Groundhog Day
    • February 13: Super Bowl Sunday
    • February 14: Valentine’s Day
    • February 21: Presidents’ Day
    • February 21: Family Day (Canada)

    Preparing now: Begin to prepare for Prime Day


    Spring Break season

    Break out the bikinis and floatiest since it’s time to celebrate spring break! Break! Amazon sellers of products for travel as well as decorations for pool parties or other products which can ease an alcohol-related hangover must be ready for a rise in sales in the coming month.

    • March 3-9: DTC Day
    • March 8: International Women’s Day
    • March 13: Daylight Saving Time
    • March 14-16: The Prosper Show
    • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day
    • March 20: The first day of spring.
    • March 27-30

    April 2022

    Amazon FBA Holiday Calendar 2022 - Accurate Reference for Every Amazon Seller 5

    Easter Season

    Attention all Amazon companies that sell items that are perfect for the Easter basketThis is the time to shine. Make sure that your listings are optimized, and think about using Easter-related keywords in your advertising. Take a look at keywords Scout to identify the best Easter-related keywords!

    • April 1: April Fools’ Day
    • April 11: National Pet Day
    • April 11-13: Ecommerce Operations Summit
    • April 15: Good Friday
    • April 15: Deadline for filing tax returns for corporations (form 1120)
    • April 15-18: Holy Week
    • April 17: Easter Sunday
    • April 22: Earth Day
    • The 30th of April: Labour Day in China starts

    In the future: It’s an ideal time to begin planning for your supply and promotions for the school year that begins in August.

    May 2022

    A Month of Celebrations

    May is a month that has many events that businesses selling e-commerce in certain categories must prepare for. The month’s first celebration will be Cinco De Mayo. If you have party items or margarita glasses you could notice a slight increase in sales.

    Next up will be Mother’s Day, to celebrate loved mothers and maternal figures throughout the country. Mother’s Day is a massive day for gift giving. If you run an online business that sells gift products you should think about including Mother’s Day keywords to your marketing campaigns to boost your sales.

    Ending the month with a three-day long weekend will be Memorial Day. Popular items that are available for sale on Memorial day include folding chairs as well as koozies. American flags American flag-related apparel and just about every type of American flag-related merchandise and gifts.

    • May 1-4: Labor Day in China
    • May 4-6: Sellers Summit
    • May 5: Cinco de Mayo
    • May 8: Mother’s Day
    • May 11-12: RetailX
    • May 31: Memorial Day

    TBD Watch out for additional information regarding JungleCon 2022.

    June 2022

    Amazon FBA holiday calendar. Pride month

    It is a month of celebration with multiple celebrations which influence shoppers’ purchase behavior. Pride Month begins on June 1st. The rainbow flag and all items that celebrate the gender of the person will become in high demand.

    Next up: Flag Day! Although it’s not a federal holiday, however, it is an occasion that many towns celebrate with celebrations and parades in honor of flag day. American flag. Every government building will be draped with a flag.

    We had Mother’s Day in May, and now it’s time to celebrate Father’s Day. Amazon companies offering well-known Father’s Day products should prepare their inventory and increase their campaigns for advertising by including gift-related keywords.

    • 1. June 1, Pride Month begins
    • June 14: Flag Day
    • June 19: Father’s Day
    • June 19: Juneteenth
    • June 21: The first day of summer.
    • June 21-22: Commercenext

    TBD: It’s probable that Prime Day will be in June since Prime Day 2021 was in June. Also, keep an eye out for an announcement about Prime Day 2022.

    July 2022

    Amazon FBA holiday calendar. A month to celebrate patriotism

    The holiday that everyone Amazon brand owner selling American flags was anticipating for years, and also one of the most adored American festivals, Independence Day! Like Memorial Day, American flag products are extremely popular during July. According to our software for market analysis, Cobalt, more than 400000 American flags were sold through Amazon three weeks prior to July 4th, 2021.

    It is also a month popularly known for its warm temperatures as well as pool parties and holidays! Between June 1 and July 31, 2021, the category of luggage on Amazon generated more than $25 million in revenue. Passport covers generated more than $2 million in sales, while toiletries that are sized for travel earned less than $4 million in sales. Amazon companies that offer things related to travel, as well as the most sought-after summer essentials should prepare for growth in the coming month!

    • July 1: Canada Day
    • July 4: Independence Day

    Planning ahead: Begin making your inventory ready to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Speak to your suppliers now to ensure that you’ll have the inventory you require prior to the Amazon Black Friday inventory deadline and think about looking into 3PL alternatives to ensure you have an alternative plan in case of any storage restrictions being imposed.

    August 2022


    The start of school is a long-awaited occasion for parents, however, the weeks leading up it bring the fearsome essential back-to-school shopping. If you run or manage an organization that sells school equipment backpacks, laptops, backpacks or other school necessities ensure that you enhance your listings and advertising campaigns using back-to-school-related keywords. Consider offering an offer to help make your product stand out and gain more sales from deal-hunting adults and students who are older.

    • August 8-10: eTail East
    • August 16: Back-to-school day for the majority of public schools.

    TBD The date for August 2021 is still to be determined. numerous states provided the tax-free weekend to assist families in saving on basic items. These are the perfect times to host sales and provide coupons to make even more savings! Keep an eye on exact dates as the month of August gets closer.

    September. 2022

    Amazon FBA holiday calendar. The football season starts

    Fans of sports are Amazon companies that offer NFL jerseys, football-themed party decorations, as well as sports memorabilia, get your gears ready! The NFL season begins in September, 9th.

    • September 5: Labor Day
    • Sept. 9 NFL season begins
    • September 22: The first day of autumn

    In the future, September is a good time to begin getting your business ready to handle the rush of the holidays! Prepare by improving your listings, making discounts for the holidays, and then estimating the quantity you’ll need to get ready for the holiday season.

    October 2022

    Fall festivities

    It’s the month for pumpkin-carving costumes, furry boots, as well as pumpkin spice lattes, is upon us! If you have a business that has Halloween costumes available This is the month you’ve been waiting for. Check that your inventory is on track in good condition and that the listings you have are in great shape. This month is going to be important for you.

    • October 10: Indigenous Peoples Day/Columbus Day
    • October 10: Canadian Thanksgiving
    • October 24: Diwali
    • October 31: Halloween
    • October 31 The last day to place an order for inventory prior to Lunar New Year

    November 2022

    Amazon FBA Holiday Calendar 2022 - Accurate Reference for Every Amazon Seller 6

    The month of sales at retail

    Is it really the Christmas season is upon us again, don’t you think? Don’t worry, as you’re already prepared to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday now. The inventory you have should be up and your discount plan is now in place. Relax and let the sales come into.

    • November 1 Day to deliver stock to Amazon warehouses for Cyber Monday/Black Friday as well as the Christmas season
    • November 1: Start of National Native American Heritage Month
    • November 6: Daylight Saving Time
    • November 8: Election Day
    • November 11: Veterans Day and Singles’ Day
    • November 11: Remembrance Day (Canada)
    • November 24: Thanksgiving
    • November 25: Black Friday
    • November 26: Small Business Saturday
    • November 28: Cyber Monday

    December 20, 2022

    Season of Gifts

    The most popular month for gift-giving is upon us! The season of giving is a thrilling moment for most online sellers. Make sure your inventory is replenished with coupons and discounts set up and your marketing strategy includes the most popular holiday phrases.

    • December 17: Super Saturday
    • December 18-26: Hanukkah
    • December 21: The first day of winter.
    • December 24: Christmas Eve
    • December 25: Christmas
    • December 26-Jan 1: Kwanzaa
    • December 26: Boxing Day (Canada)
    • December 31: New Year’s Eve

    Amazon FBA holiday calendar Tips 2022

    • Make sure to update and plan for important inventory timeframes;
    • Do your quarterly Amazon holidays planning;
    • Start your seasonal sales to boost sales
    • Be aware of the specific holidays in the markets where you offer your goods;
    • Don’t forget the deadline for filing corporate taxes (form 1120) in April
    • Be aware of an increase in Amazon storage costs starting in October.

    What Kind of Amazon Holidays Should I Consider?

    Based on the strategy you are using for marketing It is important to plan according to your strategy for marketing, you should plan your Amazon sales calendar. This is a good idea for those times when there is a high time for seasonal items as well as holidays where there is an overwhelming desire for gift items, as well as an opportunity for parents to purchase school supplies for the children. It is also important to be aware of every year Amazon sales that are specific to dates like Prime Day or Black Friday and Black Friday, which could make you money if you’re prepared.

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