How to Become an Amazon Associate to Make Money in 2022

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    Affiliate marketing is a means for bloggers and online publishers (including bloggers) to earn passive income through the recommendation of the products and services they like.

    Amazon Associates is one of the most respected affiliate marketing platforms, where anyone can begin earning a stream at their own homes. Similar to most strategies it takes a lot of planning and effort.

    Once you’ve mastered the art of the fundamentals, however, it’s fairly simple to make money from your content. Here’s how to begin and earn revenues through Amazon Associates.

    What is the Amazon Associates Affiliate program?

    Amazon Affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates offers an affiliate-based marketing plan. It is free for owners of websites and bloggers to join Amazon Associates. They market the products offered by on their websites by establishing hyperlinks. When users click on the links and purchase items from Amazon they earn referral fees.

    How does the Amazon Associate Affiliate program work?

    Within the Amazon Affiliate, program associates earn commissions by creating distinctive product links, promoting the links on their websites as well as driving traffic to Amazon. Here’s how:

    Owners of websites can create their own Amazon Affiliate accounts on the platform.

    Amazon provides every website owner with an Associate ID that is unique to each website owner.

    Once the application is accepted, associates can start creating affiliate links on Amazon’s Amazon portal.

    Associates will then insert the hyperlinks in blog posts or on other pages of their site.

    When someone clicks on the link and purchases an associate earns a commission

    How Much Money Can You Make With The Amazon Affiliate Program?

    Amazon Associate
    Commission rates as on February 2022 for United States

    The amount you can earn as an affiliate is determined by the percentage of conversion traffic you offer to Amazon.

    The amount of fee you are paid for each sale is contingent on the type of product (see the table below).

    It is crucial to remember that the client doesn’t need to purchase the item that you specifically suggested for them to earn the commission.

    Let’s say I have a blog on gluten-free meals. I might suggest a certain kind of bread maker or an all-gluten-free flour mix.

    If a person clicks on my Amazon affiliate link and over the course of the next 24 hours buys a TV or Christmas gifts for their children I will earn the commission on the total sales made within the 24 hours.

    If a buyer clicks an associate’s link following yours, and prior to the sale or deletes their cookies then Amazon won’t give you a percentage of the sales.

    The more people go to Amazon through your site the more you could make. The amount you make is contingent on the number of sales you earn.

    Remember that the commission table may be subject to change from time to time Therefore, it is crucial to keep up to date with the exact amount you could receive from the products or services you offer.

    How to Become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

    1. Make a blog or website.

    To be an Amazon Associate, you must have a functioning site, blog, application, and YouTube channel. It’s also beneficial if you’ve prepared your website with content so that it appears authentic and active to both the users as well as Amazon.

    Be aware that you have to be able to explain the reason behind your website in the application procedure. Therefore, you must have a clear concept of the reason you’re making your website, who you’re targeting, as well as the method you’ll use to bring visitors.

    2. Visit your Amazon Associates homepage and click “Sign Up. “

    Amazon Associate Affiliate program
    Visit your Amazon Associates homepage and click “Sign Up. “

    In order to be an Amazon affiliate, you’ll have to set up an Amazon Associates Account. To create your account, go to the Amazon Associates homepage and click Register. After that, you’ll be asked to sign into the already-established Amazon account or sign up for one.

    3. Enter the account details.

    Amazon Associate
    Enter the account details.

    Input your account information (including the name address, address, and phone number of the person who is paying).

    4. Enter the URL of your website.

    Amazon Associate
    Enter the URL of your website.

    Enter your website address(es), apps, YouTube channels, etc.

    5. Enter the store ID you prefer.

    Amazon Associate
    Enter the store ID you prefer.

    Enter the store ID you prefer (usually identical to the name of your primary website) Explain what you hope your site will achieve, and then choose Amazon areas that your hyperlinks are likely to focus on.

    6. Define how you can bring traffic to your website.

    Amazon Associate
    Define how you can bring traffic to your website.

    Tell us how you get traffic to your website and how you utilize your apps or websites to generate revenue How you build links, and the many people visit your site every month.

    7. Select your preferred payment method.

    Amazon Associate
    Select your preferred payment method.

    Select whether you want to input your credit card (credit card) and tax ID number either now or later. After that, go to your dashboard.

    Amazon Associate
    Create Amazon Affiliate links.

    After you’ve signed up for the account you’ll then be taken to your own personal Associate homepage. There you’ll discover the performance overview dashboard (including an overview of your earnings along with a monthly report and the total number of clicks).

    1. Log in to the account you have created with your Amazon Associate account.

    This ensures that the text of your link is created in a manner that links the product you’re selling and your user account.

    2. Click on Product Linking on the top banner & Select the Product Links.

    Amazon Associate
    How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

    You will be taken to a webpage that will ask you to create your link.

    3. Include the ASIN number of the item or Search Amazon for the product.

    Amazon Associate
    How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

    An Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a 10-character alphanumeric number assigned to an item by Amazon for identification in their catalog of items.

    The ASIN for a product is in the Product Information section of the product’s Amazon listing. This means that you’ll need to find it in another browser.

    If you are unable to locate an ASIN, Amazon will allow you to search its catalog for the item that you’re advertising.

    4. Press the “Go” button.

    The result will be in the middle. You must ensure you are selling the actual product that you wish to market.

    5. Hit on the Get Link button on the right.

    Copy your brand-new Amazon Affiliate link to your clipboard. You will utilize that link in your promotional efforts.

    6. You can also make use of the Amazon Associates SiteStripe to create Amazon Affiliate links.

    Amazon Associate
    How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link

    An easier method to create Amazon Affiliate Link is making use of the SiteStripe bar which is displayed on the product’s pages once you’re signed in to the Amazon Affiliate Panel.

    Click the text button within the Get Link selector. Then Copy the generated link from the pop-up.

    7. Make use of the link that is generated on your website or other promotional materials in accordance with Amazon’s guidelines.

    Be aware that Amazon’s guidelines forbid the use of links in promotions that are offline, emails or PDFs, as well as eBooks and PDFs. Like all sales and marketing strategies content, high-quality content is essential to success. Be sure to attract your target audience with high-quality content and share relevant affiliate links on your YouTube or website channel.

    Each link you create is a cookie that will follow your site’s users after they click the link. This is very beneficial to you as it improves your chances of receiving compensation for sales. However, it is only for a certain amount of time.

    It is a cookie that Amazon Affiliate cookie lasts for 24 hours following the time a user clicks Amazon Affiliate’s link. The cookie remains in their browser for the entire duration of time. In this way, should they decide to check out at any point during the next 24 hours, the amount they paid will be transferred to your account.

    It is the Amazon Affiliate cookie is just one of the ways this Amazon Affiliate program can help you earn money. However, first, you have to convince people to click the link. And for that, you’ll need to have visitors first.

    How to Get Paid as an Amazon Associate

    Amazon Associates are paid on monthly basis. The majority of the time, they receive their payments after two months from the date of purchase. If, for example, the buyer purchased a new pot in January and an Amazon Associate will receive payment no later than the end of March. Amazon offers three payment options. These include:

    Direct Deposit Direct deposit Amazon Associates have to be able to provide Amazon with their bank details. Then, Amazon will deposit the commission when an affiliate earns an amount of at least $10.

    Check Affiliates need to supply Amazon with a postal address. The company will mail the check after an affiliate has earned $100. Also, there’s a $15 processing fee.

    Amazon gift cards Amazon will also mail Amazon gift cards directly to the affiliate’s account after the affiliate earns at least $10.

    In some instances, Amazon Associates won’t receive the earnings from certain purchases when:

    • The order was canceled prior to it being shipped
    • The order is still to be delivered
    • The affiliate system identified the product as unsuitable for a commission

    Here are a few ways to promote Amazon links: Amazon links:


    Blogging is perhaps the most frequent method affiliates earn money via using the Amazon Associates program. Some bloggers run an all-purpose site that makes use of a variety of affiliate programs, as well as other ways to earn money. Some bloggers have niche sites that focus on specific items that the blog covers. Whatever way you choose, earning money through Amazon Associates on a blog can be accomplished by:

    Social Media

    Social media can be used to promote your blog’s content by using affiliate links. Alternatively, you can share directly the affiliate link. Be sure to indicate that the link is an affiliate one whenever you share it to remain clear and not to annoy your readers. The majority of people don’t want to be continuously sold to and therefore, posting Affiliate links must be mixed with posts that are non-sales and not affiliate-related.

    YouTube Videos

    Amazon Associate
    How to Become an Amazon Associate to Make Money in 2022 13

    You can provide the same kinds of videos similar to what you can post on your blog, like reviews. The benefit of video to generate income is the ability to offer instructions, tours, as well as other content with visuals which can help prospective buyers determine whether they want to purchase the products or not.

    Lead Magnet and Email

    Many affiliate marketers who are successful are using a basic two-page site as well as an email marketing system that runs their affiliate marketing on autopilot, generating an income that is passive. One of the pages is a landing page that advertises a lead magnet in order to get people to sign up for the email. After a subscriber is registered, the user is directed to the next page, which typically contains information on an affiliate product.

    The email includes a lead-generating email, in addition to several other emails with valuable tips and advice along with promotions on affiliate goods.

    Add Amazon Offers to Your Existing Business

    You can market Amazon products in conjunction with your other offerings for business to generate an additional revenue stream. If you are selling an item or service it is likely that there are products and services that your clients and customers could benefit from Amazon.

    Conclusion Amazon Associates Affiliate

    It is a fairly simple way to create an income stream that is passive. The most appealing aspect is that anyone can participate from anywhere with no geographical or financial limitations.

    Be sure your content is consistent and put in the effort to grow your following. digital marketing is crucial in this regard, as your audience isn’t just there regardless of how amazing your content may be.

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