#300 – Breaking: Amazon to Display Product Images from Other Sellers on Your Product Detail Page

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    Breaking: Amazon to Display Product Images from Other Sellers on Your Product Detail Page. Effective January 31, product detail pages for hardlines product types may display images from multiple selling partners to help customers make informed purchase decisions. Each product detail page should have at least three required images: one with the product on a white background, one with the product in an environment, and one with size and fit information. Previously, product detail pages displayed images from one selling partner. With this change, if required images are missing from the product detail page, images from multiple selling partners or Amazon will be added when available.
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    Fast-track your organic reach on TikTok with influencer product seeding. Partnering with micro-influencers for organic influencer posting doesn’t need to be complicated or costly – join 1,500+ brands like Thrasio, Rankster, and Upper Echelon who use Insense to run product seeding campaigns at scale (receive UGC and influencer posting in exchange for a free product). Insense is unique because; influencers apply to your campaigns in minutes, for high-ticket items creators must sign a contract, and you can easily repeat collaborations with your favorite influencers. Book a call and get $200 added to your Insense wallet by Feb 16.
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    Free Keyword List: Amazon just doubled the SEO keyword field to 500 characters. Cruxfinder subscriber exclusive: Free Keyword List for your ASINs. To utilize the expanded 500-character limit for adding more relevant keywords, AmazonRankPro will provide your highly relevant keywords for your Amazon listing. Our proprietary keyword research software tracks and analyzes millions of amazon searches and generates a custom keyword list for every ASIN. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your Amazon product rankings and sales.Request Free keyword list now!
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Save time by running simultaneous experiments on brand listing content. Amazon launched new Simultaneous Experiments feature in Manage Your Experiments, brands can A/B test various experiment types (title, images, bullet points, and A+ Content) for a single product ASIN within one experiment, saving you time. For example, you could test the effects of adding your brand name to the title in a title experiment, while also adding your brand logo in an image and making changes to your A+ Content, without having to run three separate A/B tests. To try it, go to Manage Your Experiments, select your product, and run different experiment types for the attributes that you’d like to optimize.
    Amazon FBA Seller Refunds: How to Recoup Lost Money. As an Amazon FBA seller, you rely on Amazon’s fulfillment centers to store and ship your products to customers. While for the most part, everything works out great, there is a chance Amazon can mess some things up when handling your inventory. A common issue that many sellers face is Amazon losing or damaging their inventory – and the question always is, “How can I get reimbursed for this?”
    Major Amazon SEO Opportunity: Product Search Term Character Limit Doubled. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and understanding the latest Amazon search trends is critical to unlocking success. This tool is your go-to source for tracking the hottest Amazon keywords to update your listing. 1000+ Top Amazon sellers use Trending Terms to discover emerging keywords & products, improve Amazon SEO, optimize PPC campaigns, and reduce ACoS. Sign-up for Free plan to access exploding trends.
    eCommerce Trends
    Amazon Introduces Low Inventory Level fee from April’24. There’s a new cost of doing business from Amazon coming in 2024, a Low Inventory Level Fee which will initially kick in on from the 1st of April 2024. This is part of Amazon’s drive to improve speed of delivery and reduce total costs. The rationale is that with low inventory levels, Amazon can’t adequately distribute your inventory efficiently around the US and so with low inventory, when an item sells it costs more to deliver.
    Why Amazon’s Small Business Academy Matters for Entrepreneurs. It is an innovative program designed to help small business owners navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon and achieve e-commerce success. ASBA is specifically tailored to cater to small businesses looking to expand their online presence and boost their sales on Amazon’s vast marketplace. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting, ASBA offers valuable resources, guidance, and support to help you grow your business and reach your goals.
    New Sellers (<5 years old) Drive Half of Amazon’s 3P GMV. Half of the sales volume on the Amazon marketplace in the U.S. comes from sellers who started selling in last five years.

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