6 Best Free WordPress Themes for Ecommerce Store 2022

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    E-Commerce is an online shop. Buyers access shops through the internet and buy goods online. Online shopping trends have been growing rapidly, especially with the start of the Corona pandemic. 

    Looking at the high demand for online shopping, companies have started moving their businesses online. From 2019 to 2022, online shopping trends grew by 24%. Therefore, many sellers began their business journey online. 

    Starting an e-commerce store is not an easy job. It requires money, hard work and, most crucial, consistency. For an e-commerce store, you will need to build a website. A WordPress website is best as you can manage it easily without knowing coding. 

    This guide will unveil the 6 best free WordPress themes for ecommerce stores. 

    Botiga Theme

    Botiga is a specially designed e-commerce theme. It has all the features to make your online store eye-catching and functional. It has a beautiful layout design that allows you to showcase your products in such a way as to catch the attention of visitors. 

    Botiga offers you to build an e-commerce store in a wide range of niches. It is a lightweight theme that ensures a good website loading speed. Botiga is highly customizable. You can make changes in color, design and text with a few clicks. You can customize its header according to mobile or desktop.

    Blogs play an important role in the ranking of e-commerce stores. Surprisingly, this theme allows you to publish blogs and articles. The product has six layouts, so you can showcase your posts in different designs. 

    Botiga is an SEO-optimized tool. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about website user experience. Overall, Botiga is a perfect choice if you want to start an online business store. 

    Astra Theme

    Astra is a lightweight and WordPress fastest theme. It is very popular for its multi-purpose functionality. Astra is the perfect choice for an e-commerce store. It enables you to post your products in engaging layouts and helps to generate more sales. All the product categories are arranged in an easy way so that users can find their desired product quickly. 

     Astra is an easily customizable theme. You can make changes according to your needs without any coding. You can customize the product details on your website. Furthermore, you can customize the colors, layouts, texts, homepage, product, and landing pages. 

    Astra works smoothly with page builder plugins. This means you can create a unique layout for your ecommerce store. Moreover, you can decide the number of products per page. In this way, you get control over product display. Astra allows you to add a cart option in your website’s header. So, you can access this premium feature free of cost. 

    Neve Theme

    Neve is one of the clean, professional and easy-to-use WordPress themes. If you are looking to present your products in style, Neve is there for you. Regarding lead generation, website speed is essential to engage customers. This SEO-friendly theme will load fast, providing a very smooth user experience. 

    Neve comes with various layouts. You can display your featured and popular products on well-organized homepages by Navi. Along with this, you can also present your terms and conditions and company policies on the homepage.

    When it comes to customization, Navi offers you several ways to design your website eye-catching. You can customize colors, fonts, product pages and website design. Neve also allows you to upload your logo after designing with a free banner maker and image editor. Neve also supports page builders like Elementor, giving you full control over page layouts. In short, Neve has the maximum features for building an e-commerce website. 

    Sydney Theme

    Sydney is a modern and easy-to-use WordPress theme. It has a clean and sleek design that helps to get more sales. It has a built-in drag-and-drop plugin that helps build your website pages quickly. 

    Sydney has pre-built demo designs. You can install a demo design with a single click and customize it according to your own. Being SEO optimized, Sydney is a responsive theme. It will provide the best user experience for all types of devices. Furthermore, it has built-in support to ensure your e-commerce store will run smoothly. 

    Open Shop

    Open Shop is a multiple-purpose theme supporting various niches. It is a responsive, fast, loading theme with a high lead generation rate. Building an eCommerce with Open Shop is super easy as you can install a demo design and customize it with a few clicks. 

    Open Shop is a highly customizable theme. You can play with colors, fonts and layouts to design your product pages. It comes with a variety of layouts to design your website quickly. You can select between three-header and eight-footer layouts. Most surprisingly, all these features are available free of cost. 

    When it comes to website optimization, Open Shop is guaranteed to be SEO optimized. It has excellent loading speed along with a user-friendly interface. You can easily categorize your products and post product images designed by a background eraser and image editor. Overall, Open Shop will cover all your e-commerce website needs. 

    Zigcy Lite Theme

    Zigcy Lite is purely an e-commerce theme. It has a four-page layout, and many other features make it stand out as an online shop. The theme is easy to customize, so you will not face any problems while creating your store website.

    Zigcy Lite will allow you to customize colors, fonts and designs. You can also customize your homepage, where you can showcase your most popular products. It is a fully optimized theme with a fast loading speed and multiple device responsiveness. All the features mentioned above are available in the free version. You can upgrade to the premium version if you want access to upgraded features. 

    Final Words

    Themes have a significant impact on the e-commerce website. For an online store, a perfect theme is that which helps to attract a larger audience. Therefore an ideal theme should be easy to navigate to generate more leads. In this article, we have picked the top 6 free WordPress themes for you. Select your theme wisely so that it can fulfill your needs.

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