Amazon Best Sellers: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

    To keep yourself updated with latest Amazon and eCommerce related news, subscribe to our newsletter today - Click Here in the U.S. Amazon marketplace has hundreds of millions of items listed across more than 30 categories.

    Although those numbers might appear unbelievable, what’s even more remarkable is the fact that the majority of the items for sale on Amazon (that have generated at least one sale) get a distinct rating known as the “Best Sellers” Rank (BSR).

    What is the best Sellers rank? What is its significance to the success of your Amazon FBA business? This article will dig into the specifics of the basics of what the BSR is actually about and how understanding its role will benefit your company.

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    What is Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank?

    Amazon Best Seller
    Amazon best sellers

    Amazon Best Sellers Rank (also known as the Amazon Top Sellers Rank (also called The Amazon sales Rank) is just an amount given to a product after a sale is completed. As you would expect, the BSR is an excellent measure of how well a particular product sells on Amazon.

    For instance, a product ranked number 7 has seen greater sales than the product placed at number 207. It’s crucial to recognize that even if the Amazon Best Sellers ranking of a particular product isn’t high, it doesn’t mean it’s a good indicator of how the item is selling relative to other similar items, just its overall rank.

    For instance, two similar products may be listed between 10 and 50, which are both with low BSRs in Amazon terms, which means that the two products will likely be the top sellers, even though they’re 40 positions from each other. For a deeper dive to find out if a product is a top seller or not, you should make use of sub-category best sellers lists instead of the top-tier bestseller lists.

    A product may also be listed in several Amazon top seller rankings. This is the case if an item is listed in multiple categories. For example, the product listed on Amazon could be listed with an Amazon BSR of 2500 for Home & Garden, while the same item could be listed with the Amazon Best Sellers Rank of 15,000 if sold within Pet Supplies. Similar to a product with a BSR that was 1999, could have 100 sales ranks on

    What is a Good Amazon BSR?

    It’s a difficult question because Amazon BSRs are different in every category. Although the Amazon BSR of 1000 might be considered a great rating within the Pet Supplies category, that same rank of 1000 within the DIY category might be a disaster because DIY may have less-popular products making it difficult to offer a definitive solution.

    Suppose you look at the millions of items available on Amazon. In that case, generally, items with a sales rank under 2,000 are most likely to be popular, thus, can be considered a reliable reference.

    How Amazon’s best sellers rank is calculated?

    Amazon Best Seller
    How is best sellers’ rank calculated?

    Surprise! Amazon is keeping this information unguarded, as you’d imagine. The fact that is known is that various factors affect and influence what is known as the Amazon Best Sellers rank that your products receive. These are all based on sales, rather than taking reviews about the product price, customer reviews, and more.

    The theory is the following: your BSR is calculated using:

    • Current and historical
    • Changes in prices, promotions, and sales
    • Similar products to those offered by competitors

    At every hour, Amazon changes the BSR values based on the current and past sales. For example, if you sold 10 units within just one hour, and your competition only sold five units, then your BSR will be lower than theirs (remember that lower is better! )

    But, if during the next hour you sold one product and your competition had sold five units, you’d have an inferior BSR since the sales from your past are also considered, and you don’t be able to lose (or gain) an amount of ranking that rapidly. So, instead, the BSR algorithm analyzes your sales for the entire product and allocates the sales to you, which means there are not any major fluctuations.

    If you experienced an enormous influx of customers or abruptly decreased sales, you might not notice a significant shift in your position.

    What’s the Difference Between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Organic Rank?

    Amazon Best Seller
    Best Sellers Rank vs Organic Rank

    In the case of the Best Sellers, Rank and a high organic rank is essential to recognize that the fact that your product has a lower Best Sellers Rank doesn’t necessarily mean that your product is ranked well in relation to the search terms you’re using.

    Keywords dictate your organic ranking. That is, they determine the order in which your product will appear in the results of searches on Amazon for a specific search. Your BSR does not affect your ranking on Google in any way the same way that the keywords you choose to use don’t directly affect your best seller rank. Thus, keywords and BSR both serve completely distinct roles.

    Let’s take a look at it in a different method. Relevant keywords throughout your Amazon product’s titles, bullet points, and the main listing are crucial to achieving the highest organic rank on Amazon. Sales are an important aspect of achieving a satisfactory BSR.

    While BSRs and keywords serve different purposes, these two elements are in some ways connected; after all, you must ensure your BSR’s visibility in the results of a search by using keywords that are relevant to drive sales. Those results will eventually impact your BSR.

    It’s possible to make a best-selling product naturally but not have the top spot in BSR due to the fact that Amazon puts more emphasis on keywords-related products than the best-selling rankings.

    This is the reason it’s so vital to study your keywords thoroughly and include only those with the highest relevance on your pages. Organic rankings are, in the end, higher than Amazon Best Sellers rank, which is why you’ll see higher views of your product by doing this.

    Therefore, Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank is the most reliable way to determine the frequency of sales for the product, instead of looking at its popularity overall.

    Where can I find the Amazon Best Sellers Rank for a product?  

    Amazon Best Seller
    Amazon Best Sellers: Everything You Need to Know in 2022 5

    To locate the item’s BSR, visit the product page, and go down until you reach the “Product Information” section. Here’s what you need to look for:

    You can see that the Amazon Best Sellers Rank of this product’s Patio, Lawn & Garden category is currently at #358.

    That means that out of the thousands of items in the Amazon Patio, Lawn & Garden category, only 357 are sold more than this one product. This isn’t bad!

    How can I use Amazon Best Sellers Rank to estimate sales?

    The most effective feature of Amazon’s Best Sellers Ranks aside from bragging rights using its value to predict the amount of time a product will sell on Amazon.

    Think about this: Let’s suppose we own a product that has a BSR of 1699. We know from our analysis that the BSR of #1,699 would translate to approximately 810 sales every month if your Best Sellers’ Ranking remains at or near that exact amount.

    Just one month ago, we had a record-breaking month. Our average BSR was #3000 for around 30 days. We only had 510 sales in the month.

    In the fall of last year, we had a BSR that was #500 for 30 days, and we achieved 1,980 sales during the month.

    While the BSR is an easy method of estimating the sales of the product but it does not guarantee that it will be the same BSR every month. If you’re doing research for a new product, you need to examine the previous sales figures when you decide what products to offer.

    How can I improve my Amazon BSR?

    In other words, you have to market more products and beat your competition! If you’re selling the same quantity of products or lower than your competition, then your BSR won’t increase.

    1. Optimize your listing copy

    If you are looking to increase your item’s searchability and increase its rate of conversion, you must improve your page by using relevant keywords and engaging content.

    2. Price is competitive

    Develop a great pricing strategy for your product. If you have a fair price within your industry and when compared to your competitors, it will help to sell more of your products and improve your BSR.

    3. Improve your listing images

    Since customers are unable to feel or see the product they purchase in the physical environment, the images of your product will be the most effective way to market your products. Be sure that they are high quality and help highlight key features and benefits. More appealing images = better BSR.

    4. Include a video in your listing

    Images not only help promote your product, but the video of your product can bring your listing to an entirely different level. Video can be the closest thing to having a potential buyer experience your product face-to-face.

    5. Utilize Amazon FBA and Prime

    Another way to increase the quality of your Amazon BSR number is to make use of Amazon FBA for people to purchase the item as Prime shipping. Prime products are more popular when shoppers purchase them via FBM, and sales and conversion rates will increase.

    Amazon best sellers rank list

    • Face masks, e.g. peel-off face masks
    • Nail polish
    • Haircare products
    • Fitness items
    • Yoga mats
    • Water bottles
    • Exercise bands
    • Games and puzzles
    • Board games
    • Laptop skins.

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