Amazon Credit Card – The best credit card for people who love shopping on Amazon

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    If you enjoy shopping on, you may be thrilled to know that you can purchase credit cards from Amazon that you can use only on their website. Amazon provides four different credit cards for its customers to use on its website, which means you can select the most useful one. You must be a US citizen with a US SSN or individual TIN to apply for the card, so ensure you have all the necessary information in hand when filling up the online application.

    The best Amazon credit card for people who love shopping

    amazon credit card
    credit card for amazon prime

    Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

    This Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, provided by Chase and Chase, provides users with the highest rate of cashback of all the Amazon credit cards with a branded logo Select studied. For all purchases made by Prime customers in Amazon and Whole Foods, you get an incredible cashback rate of 5. This is one of the main reasons why this card was our number. #1 choice for overall online shopping.

    Apart from the large cashback of 5% at these two stores, The card also gives users the chance to earn 2% cash back for purchases made in gas stations, restaurants, and pharmacies. In addition, other purchases earn cash back.

    If you’re wondering whether you should purchase an Amazon Prime Membership is a worthwhile cost. This card can assist you in making a decision. In a welcome offer, cardholders get 100 dollars Gift card that will cover the cost of the annual fee of $119 for the first year.

    Amazon Prime membership gives you access to many advantages, such as free shipping for two days and the ability to access Prime Video, and exclusive discounts at Whole Foods.

    Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

    If you do not already have an Amazon Prime membership but frequently visit the website to shop, another choice could be using the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card. The card does not require Prime membership but provides 3% cash reward points on purchases at Amazon and Whole Foods, along with the 2% cash back offered in gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores.

    Cardholders new to the program receive the $100 Amazon gift card after their application is accepted. Cardholders also benefit from no foreign transaction fee and various travel benefits, including insurance for travel accidents and collision damage waiver on rental cars and reimbursement for lost luggage.

    If you decide to join Prime, you’ll receive an upgrade to the prime version of the card.

    Amazon Store Card

    Who is this card for? If you’re not currently a member of Prime but are still planning to make a major purchase on Amazon, The Store Card, offered through Synchrony, offers the option of interest-free financing for 6-12 or even 24 months.

    Special financing

    No interest is charged on purchases of $150 or more, provided the total amount of the purchase is completed in full within six months.

    There is no interest charged on purchases that exceed $600 if the total amount of the purchase is fully paid in the space of 12 months.

    There is no interest charged on certain purchases of $800 or more, provided the total purchase amount is fully paid within the first 24 months.

    Amazon Prime Store Card

    This card, called the Amazon Prime Store Card, accessible to people who have Prime membership, comes with the same financing promotions similar to those offered by the Amazon Store Card above and cashback rewards.

    With this card, you’ll earn 5% cashback on purchases. However, unlike The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card or Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, you cannot earn cashback on Whole Foods, restaurants, drugstores, gas stations, or other purchases.

    Amazon credit card benefits

    amazon credit card
    best credit card for amazon
    • There are no membership fees
    • High Rewards Rate
    • $50 gift card rewards for the first time bonus
    • No foreign fee

    How do you apply for an Amazon credit card?

    1. Log in to Amazon to access your Amazon account.

    Before applying, you’ll need to make the Amazon account or sign in to an existing one. Be sure to log in to the account you’d like to be linked to the credit card you’re applying for.

    You’ll likely already have an account if you’re using the Amazon app.

    2. Select the card you’d like to get.

    Go to the Credit Card Marketplace to look through the various offers available, or simply go to the website you’d prefer to apply to. It is possible to double-check your terms and conditions and read reviews from customers to take a final decision.

    3. Simply “Apply now” on the page of the card you selected.

    When you’ve made your decision to use a credit card you want to use, simply choose the appropriate credit card you want to use and then click the button that reads “Apply now.” It will direct users to your bank’s site, and Amazon might ask you to log in once more to verify you’re you.

    While it’s a credit card issued by Amazon, you need to make an application on the bank’s website because it’s their credit card.

    4. Fill in the application completely with all the information.

    Be sure that the information you provide on your application is correct to ensure that you don’t delay the acceptance process. For example, keep your driver’s license and social security card, and address handy to fill out the application so that you don’t need to get up and look to find them later.

    The first step of the application will require details about yourself, including full names, address, and email addresses. The physical address should be a US address. Next, enter “Continue” or scroll down to another page.

    The next page or section will require your contact number and social security number. The date you were born and the maiden name of your mother. Enter it according to your preferences and then scroll down or hit “Continue.”

    In the third section or page, you’ll be asked to provide information about your financials (e.g., the annual net earnings). Complete all the required information and then scroll down until you press “Continue.”

    The final section or page will contain your terms and condition of the card and the costs and fees of the card. You must carefully read before moving on.

    5. Submit the application.

    Check that you have filled in all the required information on your application, and don’t leave any fields required empty. Select the “I agree” option at the end of the page prior to clicking “Submit. “

    Incorrectly completing your application could delay the approval process of your credit card; therefore, it is crucial to verify all of your details prior to submitting it.

    6. Make sure you get your card or notice.

    All you need to be waiting for is your application’s acceptance (or rejection). If your application has been approved and you receive an answer within a couple of seconds, then you can start using your card number on Amazon immediately.

    Your card is sent to the address that you specified, and you should receive it in 7-10 working days.

    If you’re not approved, you’ll get a letter from the bank in 2 to four weeks.

    It is possible that you will not be accepted when your credit score of yours is less than 640 or if you don’t have a credit history.

    How to Make Your Amazon Credit Card Payment Online

    If you’re looking to make a one-time payment or settle any Amazon credit card debt, this well-known Amazon bill-pay feature for credit cards requires you to sign in to your account through the Bank Amazon online credit center. Take these steps in order to complete a one-time payment:

    Log into the account you have created.

    Your cursor should be across “Payments” and then select “View and Make Payments.”

    Choose whether you wish to pay a minimal amount or pay off your balance or statement balance or any other amount.

    Select a payment date.

    Fill in the account’s routing numbers for your bank and your account number into the appropriate fields. Confirm.

    Note: The steps can differ depending on the bank.

    How to Make an Amazon Credit Card Payment by Mail

    Amazon Credit Card Payment by Mail

    Synchrony accepts payment via mail. However, the crediting process for your payment can be delayed by up to five days following the time Synchrony accepts your payment. Take these actions:

    • Send your check or money purchase and send it to Amazon.
    • Fill out the remittance form on your bank statement along with your payment and write in the amount you would like to pay.
    • Send your payment at (Address of your bank)

    How do I remove my Amazon credit card?

    • Visit the Amazon website using your desktop or browser and sign in to your Amazon account.
    • Find the “Your accounts and list option at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. After that, click on “your account.”
    • Choose the ” Payment option that is located in the section ‘ ordering and shopping preferences.”
    • Click on ‘ Your credit and debit cards. Choose the card you would like to remove from your account.
    • Hit the ” remove” button. After that, you can remove this credit/debit card from Amazon using the click on the confirmation remove button.


    If you don’t shop on Amazon and don’t use it often, it won’t make sense to purchase either version for consumers because you can get cards that provide a 2% discount on all items you purchase, not just some categories.

    If you should or not get an enterprise Amazon card will be contingent upon your objectives. If the majority of your expenses are met through Amazon and/or other channels, then one among the company Amazon cards might be suitable based on the amount you spend, and if you are eligible for Prime membership and/or are able to benefit from special financing deals for purchases.

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