#104 – Amazon Sellers are allowed to ship nonessential items

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    Amazon Sellers are allowed to ship nonessential items: Amazon has started to allow third-party sellers to ship some nonessential items to its warehouses. “We appreciate our selling partners” patience as we prioritize products for customers. Link

    Shopify to offer cash loan advances for small businesses: Shopify Inc said on Monday it would provide cash advances to small businesses that are struggling due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the global economy. Link

    Amazon sellers are now price-gouging on essential stay-at-home tech: Amazon says it has been on alert for price gougers since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but a review by Digital Trends found sky-high prices for work-from-home essentials like webcams, routers, and Ethernet cables. Link

    Now you have an alternative to Amazon FBA: With self-isolation and lockdowns giving everyone a little more time at home this year, now is the perfect opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to begin that Amazon business they’ve always dreamed of. Link

    How to Beat the Amazon FBA Shipping Restrictions: Shipments of inventory turned away, and many FBA sellers left to fend for themselves during the COVID-19 crisis. Link

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ 2020 letter to shareholders: Details the company’s plans to combat the coronavirus – Read the full letter here. Link

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