How to set up your First Amazon DSP campaign in 2022

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    As Amazon and online selling are growing increasingly crucial (and the prospect of a busy Prime Day sales season just around the close), it is essential to know how to implement more advanced programs for retargeting is essential for staying ahead of the curve. The Amazon DSP is a great tool for any seller on Amazon and those who do not. This article will help get you on the right track about Amazon DSP.

    Watch this video to understand the Amazon Demand Side Platform from the inside. Learn about the few powerful features of Amazon DSP in this video:

    What Exactly Is the Amazon Demand Side Platform

    Amazon’s DSP is probably the most misunderstood element of Amazon’s expanding advertisement portfolio; therefore, to start with, let’s look at the definition:

    A demand-side platform lets advertisers purchase Display, video, and audio advertisements across multiple platforms on the web.

    Amazon advertisements may include display ads for products on popular news websites or video advertisements in an app for mobile devices for a start. There are many possibilities.

    Below, you’ll find an interview with Jeff Cohen with Bryant Garvin, who discuss the brands of the most crucial items they should think about when creating their first videos for products.

    Amazon DSP
    Amazon’s dsp

    Why target ads with Amazon DSP  

    Brand Awareness

    This strategy concentrates on Sellers who wish to be seen by an even larger number of customers. Performance measures in this scenario would include CTR, impressions, and detail page views (DPV).

    Sales Generation

    This includes:

    • Re-targeting prospective customers
    • Remarketing existing customers
    • Targeting in-market customers

    This strategy is explicitly focused on ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

    The most important point to keep in mind is that DSP Retargeting isn’t a one-time event. DSP is a huge opportunity for spending, and optimization is an absolute requirement.

    Pro Tips: Ensure that you have a designated DSP person in charge of the campaigns daily to prevent the possibility of budget blowouts.

    Prospecting/Marketing Insights

    DSP ads can inform you a lot about customers’ behavior and how they are segmented. Understanding your customer’s behavior can help you develop a more efficient marketing strategy, particularly when paired with the analysis and insight provided by data.

    Where will Amazon DSP ads appear?

    There are two main kinds of advertisements, and they can be seen in specific locations.

    Display ads Can feature on:

    • Amazon
    • Amazon devices,

    Amazon-owned and operated sites are more than you’d believe and includes:

    • IMDb
    • Audible
    • Box Office Mojo
    • Zappos
    • Goodreads
    • Twitch
    • Across the web

    There are a variety of available advertising formats and locations (example in the following).

    Contrary to sponsored advertisers, destinations can be located on or off Amazon and the Amazon ecosystem, which includes your site. This is crucial in D2C (direct-to-customer) companies.

    Video ads could be featured on:

    • Amazon sites like IMDb,
    • Devices like Fire TV
    • On the internet.

    Video ads may appear alongside videos (OTT) or as an integral part of an ad display (out-stream videos).

    What types of ads are there?

    Amazon DSP
    What types of ads are there?

    Dynamic e-commerce: Dynamic E-commerce ads automatically decide the creative to display according to the campaign’s goals.

    Static adverts: As these ads don’t contain any dynamic components, they must have the use of a call-to-action. They can redirect users to a page detailing the product, Amazon storefront, or custom landing pages.

    Video advertisements through DSP: You could link the video ads to your website or an Amazon product page.

    OTT video ads: These full-screen advertisements are seen by millions of viewers who are connected to the TV (like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick). Amazon Fire TV Stick). You can focus on a specific Amazon audience; however, these ads cannot be clicked.

    How to use Amazon DSP to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel

    Amazons DSP is designed to bring people to Amazon websites, applications such as IMDB, Twitch, etc., and publishers.

    Marketers who know their way around amazon dsp advertising console might think that Amazon has targeted options available for:

    • Geography
    • Time and date
    • Segmentation capabilities
    • Demographics
    two people drawing on whiteboard
    Marketing Funnel

    While commercial products sponsored by sponsors and advertising for brands might not offer the same options for targeting, Amazons DSP can offer many additional options, such as:

    • A/B Testing 
    • Mobile versus desktop specific ads
    • Ad frequency per unique visitor
    • Ad placement, either above or beneath the fold
    • specific domains (can be excluded or included)
    • ZIP code
    • In-market audiences

    Isn’t Amazon DSP Just Sponsored Display Ads with Additional Steps?

    It’s not.

    The sponsored Display is an innovation in the field of Amazon advertising. However, it has a lot of the same features as Amazon’s DSP. So, you might be confused about the best platform to choose.

    The first thing to note is that they both support retargeting and can reach people on and off Amazon.

    Here’s how the two ads differ:

    1. Amazon DSP is a more complete and accurate solution to run ads on Amazon and off-site. It allows users to select the target prices, the audience, and other elements for the campaign. Sponsored Display, however, is more limited in comparison to Amazon DSP.

    2. The entry requirements for DSP are significantly more difficult (and the capabilities list is significantly larger) than Amazon’s Sponsored Display ads.

    Sponsored Display’s advertising solution is a great choice for Amazon sellers searching for an easy method to retarget ads using an affordable budget and just a couple of steps. Amazon Demand Side Platform offers, in contrast, it is not accessible to all; however, it can be targeted to specific audiences with an array of information points offered by Amazon and other third-party sources.

    To begin using Sponsored Display Ads in your company, you need to be eligible to be included in the Amazon Brand Registry, which is available via the Amazon Seller Central. Additionally, the product has to be in line with certain eligibility requirements that include being able to be used to be placed in the Buy Box, meaning that you must have an ongoing Amazon seller.

    3. Amazon DSP is for a vastly larger audience and is eager to take their advertising to the highest level on the internet. Amazon targeted and product advertisements, which are launched via the Sponsored Display Platform, may be seen in addition to Amazon through Owned & Operated property. Still, they don’t permit precise targeting, as the DSP could achieve.

    4. Through the DSP system, DSPs can send visitors to your store online in addition to your Amazon Product Listing and Brand Store. If you’re looking to direct visitors to a particular website landing page, site or direct them, customers, to customers to your Amazon Store, this can be achieved using DSP. Through Sponsored Display, you’ll only be able to send new customers to your Amazon businesses.

    Advantages of Amazon DSP

    The mentioned features are useful when using Amazon DSP. Here are a few of the things you can accomplish using Amazon DSP.

    Precise targeting across devices

    Amazon DSP ads appear on websites in the form of advertisements that are displayed on mobile devices and desktops. The mobile app advertisements and banner display ads are displayed in iOS, Android, and Fire Tablet. In addition, interstitial advertisements for mobile are shown within mobile applications for a brief time in natural transition times. The user can remove them when clicking on the ” close” button at the top right-hand corner.

    In the case of videos, Amazon plays them only on Amazon-owned properties such as Fire TV, offering a “brand-safe environment.”

    Dynamic target

    Utilizing data to decide where ads can be placed is an effective strategy in this day and age. It is extremely efficient. It can help you rapidly understand the change in the landscape and allow you to adjust your strategy in line with it. It can be used to change your ad places, redirect your budget on creatives, or shift your domain advertisements so that they be seen by the people interested in your service. It is a potentially versatile advantage from DSP.

    Analytics and insights into the audience

    Amazon’s data-rich capabilities give you deep insight into your campaigns’ performance before, during, and following campaigns. You’ll have access to the most important performance metrics, such as the total amount of purchases, add-to-cart rate products sold, unit sales, and much more, to understand the factors driving your results and what’s not.


    Getting new customers is vital for growing a business as well as retaining existing customers. But, keeping customers who are already there is a better method of spending your advertising dollars than getting new customers.

    Through Amazon DSP, you can create brand awareness by informing the customer of your product. You can also contact prospective customers who have bought or been interested in your product or similar products within the relevant category.

    In essence, Amazon DSP can be used for Amazon DSP for:

    • Top-conversion funnel Increase the visibility of your brand and draw attention to your brand
    • Mid-conversion funnel – Increase the consideration of your product over that of a competitor
    • Low-conversion funnel Re-engage and retarget customers to make an opportunity to make

    Here are some of the things you can accomplish using Amazon DSP retargeting capabilities:

    Behavioral: Audience who showed specific behaviors like using related products within one category within the last 30 days

    Lifestyle: Audience who showed particular buying and searching behaviors in connection with a lifestyle. For e.g., Veganism

    Remarketing Customers who have nearly purchased your product or a rival’s, i.e., people who searched for, looked at or added your product or that of a competitor’s cart.

     Lookalike Audience: Audiences who display similar purchasing habits to your customers or competitors’ customers.

    Contextual Customers who demonstrated a desire to purchase your product after looking for related products on other websites

    Adverted Audience Audience that is provided by the advertiser through their website’s data using an ad tracking pixel, data from CRM databases, or a hashed mailing list

    Beauty brand R+Co is the best Amazon DSP examples, its new strategy and tactics generated:

    • 85% increase in detail page views 
    • 70% increase in units sold 
    • 48% increase in total sales 
    • 36% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)

    Top 10 demand-side platform examples

    • Facebook Ads Manager
    • Rocket Fuel
    • MediaMath
    • Amazon (AAP)
    • DoubleClick
    • LiveRamp
    • Choozle
    • TubeMogul
    • BrightRoll
    • AppNexus

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