#304 – Important: New Amazon Vouchers pricing requirement

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    Important: New Amazon Vouchers pricing requirement. From the 18th of March, 2024, Amazon vouchers will be subject to new pricing requirements. Essentially you’ll need to have established a sales history created by as few as a single unit being sold to establish a base price. If a product’s price or discount doesn’t meet these new requirements, it won’t be eligible for a voucher until all requirements have been met. If you receive a voucher error message, you can take the following actions.
    Ultrafast Order Fulfillment for Amazon FBM and Seller Fulfilled Prime. Amazon has introduced higher FBA fees yet again starting Mar 1. Protect your margin by switching to merchant fulfillment through Cahoot, the only 5-Star Rated solution on the Amazon App Store. Cahoot’s 100+ warehouses offer fast fulfillment at 30% lower cost. With SFP enrollment now open (watch educational webinar), you can enjoy the Prime Badge without dealing with the higher FBA fees and hassles! Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.
    Use this low-cost strategy to boost your organic reach on TikTok. Partnering with micro-influencers for organic influencer posting doesn’t need to be complicated or costly – join 1,500+ brands like Thrasio, Rankster, and Upper Echelon who use Insense to run product seeding campaigns at scale (receive UGC and influencer posting in exchange for free products). Insense is unique because; influencers apply to your campaigns in minutes, for high-ticket items creators must sign a contract, and you can easily repeat collaborations with your favorite influencers. Book a call and get $200 added to your Insense wallet by March 8.
    Seller Metrix gives you the clearest overview of your Amazon business performance helps you generate reviews, and see what keywords drive traffic and sales for your products on Amazon. Sign up here to get a 30 day free trial.
    Unlimited Seller Central Tasks at a fixed monthly Subscription. Work with a flat rate team of talented Amazon professionals, who will take care of flat files, storefronts, listings, reimbursements, and more. Efficiently and expertly manage all aspects of your Seller Central account without doing it manually or by yourself. Instantly up your game with industry level best practices, and grow your Amazon business instantly. Start with just $299 per month.
    Prosper Show 2024 [FINAL CALL]: 10% off on All Access Pass. Prosper Show Attendee Conference Pass allows the attendee to access both the Conference and the Expo Hall and All Access Pass includes all meals as well. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with a diverse group of sellers looking for innovative solutions and services in the marketplace industry. Register now to secure your spot with exclusive 10% OFF coupon for Cruxfinder subscribers:
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Discover rapidly growing keyword searches on Amazon! In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and understanding the latest Amazon search trends is critical to unlocking success. This tool is your go-to source for tracking the hottest Amazon search trends. 1000+ Top Amazon sellers use Trending Terms to discover emerging keywords & products, improve Amazon SEO, optimize PPC campaigns, and reduce ACoS. Sign-up for Free plan to access Category and Brands trends right away!
    Increase sales with new metrics available on the Build Your Brand page. The new Brand Building Metrics on the Build Your Brand page track and measure your brand-building efforts while providing actionable recommendations. Four key metrics to measure your brand’s performance are now available. You’ll see these metrics in the graph form to help you understand and measure your progress on key brand-building objectives, and you can find the related programs and resources on the respective pages.
    Ultimate Guide to Amazon FBA Capacity Limits. In this ultimate guide, we provide an in-depth look at Amazon’s FBA capacity limits, how they are calculated, and strategies you can use to maximize your capacity limits as an Amazon FBA seller.
    eCommerce Trends
    Amazon’s European Expansion Accelerator – Free Listing Translations Included. European Expansion Accelerator is a new offering from Amazon that lets sellers easily expand their reach on the platform to nine European countries. With a couple of clicks, you can start listing your products on Amazon Europe stores in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
    How Can I Improve My Conversion Rate For My Amazon PPC Campaign? Ready to crack the code on Amazon’s conversion rates? Join Michael and Perch’s Mike Frekey as they dive into the pivotal insights of the Search Query Performance Report. This episode is all about mastering search performance analysis, refining ad efficiency, and leveraging data to navigate past the competition with precision.
    Ultimate Guide to Leveraging the Amazon Influencer Program for Brand Growth. In the swiftly evolving digital commerce landscape, the Amazon Influencer Program has emerged as an indispensable tool for brands seeking to elevate their presence and sales on Amazon, the titan of e-commerce. This elaborate guide ventures deeper into the mechanics of the program, providing a detailed framework for brands to forge powerful partnerships with influencers, thereby catalyzing significant growth.

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