#301 – Amazon launches Rufus: An AI chatbot to help shoppers

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    Amazon launches Rufus: An AI chatbot to help shoppers. The tool is designed to help users search and shop for products. Shoppers type or speak a question into the search bar in Amazon’s mobile app and a chat window will appear at the bottom of their screen. Users can ask conversational questions such as, “What are the differences between trail and road running shoes?” or “Compare drip and pour-over coffee makers.” Rufus uses Amazon’s product catalog, customer reviews and Q&As, as well as information from across the web to answer questions.
    How to 5X your Amazon sales with the help of micro-influencers. Discover the Stack Influence edge. Our innovative approach leverages micro-influencers not just to promote, but to genuinely engage with your product. Imagine having a network of influencers who don’t just endorse but are actual customers of your brand. They buy, they try, they share – driving authentic traffic to your Amazon store. Brands like Unilever and Magic Spoon have been using this formula for years to boost up their sales, reducing ad costs while multiplying revenues.
    Amazon SFP and FBM Order Fulfillment – Ultrafast and 30% Cheaper. Amazon has introduced higher FBA fees yet again starting Mar 1. Protect your margin by switching to merchant fulfillment through Cahoot, the only 5-star Rated solution on the Amazon App Store. Cahoot’s 100+ warehouses offer fast fulfillment at 30% lower cost. With Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) enrollment now open (watch educational webinar), you can enjoy the Prime Badge without dealing with the higher FBA fees and hassles! Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.
    Prosper Show 2024: 10% off on All Access Pass. Prosper Show Attendee Conference Pass allows the attendee to access both the Conference and the Expo Hall and All Access Pass includes all meals as well. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with a diverse group of sellers looking for innovative solutions and services in the marketplace industry. Register now to secure your spot with exclusive 10% OFF coupon for Cruxfinder subscribers:
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    Sales Growth Strategies
    Important: Send to Amazon new delivery window requirement. From the 9th of February 2024*, Amazon will be rolling out a new Send to Amazon requirement to help them stock your products faster. They say that quicker receiving and shipment processing at their fulfillment centers is important to your business and that their new delivery window requirement will help them serve you better.
    Amazon Sellers Paying 30% More in Fees Since 2021 – Q4 Earnings Report. Amazon released its Q4 2023 earnings on Thursday revealing that sellers are paying more and more to Amazon for FBA fees and advertising fee. The report reveals that in Q4 advertising and seller fees represented 82.4% of Amazon’s total ecommerce revenue.
    How to Find Trending Products On Amazon For Your Store. Choosing the wrong product to sell is usually the main reason that most new eCommerce businesses fail. One of the most sure-fire ways to select a winning product for your business is to focus on trending products. This tool tracks the hottest Amazon trends and help you discover emerging products and keywords. These items have strong demand and allow you to tap into the current interests of a large number of consumers.
    eCommerce Trends
    Premium Navigation Carousel has been updated for a better customer experience. Amazon redesigned the Premium Navigation Carousel module so that brands can access it within the A+ Content Manager and your listings are clearer and more appealing. Brands can use the module to do the following: Show different use cases for products in your catalog, Upsell products that may be of greater value and Show different angles and uses of the product.
    TikTok tests feature to make every post shoppable. The new feature uses technology to identify objects in a video automatically. Then it encourages viewers to “find similar items on TikTok Shop” by clicking into a page of products, according to screenshots and posts viewed on the app by Bloomberg. Previously, only approved influencers and brands could tag products when they posted content to the app.
    Amazon Cracks Down on Suspicious Reviews from Bad Actors, Sellers Express Mixed Reactions. In a recent move to enhance the integrity of its review system, Amazon appears to have initiated an automated process to remove product reviews from buyers who have been found to violate the platform’s customer review policy.

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