#306 – Amazon offers 10% Rebate on Sales to Sellers

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    Amazon offers 10% Rebate on Sales to Sellers. Effective March 1, 2024, Amazon expanded the following benefits for FBA New Selection to help make it easier to launch new products on Amazon. Amazon will continue to provide an average 10% rebate on sales of eligible new-to-FBA parent products, including new rebates for eligible non-branded selection. The rebate is available on up to 50 units for eligible non-standard size items, and up to 100 units for eligible standard-size items for 120 days from the first inventory-received date.
    Ultrafast Order Fulfillment for Amazon FBM and Seller Fulfilled Prime. Amazon has introduced higher FBA fees yet again starting Mar 1. Protect your margin by switching to merchant fulfillment through Cahoot, the only 5-Star Rated solution on the Amazon App Store. Cahoot’s 100+ warehouses offer fast fulfillment at 30% lower cost. With SFP enrollment now open (watch educational webinar), you can enjoy the Prime Badge without dealing with the higher FBA fees and hassles! Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.
    Curious about the value of your Amazon business? Look no further than Flippa, the premier platform for buying and selling Amazon stores globally. As the #1 platform with a vast pool of buyers, Flippa ensures a swift sale for your Amazon business, ranging from $50,000 to $50,000,000. Our Flippa Valuation tool utilizes sales data and our extensive historical index, coupled with your inputs, to provide an accurate and hassle-free valuation of your business. Experience the ease of getting a FREE valuation now at
    Seller Metrix gives you the clearest overview of your Amazon business performance helps you generate reviews, and see what keywords drive traffic and sales for your products on Amazon. Sign up here to get a 30 day free trial.
    Unlimited Seller Central Tasks at a fixed monthly susbcription. Work with a flat rate team of talented Amazon professionals, who will take care of flat files, storefronts, listings, reimbursements, and more. Efficiently and expertly manage all aspects of your Seller Central account without doing it manually or by yourself. Instantly up your game with industry level best practices, and grow your Amazon business instantly. Start with just $299 per month.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Discover rapidly growing keyword searches on Amazon! In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and understanding the latest Amazon search trends is critical to unlocking success. This tool is your go-to source for tracking the hottest Amazon search trends. 1000+ Top Amazon sellers use Trending Terms to discover emerging keywords & products, improve Amazon SEO, optimize PPC campaigns, and reduce ACoS. Sign-up for Free plan to access Category and Brands trends right away!
    Best practices for maintaining accurate products listings. Here’s the detailed checklist to ensure your listing’s accuracy. Use this checklist to: Review your product listing, Spot potential issues early, keep your listing up-to-date and Conduct routine checks for accuracy and updates.
     Elevate Your Amazon Game: Mastering PPC & Organic Ranking! Let’s dive into a detailed organic rank strategy that not only maximizes your profits but also drives organic sales.
    eCommerce Trends
    Amazon Seller Central: New coupon pricing requirements starting 12th March. Now coupons will be subject to new pricing requirements as Amazon continue to improve the coupons experience to build customer trust and, in turn, an even better selling experience for you. To make this product eligible, create a sales history by selling more products to build the “was price.” For more information on how the “was price” is calculated, click here.
    How I Steal From My Amazon Competitors. So, when I talk about “stealing” today, I’m NOT talking about corporate espionage or anything nefarious. I’m simply talking about sleuthing the answers to the test, and using those answers to take your business to the next level. To illustrate what I mean, I’m going to share a real example of how I’ve been spying on a competitor (technically, a client’s competitor) and “stealing” their work.
    How much Amazon sellers make + World’s #1 seller reveals secrets. Jabran’s journey from a side hustle to becoming the platform’s top seller is nothing short of remarkable. Starting in 2011, while still working in the software department at Bank of America, Niaz initiated his venture into e-commerce with a simple idea: selling high-quality home and kitchen products under the brand names Utopia Deals, Utopia Kitchen, Utopia Home and Utopia Bedding.

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