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    We offer a range of advertising options, including email newsletter post sponsorship, site-wide banner advertising, sponsored guest posts, dedicated email marketing and directory upgrades.

    Cruxfinder is one of the world’s leading email newsletter for ecommerce sellers. We publish highly relevant curated content for brands & individuals selling through online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy etc. We aim to provide the most important & revenue impacting news for online sellers to grow their business directly or indirectly.

    Email Sponsorship

    Our email advertising includes Newsletter Sponsorship and Dedicated Emails to reach thousands of ecommerce businesses directly.


    Banners ads range from site-wide leaderboards for maximum exposure to content-level banners targeted by specific article for the maximum focus.

    Directory Listing

    Directory advertising reaches businesses looking for software and services, and includes Featured Listings and Category Sponsorship.

    Guest Posting

    We can publish an article about your business on our website which is featured on the home page, and promoted by email and social media.

    Our Partners

    We have worked with hundreds of service providers, software companies, capital financing companies, aggregators in eCommerce ecosystem who help eComm brands and service providers to start, grow, scale, and expand locally and internationally.

    Our Readers

    Businesses of every size and type sell through online marketplaces, from individuals working at home to multinational brands with whole teams dedicated to marketplace ecommerce. We cater to all genuine businesses who want to improve and grow their online sales. Cruxfinder has a global audience, but focuses mainly on the USA as that is where most of our readers are based.


    Many of our readers are retailers, buying existing branded products from wholesalers and distributors. They are often multichannel sellers, trading through several marketplaces and their own ecommerce stores. Operational challenges dominate for these businesses.

    Private LabelBrands

    A large part of our audience are businesses who create their own products, ranging from simple white labeling of generic items to designing and building completely new brands. Amazon is the main sales channel, and marketing and differentiation are key.


    Our readers also include brick-and-mortar retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, looking to diversify and grow through online marketplaces. Challenges include a steep learning curve, lack of customer contact and less control over how they sell.


    People starting out in business make up a diverse and exciting part of the Web Retailer audience. They often begin on Amazon using FBA, and sometimes use retail arbitrage or dropshipping. Business fundamentals need to be learned to avoid costly mistakes.

    Why Sellers Read Cruxfinder?

    Cruxfinder is a trusted resource for thousands of ecommerce sellers, providing highly relevant, in-depth & practical information from official sources that helps them grow their business. We take that our sources very seriously & make sure the information is impacting. Our values help us put our readers first, maintain trust, and keep on curating the right information.

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