How to add Facebook Login to your Website in 2022

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    If you are planning to add Facebook Login to your Website and wondering how to do it, then this article is for you.

    Why should you add Facebook Login to Your Ecommerce Website?

    Implementing the ‘Login by using a Facebook button to your website is a good decision for various reasons. First, when you allow your users to sign in to your website using Facebook, it helps them get rid of the login fatigue that they normally go through.

    • You’ll be able to find the full names of users of Facebook. This will allow you to distribute customized emails and notifications.
    • While many people sign up to websites with fake emails, the email addresses of users of Facebook tend to be authentic.
    • The addition of a Facebook account to the site can also assist you in determining data on the geographical location, gender, and age of your users. As a result, you can create your marketing strategy more precisely with the information that you have customized.
    • By tracking your “Likes” of the users and offering an enhanced service for the users. In addition, having access to their Facebook friend lists can allow you to offer them products or services that their friends are using.

    Create Your Facebook Login App

    • Here is the complete step-by-step procedure to create an account on Facebook. Facebook Login App.
    facebook login
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    facebook login
    Source- loginradius

    Note Note: Do not sign in with an account for business because Facebook won’t

    • Choose the My Applications option as shown on the following screen.
    facebook login
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    • Enter a display name and email. After you’ve entered the information, then click Create App ID.
    • In the security, Check to complete the security steps and then click submit button.
    facebook login
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    • Once you are on the dashboard of the App, Click on Facebook Login, and then click to set up.
    • Click Settings in the sidebar below Facebook Login. Turn on Client OAuth Login. Next, turn on Web OAuth Login. Place the valid redirect URL to “Valid OAuth redirect URIs.” Click the Save button.
    facebook login
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    • Go to Basic under the settings sidebar. In the App section, Domains include your website’s URL. Fill in all the necessary information. You can change the mode of your application by switching it from Development to Live in the upper-right corner. Click the Save Changes button.
    facebook login
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    Customize Your Facebook Login

    You’re Facebook Login is now functioning on your site at an elementary level. However, if you’d like to get the most value from your account, it’s best to follow the links on the last page to personalize the Facebook app.

    Each choice will provide you with the code you need to be added to your master code within your site’s content and further tailors Facebook Login.

    Give your audience an Option to Delete Their Data.

    Data deletion is a simple option for users to follow, allowing them to erase any accumulated information. This feature gives users security when they log into their account because they know that they can get out if their information is used improperly or they’re not comfortable sharing their information. Therefore, it’s a good idea to delete your data.

    On your dashboard, click the From your dashboard, and go to the Facebook Login settings. You’ll have the option of entering the data deletion request and callback.

    How do you solve Facebook login issues?

    We have already mentioned that numerous reasons could cause a Facebook login error. Therefore, we’ll give you the possible solutions for various login issues.

    Solution 1: Determine if Facebook is down

    It is possible that Facebook isn’t working for everyone, which is why you’re experiencing difficulties logging into the Facebook account. Therefore, the first step before attempting the next solution is to determine if the Facebook service isn’t working for everyone or just you that aren’t able to access the login page for Facebook.

    You can find out the various sites to check whether Facebook is working or not. For instance, you can use, and here, just type in the text field to know the status.

    Solution 2: Ensure you’re entering the correct information

    Inputting the wrong email address or password could cause you to fail to log in. Also, remember that spelling or typing mistakes can result in Facebook failing to recognize your account. Therefore, all you have to do in these situations is retype your login information to be sure that the problem is due to having entered incorrect information or simply something else.

    If you enter the data using the “cut and paste” function, it is recommended that you type your login information carefully when you are on your Facebook sign-in screen. Also, be aware that Facebook sign-in details are dependent on the type of keyboard and, therefore, make sure that the caps lock on your keyboard isn’t turned off before entering any information.

    Solution 3: Recover your Facebook account

    Step 1: Go to the Facebook page for recovery and type in an email or phone address that you have added to your account.

    Step 2: Once you’re in a position to identify your account, you’ll be able to access your profile. In this section, make sure you have created your profile, and after that, you can click the “Continue ” button.

    Step 3: Once you have completed this step, you will be provided with a security code from Facebook, which you can be able to use to restore your account. You can then create a new password for your account.

    Solution 4: Ensure you’re using an allowable Email Address

    It’s possible that you don’t realize that Facebook does not permit general email accounts. For example, an email address that begins with “info@” can’t be used to create a Facebook account. This is due to generic emails being deemed to be unsuitable for use by Facebook. Therefore, the system will deny entry to the account, and you won’t be able to create Facebook. Facebook account.

    So, you should make sure that you have an acceptable email address for your account. It is suggested that you use the primary email addresses if it is possible.

    Solution 5: Enable Cookies on your computer

    When the Login page on Facebook isn’t loading or refreshing correctly, it could be that you’ve not activated cookies on your PC. Each browser has its own set of guidelines to enable cookies.

    Solution 6: Use a mobile Number to Log-in

    Try logging in to your account using the number of your mobile instead of your email address. Then, when you’ve been registered, it is easy to modify the information you use to sign in.

    In actual fact, it’s always recommended to sign up on your Facebook account using an email address and the number of your phone. This will help you retrieve your account if you forget the information you used to sign in.


    The days of trying to guess what visitors are looking for. You no longer have to spend time and money the search for duplicate logins.

    Instead, make use of Facebook Login to streamline the process of logging in your users and gather vital demographic data. The ROI you’ll earn from the increase in visitors is enough to justify the time it takes to build your own Facebook Login app.

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